Misty and Roo

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Chapter One


The five & dime had closed hours ago. It was dark, and the only lights seemed yellow and distant. A limousine swept to a stop alongside the dark store, the trunk sprung open, and a well-dressed man stepped from the expensive vehicle. Muttering, “Fuckin’ dog costs me thousands and ends up breeding worthless mutts!” He stepped to the trunk and hefted a weighty sack over his shoulder. As he reached the filthy side of the dumpster, he swung the heavy bag, slamming it against the steel. There was a yelp, followed by a few whimpers. There was simple silence after the fifth slam, blood showing through the hessian of the sacking. He threw the bag into the dumpster, without looking back and sighed. “Ah well… the insurance will pay for a stolen bitch,” he said quietly to himself as he climbed into the car and stepped on the gas. The rear lights disappeared as the car turned and headed back towards the freeway.

Today, Misty had had the early shift – yeah, it was a shitty job – no, not career, a job. It paid the bills and left her time to study. While she fumbled in her purse, putting away her car keys as she turned the corner, walking past the dumpster towards the back door, a soft mewing caught her attention. “Oh, a kitten,” she thought to herself as she grabbed a handy milk crate and stepped onto it to get high enough to peer into the dumpster. A bloody sack lay on the dirty floor of the otherwise empty dumpster. The trash company had replaced their full unit with an empty one after she had cleaned up after yesterday’s late shift. A single little head poked from the open end of the sack. It wasn’t a kitten! Misty scrambled into the dumpster. The sack was bloody, and her heart was in her mouth as she pulled the mewing puppy from the bag. She steeled herself and looked inside it. The inside of the bag as a bloody mess! What looked like a Shepard or Husky lay with her three puppies – all of them dead! Their bones appeared to be brutally shattered. It made her heart stop! She picked up the sole survivor, “Oh god, baby, what happened to your mommy and siblings?” she asked.

Misty held the tiny puppy in her hand. Turning him over, she noticed his tiny penis. Her heart overflowing with some complex emotions, she lifted him to her lips, kissing his muzzle softly without saying a word. Carefully, tenderly, she held him as she clambered out of the filthy dumpster. “You’ll never be in a dumpster again, puppy,” she promised. “Misty will care for you from now on.”

The early shift was the quietest, a few truckers and dayshift workers would step into the store for a pack of smokes, coffee, or try flirting with the short pretty copper haired store clerk. Misty had plenty of time to nurse her puppy. She knew he was helpless; blind, toothless, and unaware of the meaning of vibrations we think of as sounds. The only things he needed were warmth and milk. She had cleaned the blood off him with a hand towel and tepid water, and he was small enough to fit him comfortably in the front ‘kangaroo’ pockets of her hoodie without anyone, even the store owner, being aware of the little life she had begun nurturing.

She found a half-sized baby’s bottle in the store’s ‘Lost & Found’ bin. Quite possibly it had fallen from a stroller or carrier and been forgotten about. She cleaned the bottle and teat with boiling water, and after that, checked on Google to determine what newborn puppies need to survive. She estimated her puppy was only about a day or two old. She read, “Puppies given regular cow’s milk from the grocery’s dairy section will sometimes develop sinus problems, diarrhea, or tummy aches. A safer alternative is full fat evaporated cow’s milk in a can.” For the third time that day, luck was on the puppy’s side. Misty worked in a store with a good supply of evaporated milk. She rang the can of evaporated milk through the till and pointed out the receipt to the store owner who was glued to his phone in his backroom office.

When she had a few moments, she warmed the bottle with water from the hot faucet and the puppy latched onto the teat and began to suckle eagerly. Misty gently put the drinking puppy back into the front pockets of her hoodie. She could feel the little dog as it suckled and after a while noticed there was no movement. Concerned, she moved quickly to the bathroom. Her puppy was fast asleep. Contented, with a round belly. She almost cried with relief.

The eight hours of her shift seem to go faster with that little puppy in her pockets. Especially when she reached in on occasion to stroke his soft puppy fur and reassure herself that he was still alive. He was warm and squiggly in her hands, when not sound asleep.

She was resolute. She had found him, and she was keeping him. As the day progressed, she wondered what to call him. When no one was looking she’d slip him from her ‘kangaroo’ pocket of her hoodie, just to marvel at him. This helpless puppy had survived, while his mother and siblings had been brutally murdered and then thrown away. She remembered reading A. A. Milne’s ‘Winnie the Pooh’ and watching Disney’s cartoons about him in her childhood. She thought about Kanga and baby Roo, in his mother’s pouch. Roo, her new puppy, was officially christened with a tiny bottle of unsweetened evaporated full cream milk and Misty’s own resolution.

