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Four Hours with Him

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My wife and I share a close friendship with an old friend of mine. But is it more for her? What do you think? Is it more or is it all in my mind?

The night before I leave for an out of town trip we meet up with a buddy before heading to a bar for drinks. They hug when he arrives. They always hug. She likes it. She likes him.

They always hug, long and deep hugs in which he almost always reaches down and playfully starts his hug around her waist. He lifts her up so her feet come completely off the ground by about a foot. She is suspended there with her waist above his and her shoulders easily above his and he almost face to face with her breasts. She giggles and wraps her arms locked around his neck.

He captures the opportunity for a complete, full contact hug as she eagerly allows herself to be held there by him. Sometimes he twists himself back and forth playfully swinging her body lightly from side to side as she slides downward. I notice her breasts pressed and sliding across his upper chest. It seems so friendly, somewhat harmless as he treasures her there held securely with the tips of her toes helpless to touch the ground.

I look away as proof to the two of them that I am not troubled by their very personal contact. But I do sometimes feel a little awkward, even conflicted, fully watching. I want to see her feeling happy and having fun, yet it seems, at least to me, to be a somewhat obvious and relatively bold display of the personal and physical attraction they have for each other. I don’t know if they want me to see and yet they don’t seem to care. So occasionally I risk being caught watching it all. Mostly though, I turn away from watching directly to avoid feeling too uneasy. Besides, they do deserve at least the tiniest amount privacy. In spite of all this, I never turn so far I can’t see and watch, catching glimpses out of the corner of my eye. My minds eye impatiently fills in the rest. It’s no matter, it seems I’m just invisible to them anyway.

After a moment, he slowly and gently lowers my wife as he leans back I guess so she doesn’t just bounce to the floor. I notice again she is in full contact of his chest, stomach and waist as she slides down his body and her tiptoes just touch the ground. After being swung about, she has ended up with her legs slightly parted and on both sides of his leg. I see her chest and stomach pressed to him and her pelvis crushed against his leg still just ever so slightly still suspended there. After what seems like minutes, he allows her release from their close clinging moment. She gives him a simple but very close hug ending with her giving him a very friendly, soft and warm kiss. They always kiss.

At the bar, we all talk, they flirt and we all have a great time as I join in on their conversation and watch. After two hours, several beers for me and my buddy, and she with her four glasses of wine, we are a bit buzzed and ready to leave. On the way out the door, I off handedly suggest he take her to dinner the next night while I’m out of town to keep her company and have some fun. He grins a bit and says nothing. Then again, without thinking, I share my suggestion with her as we have now made our way to out the door to the sidewalk and in front of the large window of the bar. Upon hearing my idea she chimes in, “Oh yeah, that would be great. We will have some fun.” With a flirting smile, she slowly walks toward him, opens her arms, taking control, offering him another hug opportunity. He takes it.

He picks her up again and this time she seems suspended in the air for moments on end, swaying back and forth in his arms. As he allows her tiptoes to touch the ground I see her legs have parted again and she is completely pressed tightly against him. But this time it’s different. She seems to be pushing herself against him. She kisses him again and it lingers a second or two longer than usual and then we are all off for our separate homes.

The next evening I’m on the road at 8 p.m. We talk on phone and she asks about him coming to our home “while you’re gone, just to keep each other company over a few drinks and pizza and have some fun.” I wonder why she decided not to go out. I tell her to call and make her arrangement with him and go ahead and have some fun.

She: 8:30 p.m.: I don’t have his number.

I have given it to her many times and I know it is easy to find in my computer contacts. I am confused by the odd phone call and text. I guess she just wants my complete permission and approval again and is reminding me again that I did suggest they should be together tonight.

Me: 8:34 p.m.: Sent the contact info by email from my phone.
She: 8:35 p.m.: Thx

Then I hear nothing from her for hours. She almost always goes to bed early about 10:30 p.m. every night even when we have friends over. Even when he is there. When I’m out of town sometimes earlier. We always talk at night when I’m gone to catch up. She usually makes the call. But tonight, nothing. I decide not to call because she is almost always in bed when I call this late. So I risk a text just in case she is asleep.

Me: 11:30 p.m. Hey you… How’s it going.

I get no text or phone call for almost an hour or so. I stop thinking about my text and assume she is asleep. Finally I notice at 1:06 a.m. that she has sent a text about 20 minutes earlier.

She: 12:47 p.m. Good. He just left. Watched snl.

But that show is over at 11:30 p.m. I am amazed she is still up this late. The math races through my head. She texts me around 8:30, I text back, she calls him and I guess he gets there at 9 and she texts me almost four hours later. Plus I wonder about the hour and seventeen minutes after the show ended. So I venture an innocent enough, but curious enough text. I’m so anxious to know more but afraid to come right out with it.

