Late night anal with dog

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We were just there chest to chest and he was panting and drooling on me and his cock still in my asshole ejaculating I felt this connection and we shared this moment.

It all started when he was a puppy living down the street well multiple puppies but after a couple of months I assumed the owner sold them. Well (M) was the only dog there and he would always crawl out the gate every time he would see me. M was such a sweet male dog and I always fantasize getting knotted by a medium size dog. Well that fantasy came true one day later on in the morning when everyone was out and about I Brought him to the back of my house pulled down my shorts and let him mount me. His wet cock was still small but it would still go in. With M not being able to knot me i felt sad because it wanted him to enjoy it as much as I would have it but I wanted more.

So I waited a couple of months and during those months I notice how big he’s gotten over time. I finally knew he was ready and I was to. So later on in the middle of the night I Walked in front of his house on the other side of the street so no one would get suspicious and right when he saw me it’s like he knew. As I walked back to my house I look back and see him running to me in excitement. I led him to the back of my house and started jerking him off. Noticing how big and wet his cock gotten I got on my knees and let him mount me.

Had to guide him a bit but once I felt it go in it felt so good as I jerked my dog while he’s pounded my asshole and feeling it get bigger and bigger inside it felt amazing while I orgasmed and cummed over the towel I used under us because the hard ground. Out of breath and panting I realized he was knotted with me amazed but he suddenly wanted to get off and it did hurt my asshole with him pulling out but it still felt good. Once he popped out I was in relief and seeing him lick his big throbbing cock and I just wanted more but I knew enough was enough so I got my towel and petted him and went inside.

Went in the shower to clean myself up and I just couldn’t get it out of my mind the feeling of being knotted. So the next night We did it again and again and again and for the rest of the month every other day. Took a break because some family came into town and had to lay low for the week.

Constantly thinking about M and his beautiful cock I just wanted i had to wait. Once they left and went back to there home it was my chance to finally have his cock in my asshole. So I finally went late at night and got him and led him behind my house. Put the towel down and this time took off all my clothes because I wanted him to do missionary.

So I scooted him towards the wall with his tail against the wall and went under him with my back on the towel and his chest to my chest. Using my feet to lift my ass up a bit and guiding his soft cock into my ass. Right when he got in my asshole soft I let him do the work while I jerk myself. Lifting my self more up so he could get his whole cock in my asshole and he started pounding me more and harder I finally orgasmed with the feeling of Being knitted and his cock getting bigger and bigger in my asshole it was the best feeling ever.

We were just there chest to chest and he was panting and drooling on me and his cock still in my asshole ejaculating I felt this connection and we shared this moment. Stayed in that position for 5-10 min he wanted to pull out but we were still knotted with me being on my back I could hold him so he pulled and again. It did hurt but it also felt so good.

Went in side after petting and giving him rubs since he gave me one of the best times in my life. In the shower I can still feel him semen spill out my asshole as I push

That was the last time I seen him guessing the owner gave him away or something. I was sad but also happy that I gave him love and affection.

Yes this a true story 🙂

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