Roo spent the first week of his existence in the front pocket of his mother’s sweater. Evaporated lifesaving milk soon gave way to puppy’s milk, ordered online, and the puppy began to thrive. A visit to a vet confirmed that he was in great shape for an orphan and with love and care he would make a great progress and develop normally into a healthy dog.

Chapter Two

Roo & Misty

Roo opened his eyes. Even in the safety of his ‘pouch’ at first the light was blinding. He had spent the first two and a half weeks of his life being carried, or basking in the warmth and safety of his mother’s front pocket, or in her hands or between the softness of her breasts. Her soft skin gave him the warmth his puppy needs craved. She was never away from him, and she did more than give him warmth and security, although he had spent ninety percent of the time asleep. Her gentle fingers also rubbed him in a way that helped him pee and poop, necessary to helping him develop these skills. He’d felt the vibrations of his mother’s body when she walked, talked or moved. His untrained senses picked up the rhythm of her heart, so soothing! He was comfortable and warm and, although he didn’t understand it, loved. After blinking and shuddering, he discovered he could now see. Hours later, the protective wax fell and melted from his ears. From the safety of his pocket, he poked his head out into the light. Yes! He could see his mother, hear her belly rumble, the sound of her voice. He was pulled gently from the warmth and held in the safety of her hands, he was lifted to her mouth and given the softest kiss.

After his eyes opened and he could hear, he rapidly developed. He didn’t want to be in his pocket all the time! He began to walk and talk. His mews became little barks, grunts and growls as his teeth developed into sharp white needles. His nose breathed in every conceivable scent and stored them in a compartment of his fast-developing brain. At first, he stumbled, but he was soon a rambunctious bundle of white and black puppy fluff. As he got bigger, his puppy fluff slowly gave way to soft slightly curly fur which was mostly pure white. However, his tail was jet black as were his four ‘socks’. His face had black eyebrows and markings along his cheeks reminiscent of North American Huskies. His eyes were a startling, almost human, light blue.

His body certainly wasn’t Husky – his legs were shorter, sturdier and his paws smaller, certainly not the wide fat padded paws that huskies are famous for. When Misty took him to visit a Husky his age called Vincent, Roo was slightly shorter and smaller in comparison. Roo also had a much broader chest and slimmed down to narrow hips, and his ears were long and flapped as he gamboled and ran around his mother’s small apartment.

By eight weeks, except for a thin strap around his neck, he was totally independent. He ate his kibble from his own dish. His water bowl was filled with cool water and he no longer went to work with Misty. He had free reign of her apartment when she was away. Finding an old patch of floor where his sense of smell told him someone had pee’d, he began to imprint his own scent there by peeing over the spot.

When Misty came home and saw his ‘puddle, Roo learned a valuable lesson about such behavior! Remaining observant, over the next few weeks he discovered his mother was different to him. After all, she walked on her back legs and was strong enough to lift him one handed. She had hair on her head and used a thing to scrape the hair from the rest of her skin. As humans go, she was of the short variety. Like all humans she wore coverings over much her skin. These ‘clothes’ consisted normally of blouses and short skirts that covered her from above her breasts to a few inches above her knees. But unlike other women she’d introduced him to, often she wore nothing under the blouse or skirt. Her feet were normally shod in fancy shoes. More about her shoes later.

By three months, he’d come to understand that he loved this human unconditionally. She was his whole world. Lessons like not peeing on the apartment floor or rugs or chewing her shoes haunted the recesses of his doggy brain. These shoes were strange colored leather things! Some had platforms and spiky heels. She had a closet full of them, and apparently, she loved every pair. When Misty was away, Roo guarded those shoes, growling and barking furiously at anyone dumb enough to venture too close to the door and Misty’s precious shoe collection.

By the time Roo was two human years old, he had matured and fully grown. He had attributes of a both a Malamute and a Terrier. He seemed to somehow have all their good traits and none of the fickle traits attributed to either breed. Slightly shorter than a Malamute, he had the soft semi curly fur of an Airedale. He was intelligent and steadfast. His sense of smell had developed, and he knew the scent of everybody within half a mile of their apartment. His hackles rose naturally when a new scent filled his nostrils, indicating that a stranger was near. He stood bravely at the door ready to defend his home.