Me: 1:09 a.m.: Have some

It’s at that point that I accidentally hit send. I sit there stunned at my fumbling fingers and what I had just texted to her. I worried what she must be thinking and what I meant by those words. I could not believe I made this mistake. My fingers tremble as I try to decide what to do. After a couple of minutes, shocked and worried I had waited too long to follow up, I added a finish to my message hoping to cover for my error. I decided since she had not yet responded, she must be waiting to see what I would say next.

Me: 1:11 a.m.: Oops… fun?
She: 1:15 a.m.: I did. Heading for bed. Early day tomorrow.

So there it was. “I did.” Not a simple yes but “I did” and she took four minutes to say it as if hesitant to present her passive, yet artfully aggressive, long distance admission. But she did and wanted me to know she did. I still wanted to know more. I wanted to hear her voice. I wanted to hear anything in her voice that further reinforced what I suspected was clearly the meaning of “I did.” I hurried another text still trying to ask innocently for more information.

Me: 1:16 a.m.: Sorry I didn’t see u txt bak. Want me to call?
She: 1:17 a.m.: No. Going to sleep. Call u tomorrow.

It was clear to me now. What ever had happened was none of my business other than to send her message with clear and torturous implications. I could see it all, from the big hug to his eventual full conquest of my willing and flirting wife. I know her. She’s clever, yet perfectly pliable. More likely, she had carefully positioned her arrangement precisely knowing she would fall pray to his conquest, accept his physical offerings and played it out for herself, and for him, and now for me as if I was standing right there able to half watch it all happen. Finally, it is the possible and undoubtable likelihood he is still there that weights my mind. It is perfectly clear to me now.

For the next few hours I try to sleep and I eventually do sleep about four hours later after reading and rereading the text messages over and over again still deeply convinced and yet exhausted and intoxicated with conflict, wonder and doubt.

The next day, she does not call. She sends a few text messages to keep me up on what is happening during the day. But that’s all. We always talk when I’m driving home.

I get home at about 10:30 p.m. that night. I come in I get a nice little kiss and hug. I start chatting about my trip and begin to talk about her “fun” evening, without noting the lateness of it all or that he was there for almost four hours. She interrupts me and says she’s really exhausted and is going to bed. After several days she hasn’t mention his visit nor what happened in the four hours they spent together. But I am still rapt around it.

A few weeks go by. Everything seems normal. Until one night she asks if I have talked to him. She openly asks where he is and when he is coming for a visit again. She repeats her ask three days in a row eagerly wanting him to come visit next weekend. She knows I have another trip out of town. She has his number. She could call him herself. She could keep it private. So I conclude she must want me to participate again in making her arrangement. So I did. I call him for her. We talk and catch up on various things. I drop in a comment about my schedule. I casually mention in the conversation she would like company again during my absents. He doesn’t address it directly but implies he might be up for some fun again. I can practically hear him smile over the phone.

I tell her later I did make the call. She asks “Will he come and visit?” I tell her about the conversation. I tell her he did not confirm precisely but he did say he might be up for some fun again. I tell her I’m sure they’ll have fun if she calls him and makes her arrangement again. It’s 9:30 p.m. She is in her night clothes. She smiles approvingly, comes over and softly presses herself against me. She asks “Do you think he’ll come for me?” I practically melt. She briefly allows me to get my hands under the sides of her night shirt and slide my hands along her soft skin from her waist, to her ribs, to the swells of the sides of her lovely large breasts. As I try to go farther she slowly pulls away. She thanks me for calling him and offers me a flirting yet controlled little smile and heads to bed saying she’s too tired.

Two days later she calls on the road to ask when he is coming over to keep her company while I’m gone. I clearly know she has his number. I tell her again to call and make her arrangement with him and go ahead and have some fun.

I am completely captured by this fog of innocence that clouds this charade. But it is clear she really wants me to know, be involved and approve. So this time without texting me she comes right out and says, “I don’t have his number.”

I am so shocked at her blunt denial, I am speechless for about ten seconds. Then I tell her “I’ll send it to you again.” I worry that my comment is too bold. But she ignores my acknowledgement that I know she has it. She simply just says, “thank you honey.” I look at my watch and notice it’s 9:30 p.m. But I can not believe she wants this evening with him to begin this late into the night. I am torn but I did finally send his contact information again, just as she asked.

Me: 9:54 p.m.: Sent the contact info by email from my phone.
She: 10:15 p.m.: Thx

My mind races into high speed a I assume he gets there by 10:45 p.m. But I guess I do hope they have “fun.” I wait again for her evening call. I wait, nothing. So finally I send the same test as I did weeks before.

