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Good kids

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Im lucky that I get to have a brother who fucks me so much and that he gets how I want our dad. We believe in being patient because its already paying off with a hot secretary.

We are the good kids of a minister in a pretty small town. I already put comments about my brother (Im changing his name to protect the innocent) Andy. The day I accidentally saw his MASSIVE cock (it’s very long AND very thick), things started to change. I know he will have a girl friend and I will have a boyfriend, but we agree it’s good to practice on eachother. I heard that having sex with a father gets a girl ready to have a husband one day, and I figure Andy already has my pussy, so I should let my dad have my ass. Dad is a good person and many people come to him for help. My mom died in a car accident when I was 3, so he has raised us by himself. We do our chores before school and do our homework right after school if we arnt in sports, but most of the time Andy is running track or wrestling. I run track too, so there are times in the year when we get home om the late side. Dad always leaves us nice messages and texts us if he will be late coming home. We make dinner for him a lot, and he also takes us to restaraunts if were all tired. He used to run track in high school, and he still runs in the mornings. He’s still very lean and has a lot of wavy hair. A lot of women at our fellowship like him and I can tell they want to be his second wife, but he tries to just concentrate on us and helping other people.
But when hes in his jogging shorts I can sometimes see the outline of his cock. I want to suck it. I want it cuming inside me, any place inside me. He deserves it. I fantasize about Andy sitting in the arm chair in the living room, naked, and I straddle him as I spread my sopping pussy lips to slowly sit on him. Hes very good at staying still and not moving but staying rock hard. We practice that so that while Im leaning over him our dad can slowly (with a lot of lube) put his pounding cock inside my ass.. Just typing this getting ready for a showerI am so wet I have pussy juices on the towel I’m sitting on (just a bra and socks) !
Theres now a slight extra piece of the story that only began recently. The church office has a few secretaries, and we just got a new one, Patty. She’s in her early 30’s, and she’s so pretty (long, black wavy hair, green eyes and a body that I know all the men think about when they see her. She has a boyfriend, but he’s out of town all the time and I don’t think its serious. I couldnt stand it. She confused me. I was jealous because I knew Andy wanted to fuck her, but I wanted to fuck her too! m not interested in her chest because I have a huge one myself, but she has long legs and smooth, tan skin. I only licked pussy once before at a slumber party (I never saw her again because she moved away), but I like it and I wanted to lick Patty. Both Andy and I were hinging around the office more often, and we eventually talked about our feelings for her. At first I was upset, but we came to an agreement. This took a while to set up. Patty is only employed at our church because she needs the job and she does go to the church services. She is NOT a SAINT, though, and over time I got to know her. Andy and I started inviting her to have dinner with us when dad was working long evening hours. At first I think she saw it as doing something nice for our dad, but she soon learned that we are fine on our own. This has happened almost 10 times. Like I said in another post, it takes patience. Andy and I have now had her over for dinner lots of times and I have gone down on her beautiful pussy while Andy fucks me from behind, doggy style. She sits back in the arm chair with her legs spread apart, and I put my tongue up her cunt and suck after making her come.( Im practically cumming as I type this). She has also agreed to carefully insert a honey bead up her cunt and let Andy fuck her. Later, Ill such his cum and the honey out of her after she goes down on me.
If Dad walks in on this, I don’t know what hell do, but we figure its worth trying to talk to him about it from the viewpoint of us being mature and making our own choices. I know were not legally adults as teens (Im not even old enough to drive by myself), but my braces are off. I get a period, and that means in some countries Id be expected to be married and having sex anyway. He can help me with it or not, but I think it would be a lot more fun if he saw the advantages. Now I want him fucking me as I lean over his desk while Patty sits on the edge with her legs spread as I put my face in her pussy. I love licking and sucking her juicy cunt. If Dad gets involved, Andy can fuck her while Dad is in me, too. I don’t know where her boyfriend fits in, but Im sure something can be done for him. She and I do both have two holes for easy fucking as well as mouths. I know a lot of people would not agree to this so we have to keep it a secret and not have any pregnancies, but why did God give us these bodies and the abiltiy to cum if were not supposed to use them?

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