He merely tolerated the human males who visited them. He was brave and protective. He was far friendlier towards the human females who came by. Occasionally his bed was moved from Misty’s bedroom into the kitchen and in the morning, Misty smelled different to him. His sense of smell told him his human companion’s body exuded the mixed smells of sweat and the scent of the man or woman she’d shared her bed with. He despised the way her body exuded the scent of another being but when he looked up, he could breathe in the scent of her pussy. Her scent. That magical scent that not only called him but gave him a sense of belonging and it took up many, many compartments of his brain.

Shortly after Roo’s second birthday, Misty approached Roo and attached a leash to his collar. Even before they reached their destination, he could smell a bitch in heat. Misty parked and grabbed Roo, whispering into his ear, “It’s your lucky day, boy!”

Misty took hold of Roo and he respectfully walked at ‘heel’ without her commanding it. A human male waited at the gate. “Hi, Carter,” Misty greeted him, as he opened the gate and led them to a back yard. A strange impulse, a wonderful and intense scent affected him. Without truly understanding it, he was filled with a need. His need to make puppies overrode his caution, and he darted forward as the leash was unclipped, his whole body responded to the wonderful intoxicating scent.

Chapter Three


The girl stood defensively in her back yard as I drew near, holding her ground. My tail was wagging, and my nose was breathing in every essence of this female. I approached, sniffing furiously. “Me Charlie,” she growled. My nose reached her rear, her pussy was swollen and suppurating. “Me Roo,” I responded. “You weak! No make puppies! With me!” she snarled, and she turned and snapped at my throat. My response was instinctive. I half turned in defense. My shoulder hit hers, and my back curved as I suddenly slid under her rear knocking her totally off balance. As I slid until my rear claws found purchase in the grass, I was up, and I half rose, my head rolled on my shoulders. Turning from the side, I held her by her throat, my teeth sinking in past the fur and gripping the skin of her neck, without sinking in and biting her. “You stupid dog!” I growled and snarled threateningly, “Me strong!”

She whined softly and more ooze glistening from her deliciously smelling swollen rear. “Yes! Roo! Strong!” Charlie whined invitingly.

My haunches began to thrust like dry humping as I walked behind her. Charlie’s tail was down and swept back and forth. I tentatively licked. Charlie tasted even better than she smelled, and she smelled divine. My cock began to swell, and her tail began to wag faster and faster. I reared as my cock sprang from its sheath, spraying heavenly smelling clear liquid! Somehow, she seemed to lift her backside higher, leaned forward and my cock rammed forward into her swollen pussy. My hips bunched, and my muscles strained.

Charlie was whining softly under me, “Yes, make puppies!” She growled seductively. My hips were humping, and my knot slapped against the wide-open hole which suddenly seemed to swallow it. As the knot went in, I pulled back, only to have Charlie snarl, “Yes!” She pressed herself back onto my cock, swallowing the knot again, but this time her hole seemed to close around me, and I stopped thrusting.

The temperature inside her pussy became hotter and hotter and my cock responded. No longer thrusting, I stood stoically above the girl, my balls and anus twitching in time as my muscles rippled and pumped. The feeling was so intense that my whole body shuddered, and Charlie mewed under me. “Yes!” she growled. “You strong! Good Roo! Good Roo!”

I must have stood rampant over the bitch for about five minutes. I looked briefly at Misty who was watching me intently. My sensitive nose caught the whiff of her pussy. Misty was sexually excited. Now unlike our two-legged companions, we dogs don’t have the same complex vision. While humans distinguish colors differently and can see far further than we dogs can, their sense of smell is close to non-existent.

Soon I lost interest in the bitch under me, and I began to do a reverse thrust. Cunningly, Charlie moved, anticipating this, and we ended up ass to ass, while her hot hole gripped and seemed to milk my knot. I shuffled until I faced Misty. I was close enough to see that as usual she wore nothing under her short skirt. My sense of smell was correct. I could see Misty’s pussy, and she showed the same signs of arousal that Charlie had.

I had forgotten about Charlie and was eager to be free of her gripping pussy. I began to pull, dragging Charlie with me until she seemed to relax her hold and my cock slipped free. Instantly Charlie was next to me licking me. The scent of her instinctively made my tongue lick at her pussy, which seemed to shrink with every lick. Charlie was panting, “Nice Roo! Good Roo! Charlie want more. Come we do again!” She wheedled, trying to persuade me.

Her pussy began to leak the scent of her heat once more and I responded. I reared, and we were joined. Charlie was stationary beneath me as I thrust into her. Again, her pussy contracted, gripping me and again the heat of her maddened me and my orgasm made me shudder as I stood rampant over her. But this time I was facing Misty, and my gaze and nose was locked on her pussy which was giving off the most delicious scent I’d ever experienced.

My second time with Charlie was very much the same as my first. This time I growled contentedly, “Charlie good girl.” I slid free from her and, while I licked her leaking pussy, I mumbled, “Make puppies.” I mated with Charlie four times, and the last time we stood knotted together for what seemed forever, her pussy gripped me but my eyes never left Misty. I think Charlie realized my ardor was lessening. We finally licked and lay together panting. My first bitch, my first fuck was over. I was now a stud. If my doggy lips could’ve smiled, I would’ve been grinning from ear to ear.

We drove home. For once my head wasn’t out the window, I lay on the passenger seat breathing in Misty. My brain was locking onto every scent she was exuding, storing this fascinating new information.

Chapter Four


Misty had been sexually stimulated by watching Rue and Charlie. Perhaps she didn’t understand it herself, but her dog did. Every breath he took reinforced the fact that she was exuding sexual excitement. It was early evening when they got home and Misty and Roo spent the evening watching TV.

The next day was Sunday and it was one of Roo’s most favorite days – it was the day they went to the ‘Bark Park’. A bark park is a dog park where dogs who qualify are free to roam the park without a leash. For Misty it was a lazy Sunday. She knew Roo loved going to that park. She chose to wear a white cotton blouse, denim skirt and stripy sandals. Roo jumped into the car as soon as its door was open. It was a short drive to the bark park and Roo had his head poked out of the window the whole way there, sniffing his way along the familiar route.

Once they were at the park, Roo almost dragged Misty to the hedged off, “off leash” section, where only well-behaved dogs were permitted by the park authorities to roam around off-leash. Once the pretty female guard in khaki’s let them through the metal gate of the acre big hedged off enclosure, Misty slipped Roo off his leash and settled down on a convenient park bench. Roo launched himself into the freedom of the park, his tail wagging as he sniffed every bush and seem to inspect every blade of grass he saw. He wasn’t alone for long. A black and white Australian shepherd bounded alongside him. “Me Hobbit!” he snarled, as Roo sniffed his rear end. “Me Roo!” Roo answered, as Hobbit following doggy protocol, returned the complementary sniff.

Hobbit quirked his head, “You fuck bitch?” he asked. “You smell of bitch!” he commented.

“Yes, yes!” Roo answered happily, “Yesterday!” he whined.

“Me fuck too!” Hobbit responded. “All the time!”

“You lucky dog!” Roo replied. “Yesterday first time for Roo!”

“Me fuck human bitches!” Hobbit growled slyly, “all the time!” Hobbit looked at the woman sitting on the bench next to Misty and he trotted towards the pair of young women who were chatting watching their dogs cavorting around the park.

“So that’s your dog?” The girl sitting on the same bench as Misty asked.

“Yep. His name’s Roo and I’ve had him from a tiny puppy, about a day old.” Misty answered.

“How long have you been active with him?” The girl asked.

“What do you mean active? “She asked. “He’s a big rambunctious lump!” She giggled.

The girl next to a held out her hand. “I’m Rebecca,” she said. “I’m so happy to meet another girl who is active with her dog.” She smiled.

The two dogs approached their owners and it was obvious that they had become fast friends in the few minutes from when they’d met. Hobbit approached Misty wagging his tail, his snout moved under her skirt and he breathed in her scent. Misty was mortified, she scooted back pushing his face from between her legs.

“Oh, he likes you!” Rebecca exclaimed.

Roo growled at his new friend, “Bad Hobbit!” His tail no longer wagging.

Hobbit wagged his tail and in a submissive movement whined softly, “Lick my bitch!” He wagged his tail again in a submissive motion, “She likes!”

Indecision wracked Roo. He wagged his tail, displaying his uncertainty. But as he got closer to Hobbit’s owner, her knees seem to spread apart, and like his owner Misty, she wore nothing beneath her short denim skirt. Tentatively, he moved his head past Rebecca’s knees, and his nose touched her naked pussy. His scent receptors were suddenly in overdrive, and his tongue flicked across Rebecca’s wet pussy lips. He breathed in the essence of Hobbit’s and even that of other dogs. His brain finally registered the fact that Hobbit regularly fucks his human!

Misty, who’d been distracted chatting with Rebecca, noticed with horror that Roo had buried his face between Rebecca’s legs. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head as she watched as Rebecca seemingly welcoming that intrusion.

Reacting, Misty called to Roo, “Roo, no!”

“Oh, it’s OK Misty. He’s just being friendly. Here, let me give you my phone number, perhaps we can give the pups a playdate.” She smiled and handed Misty a small card. It stated, ‘Rebecca Ryan, Veterinary surgeon’, along with a set of local phone and cellphone numbers.

Chapter Five


Monday was a normal work day, and the rest of the week virtually flew by for Misty. Still, in the back of her mind, the way the young vet allowed her dog to sniff, maybe even lick, her sex absolutely refused to go away. Instead of looking uncomfortable about that encounter, Rebecca had seemed to be quite serene.

On Wednesday, Misty decided to take Roo to the park on Saturday. She couldn’t deny that during the week that bizarre incident was on her mind. She’d looked at Rebecca’s card several times, but couldn’t bring herself to make a call. “Yeah, we’ll go to the park again on Saturday,” she resolved.

By Thursday afternoon, she’d changed her mind. The cramping and back pain from her period had made her grouchy. Her flow had been accompanied by aching upper thighs and no amount of exercising seemed to alleviate her nausea. Roo seemed sniffier than usual. He had never seemed to be aware of her monthly bleed before, but now seemed curious about the scent her bleeding vagina was exuding.

Saturday, she was at her desk with a tampon up her twat. The day never seemed to end. It was month end, and the bank was definitely busier than usual. It was early evening by the time she got home. She was of two minds – whether to go or not. As she glanced at Roo’s leash hanging on a hook by the door, Roo saw where she was looking and began to wag his tail eagerly. Decision made. Her dog need some exercise. Thankfully, her flow had eased, so she slipped a handful of Kotex U’s into her purse, and they set out.

For once, Roo’s head wasn’t poked out of the window as they drove, but his tail wagged the whole way. Strangely, the parking lot was relatively empty for a Saturday, and for once she was able to park near the main entrance. As usual, Roo almost dragged Misty to the hedged off-leash section, only to see a large hand printed sign reading ‘Closed for private function’ taped to the metal gate. Both surprised and disappointed, she was just about to turn around when a voice behind her called her name. “Misty, nice to see you again!” It was Rebecca and Hobbit – the leashed Hobbit was dragging Rebecca as eagerly as Roo had been dragging her.

“Come on,” Rebecca continued, using a keycard to open the gate, “I don’t know about you, but I’ve been looking forward to tonight for weeks. It’s not often Brandi gets to persuade Alice and the board to let us hold these events.” The gate swung open, and Misty could see that the normally sparsely populated park had far more people and dogs present. The majority of people were women, from leggy teens to the elderly. Every breed of dog was represented, with just as many cross breeds.

Still confused, Misty let Rebecca lead her to a bench near where they had sat before. “Oh, hi Shey,” she greeted a dark-haired girl about Misty’s age. “Can we sit here?” she asked.

“Mi bench, su bench,” the brunette replied, sliding her knees wide and allowing Hobbit to sniff between her legs, followed by an eager, tail-wagging Roo. Trying to be nonchalant in this unusual situation, Misty pretended that Roo routinely sniffed every strange woman’s snatch. Blushing, she even allowed Hobbit to stick his snout between her knees. His tongue swiped across her vaginal lips and involuntarily, her thighs widened.

Chapter Six


The week following that original meeting with Hobbit and his owner Rebecca was difficult for Roo. Hobbit’s human was regularly fucked by not only Hobbit but by other dogs! His doggy brain tried to make sense of this. Was it like with Charlie? Would Misty want… would he…? He began to look at Misty differently. He noticed little nuances he’d missed before. From his eye level her pussy was consistently in his view. It became his focal point, almost hypnotic. He managed to breathe in the scent her pussy gave off more than ever before. The scent changed as the week progressed. He could discern that her pussy was bleeding, and Misty was moody. It reminded him of how Charlie had behaved with him before he’d proved his dominance. He was tempted to snap at Misty’s period-induced testiness as he had with Charlie. Only his inherent love for Misty kept him relatively in check.

That following Saturday, as soon as he recognized where they were going, he pulled her towards the gate, straining against Misty’s lazy pace. His nose registered the scent of about twenty women who, like Hobbit’s human, reeked of dog!

He recognized Hobbit, and turned towards his friend as their humans started talking. Observant, he followed Hobbit as his friend headed towards another human girl sitting on a bench. His tail wagged so hard that his hind quarters vibrated, as Hobbit moved aside and allowed him to sniff between the sitting woman’s legs. He barely noticed Hobbit’s eager nose going between Misty’s thighs.

A large Husky had his face instantly between Hobbit’s human’s thighs and from the sounds he made, he was clearly allowed to lick the hairless pussy between her legs. Unlike anything Roo had ever seen before, Hobbit’s human took hold of the Husky’s ears. “Hi Nanook, nice to see you too!” she squealed.

“Hey Nanook!” Hobbit growled by way of introduction. Nanook wagged his tail and allowed Roo the per functional sniffs their species need in way of introduction. Roo could sense the smell of human pussy on Nanook’s muzzle. Roo moved, his shoulder pushing Nanook away from Misty, not allowing him the courtesy of sniffing her crotch. Nanook’s reaction was to use his greater weight to force Roo out the way, and he aimed his nose at the junction of Misty’s thighs. The humans sitting on the bench acted instantly, averting the possibility of a dog fight by separating their dogs. As Misty grabbed Roo by his collar, pulling him to her, his head accidentally slid off her knee and between her thighs. The intoxicating aroma immediately filled his senses and he began to lick, his tongue rasping across her fragrant lower lips.

Chapter Seven


Misty tugged Roo away from the larger, more aggressive dog. By chance, her tugging pulled him between her legs. She was shocked as his head darted forward and he began licking her between her legs! Misty’s body betrayed her in that instant. Roo’s tongue swept across the cleft of her pussy like no human tongue had ever managed before. She sucked in a breath, and her back arched in reflex. Embarrassed, she grabbed his ears and tugged him from between her thighs. Blushing profusely, she glanced around, only to discover that no one gaped, or grinned or seem to find what had happened to be strange at all.

Rebecca smirked. “He seems to be a tad jealous of his bitch!” she exclaimed while rubbing Hobbit’s ears. The conversation was abruptly ended by a tall thin woman wearing glasses, with a German Shepherd at her heels. “Hello, I’m Molly, the group coordinator. I don’t think I know you, dear!” she stated, with a tiny touch of steel in her voice. Misty swallowed noisily. “Um, I’m Misty. I’m not a member of any group. I just came here to let my dog run free,” she answered timidly.

There was a hushed silence. Molly’s gaze was piercing. “How did you get in, Misty?” she asked. “Tonight is a private event, and the park is closed to everyone except those invited,” she explained. Just then, Rebecca came to her rescue. “I let her in, Molly. We met here last week, and she dresses like us, and her dog, as you can see,” pointing to Roo, who was licking Misty’s inner thighs, “behaves like he’s active with her.”

Molly looked down at Rebecca, “Well, dear, she’s definitely not a member, and we’re now in a pretty pickle of a position. She knows about us!” she exclaimed.

Rebecca looked at Misty, who shook her head, whispering, “No. I’m not a member. Honestly, I only came to give Roo some exercise off his leash.”

“But you don’t wear underwear and you let him lick you. Heck, you even let Hobbit lick you!” Rebecca pointed out.

Misty sucked in a breath, “I don’t… I mean I’m not… I don’t know. But I don’t do what you think I do.”

Molly smiled, “And what do you think we do, Misty?” she asked.

Misty’s answer was soft. “You let your dogs lick your pussies.”

“Oh no my Dear. Our dogs fuck us, and tonight we all expect to be fucked. To be fucked right here in the park and by more than one dog. I know Rebecca and Shey intend to have not only their own dogs, but each other’s as well,” Molly explained.

Misty gripped Roo’s collar. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt. This is all a complete misunderstanding. I’ll leave.”

Shey spoke to her for the first time, “No, you won’t. We’re all bound by secrecy and you’ve stumbled onto something – learned something that can’t be undone by merely walking away!” She drew a theatrical breath, “Your only option is to join us. You need to complete the membership ritual, and become one of us!”

“J….Join, ritual? What ritual?” Misty asked fearfully.

Rebecca smirked again. “Let Hobbit, Nanook and Roo fuck you in front of us, naturally! The joining ritual is still three dogs, including one of your own in one session isn’t it, Molly?”

Molly tried to look severe, lifting her spectacles. “I can go ask Brandi, but I think she’s already a little preoccupied. She pointed at a blond woman, who had knelt down on a tartan picnic rug and was pressing her huge 48DD breasts down on that same tartan rug. A large Akita was energetically pumping his rear end above her. A small blond woman was guiding the dog’s thrusting penis into her partner’s pussy. Molly continued, whispering conspiratorially, “I could ask Alice, but quite honestly that woman scares me!”

It was at that moment, when the Akita knotted Brandi, that Alice looked up, frowning at Misty and the group of women and dogs surrounding her. She rose fluidly, rocking on her ankles and walked towards Molly. “Who’s this, Molly? What’s going on?” she asked.

Molly stepped back, biting her lip, dithering. However, Rebecca answered, “Hi Alice. I’ve brought my friend Misty with me to join our group. We just want to introduce her to everyone, but you and Brandi were a little fast and eager tonight.” Rebecca smiled, winking at Misty.

“Oh, I see. Well, it’s a little unusual, but Brandi’s pussy’s been drooling since we fixed a date for tonight’s event, so who’s proposing a motion for the ritual?” Alice asked.

Shey stuck up her hand. “Nanook gets first go!” she said.

Rebecca grinned, “I second the motion, but Hobbit gets to go first, to make her ready for Nanook.”

Molly looked up at Alice. “I’ve no objection.” She raised her voice. “Are there any objections?” she called in an outside voice.

“Objection to what?” someone beyond Misty’s vision asked.

“To Misty joining us, Jossy.”

“Oh, no. You guys go ahead. I came here for some outdoor action, not a boring club meeting.”

Alice raised her voice, “OK, ladies. No objections?”

“Doesn’t seem to be any, Alice,” Shey commented. “I’d say motion carried!”

Alice held out her hand to Misty, “Welcome to Privilege, girl. I’m looking forward to watching.”

Shey stood up, pushing her dog away from her. She unfolded a blanket and spread it on the glass. “I’d strip if I were you, Misty. Nanook has been known to rip skirts and tops off his bitches,” she stated in a matter-of-fact manner.

Misty looked up, open mouthed. She had just been inducted into a club of dog fuckers! Not only that, she was expected to let these women’s dogs fuck her while they watched. She whispered to Rebecca, “I can’t do this!”

Rebecca hissed back, “You have to!”

“Or what?” Misty asked just as quietly.

“I don’t know. Alice – scary Alice – will get rid of you! This has never happened before.” She gripped Roo by the collar, keeping him from protecting Misty.

Half in a daze, Misty pulled down her short blue denim skirt and unbuttoned her white linen blouse.

Misty followed Brandi’s example, kneeling on the blanket and resting on her elbows. Rebecca stood behind Misty and began to stroke Hobbit’s growing penis.

There was a moment of ‘I don’t believe this is happening’ before Misty felt the furry front legs of the Australian Shepherd grip her ribcage. She also felt the hard penis slap the crease between the orbs of her ass. Instinctively, she bucked forward as the penis almost slid into the tight bud of her ass. There was a soft squelch as Hobbit’s penis slid into her pussy!

She went from dry to dripping in a nanosecond. The dog thrust fast and sure, humping his flexing hips and ramming his stiff hot and ramrod erect penis into the waiting bitch. Misty had never experienced anything so deep and urgent. Her body responded, and unconsciously she lifted her ass as Hobbit thrust, her body now accepting the pumping thrusting penis, with its huge knob two thirds of the way down the shaft.

There was a flurry of urgent thrusts as Hobbit’s entire penis, including the knot, disappeared into her gaping pussy. A soft pussy fart escaped from Misty as the hard knot pistoned in and out of Misty’s now widened fuckhole. The dog slowed his thrusting as the knot grew, and more air was expelled noisily from an extremely embarrassed Misty. The thrusting slowed to a stop, and the penis inside her softened slightly. Misty moaned with conflicting emotions. She took a breath, thinking it was over, before a gush of hot cum spurted deep deep inside her! The flattened top rested on her cervix, and with each lavalike spurt filling her, the dog’s knot preventing any cum from escaping. They were tied.

“God!” Molly muttered. “Are you sure you’ve never done this before?”

Misty’s orgasm had begun to build with every spurt, the heat of their coupling and fact that the knot vibrated with every beat of Hobbit’s heart. Without normal foreplay or stimulation, Misty’s inner thighs began to jerk subtly. Her breathing became short sharp gasps, and then her whole body stiffened. For that one millisecond, the world seemed to stop turning. It didn’t matter that she was on her knees with a dog standing rampant above her – she came hard! Experiencing possibly – no truly – the most intense orgasm of her life!

She was still panting when she felt Hobbit begin to thrust again, only this time he seemed intent on climbing up her ass. With his knot pulling at her still pulsing inner muscles, he pulled free with a soul searing back thrust, suddenly leaving her cunt empty and vulnerable. She collapsed as he backed off.

His back was still arched up and his huge penis pointed down almost shamefully. He darted forward and began to earnestly lick her gaping, well fucked cunt. His tongue seemed to calm her, and she felt herself closing as he licked.

Misty became aware of what had just happened. She looked up, and discovered she was encircled by women. Their eyes were all on her naked, recently dog-fucked body. Rebecca knelt beside her. “Are you ready for Nanook?” she asked.

Misty closed her eyes. Shey had moved to beside her as well, and with gentle hands she lifted Misty onto her knees again. Shey moved Misty’s knees closer together and nodded to Molly who had been gently masturbating the large dog. Shey gripped her dogs collar, and Nanook reared his hips jack-hammering as he dry humped.

Once again Misty felt the dog’s penis stabbing her anus. She quickly and purposely adjusted, and felt Nanook enter her and begin to thrust. Nanook’s technique was far rougher than Hobbit. He seemed uncaring as his penis grew larger and larger. His knot seemed to expand to the size of a baseball and slapped wetly against her soggy, puffy cunt. Her pelvis softened for the second time and the knot drove into her gaping cunt.

This dog, like Hobbit, was obviously trained to service human bitches. He slowed his thrusting as Misty’s inner vaginal muscles gripped that invading knot. Again, like with Hobbit, Nanook’s knot seemed to settle below her clit. And just as previously, he began to spurt his seed – deep, deep inside the bitch beneath him. Unlike Hobbit, Nanook took longer. Misty’s brain had shut down, and her eyes were screwed shut as her orgasm began to build for the second time. Her breathing had become soft bitch-like grunts of pure pleasure once Nanook had begun to spurt his seed. Her second orgasm triggered her third! By the time Nanook had begun to pull himself free, Misty was lost in a world of lust and the need to cum and cum!

Nanook finally freed himself, almost dragging Misty off her knees before he managed to rip his still hard knot from Misty’s gripping cunt. Misty again collapsed, her pulsing cunt leaking cum. Once her ragged breathing became something close to normal, she once again opened her eyes. The ring of wide-eyed women were still there.

Misty rolled her head on her shoulders.

Chapter Eight


He’d been taken away from Misty – taken by a stranger to the other side of the hedge. His sense of smell told him Misty was still nearby. He whined and tugged, trying to get to her. The woman who held him scolded him. Didn’t she understand? When Misty was near, he needed to be with her! Sensing what was happening, he growled. They were fucking his Misty! How dare those dogs fuck her like a stray bitch in heat! Misty was his! Finally, the torture was over, and he was led back. Instinctively his tail wagged. She was there. She smelled of Hobbit and Nanook. Her body stank of their cum! He approached her from behind. She was on her knees and her cunt was leaking cum which rolled in thin rivulets down her inner thighs.

He felt a soft feminine hand grip his penis, and the scent his human gave off was enough to make him hard. His rear began to pump, just like with Charlie, but this time it was for Misty, his Misty. Her sloppy cunt lined up with his thrusting penis almost like she was made for him. His penis slid into her and he felt her wet walls for the first time. He began thrusting in earnest. Slightly cooler than Charlie’s doggy cunt, Misty’s made up for lack of that heat by the way it absorbed him. Her body moved under him, with him, accepting him. His forepaws gripped her flanks as his knot slid into her. There was an audible expulsion of air as the knot expanded, growing harder, and bigger. He stopped humping as Misty’s cunt walls closed around his knot. He began to shoot his seed into the human girl he loved.

His sense of smell told him that Misty had been with Nanook and Hobbit, their seed still inside her. Roo’s cock seemed to expand and the tip rested against the tiny entrance of her uterus, his seed began to flow into the portal of her womb.

The tie lasted about twenty minutes. Misty must have come at least three more times. Her wonderful dog stood rampant above her as his penis spurting his seed into her. His copious amount of cum, having nowhere to escape outward, began to be absorbed into and flooded through her cervix, the entrance to her womb. She panted as she felt that intimate sensation. The dog she loved dog was mating with her. In the twenty minutes that he spurted his cum into her the amount could easily have filled a beer mug.

Happily, and with tail wagging triumphantly, he majestically pulled out of Misty and instinctively began to lick at the gaping cum filled hole. His tongue pressed her swollen pussy lips together, lessening the amount that was seeping… escaping.

Still wagging his tail he stepped away from Misty, who was still on her belly. The women were still looking at them. He eyed Hobbit and Nanook. “My Misty!” he growled at them. Both dogs eyed him with new respect.

Chapter 9


Reality raised its head once again. Misty lay on her slightly distended belly. The women around her had begun talking again. When she looked up, there was no condemnation, just acceptance. She was stroked and petted and patted, pulled to her feet and hugged, welcomed into this unique sisterhood.

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