Me: 11:30 p.m. Hey you… How’s it going.

I wait for hours, nothing. I can not sleep I can only imagine. Finally, I hear my phone ping.

She: 2:48 p.m. Very good. Too much wine.

It’s four hours again and I never imagined she would be up until almost 3 a.m. There is no pretense of watching snl.

I know how she gets when she is up late drinking. She lets go. She gets so flirty and conversations get so physically close. Some times she lets her top fall open enough to accidentally show most of her breasts. With him around while she’s drinking she loosens up, plays and she just teases him till she is flush pink.

He often sits back and casually enjoys her little flirt. But it’s obvious he enjoys it and shows his interest by listening to her every comment and engaging her in close conversation and helping her with beverages in the kitchen while I wait in the living room. It seems that on these nights those hugs become so much more. So tonight I wonder after having “too much wine” where did the flirting lead, where did the hug lead. I answered so fast it was within a few seconds that she sent her message. I guess now she knows I was waiting up for her text alone miles away in a hotel room.

Me: 2:48 a.m.: Have some fun? Want me to call?
She: 2:51 a.m.: We did. In bed. Not now.

“We did,” not “I did.” This time no mention of him leaving at all. And her words paired with “In bed.” seemed so very, very clear to me. But with so many facts, I am left with no real clarity. I am barely able to contain myself from what I think I know. I am stunned at the late hour and the implied admission of his four hour stay. She hasn’t even tried to say he has left at all. I wanted to answer immediately, but I was so caught up in this new message and read it over and over again. I suddenly realized I had waited almost 20 minutes. I worried she would suspect I knew what was happening. I knew now I waited long enough to send a signal I was shocked and trying to decide how react to their extended, private evening and her messages. I took the innocent route again. I needed to hear her voice.

Me: 3:12 a.m.: Oh, OK?
She: 3:15 a.m.: Oops… I’m in bed. Fun night. Sleep soon. Call u tomorrow.

So there I am left only with my cellphone in hand and the few implicative words of text. Her words kept ringing in my mind’s ear and my mind’s eye as I read and reread the messages from both of my out town text conversations. Wondering again if what I did in encouraging them to keep each other company had now grown into a full blown personal encounter.

She seemed to have softly taken command of her personal and physical world. She is holding us both in balance. I was lured into providing her an opportunity and he is subtlety being allowed to command her surrender of favor.

Two nights later I arrive home at 8 p.m., she asks me to call him to meet for drinks. I’m exhausted. But, I did, I did make the call and invite him for her. He eagerly responds he’s up for some fun again.

They hug again when he arrives. She wraps her arms around his neck and accidentally allows her breasts to brush his face and he doesn’t resist at all. Then he lowers her down, her legs have spread again and she again is suspended on his leg. I can see out of the corner of my eye she is not so subtly moving her hips against him before he releases her.

I drive us to the bar and he orders beer, wine for my wife and a shot of my favorite whiskey and rocks for me. They’re flirting and acting unnervingly familiar. I finish my drink quickly, he buys me another and another. We are seated near the back of the bar. They are sitting together opposite me. We seem to be having a good time and he buys us another round. They’ve had two I on my fourth. We finish and we head back home for his car. It’s 11:30 p.m. He drives. I’m very relaxed in the back seat.

When we arrive I am surprised she invites him in for another round. He helps her fill the glasses. Beer again for him, glass of wine for her and a double shot of whiskey for me. We sit on the patio and talk, laugh and enjoy. I tease her I’ve been away several days and imply I’m ready for some fun. She has been acting so sexy and my head is full of imagined moments. I try coaxing her to take her clothes off for us. They look at each other and laugh. The conversation keeps going but I become very tired as I notice it is about midnight.

The next thing I know I wake in the patio chair and I am alone and disoriented. I regaining my bearings, glance at my watch. Four hours have passed. It’s 3:55 a.m. I assume he left and she went to bed. I head inside to the kitchen.

I see them standing there close to each other. It’s as if they heard me moving about and just separated. She has changed to her night clothes. It’s not that he hasn’t seen her in night clothes before. It’s just that tonight she is wearing her thin fabric, low cut, oversized, long tee shirt. I can clearly make out that not only is she braless but her panties are off as well. I come in the room, they tease me about leaving them to have fun on their own. He says he had better hit the road and reaches to give her a hug.

Even though I turn away again, this moment is burned into my mind. As he pulls her up from the waist her night shirt rises too. Her naked rear comes nearly into full view. Her neckline loosens and falls and most of breasts are now pressed against him as she bumps his face while being gently swung about. I realize I know what’s next as she slides down his body. I notice more of her beautiful body come into view as he holds her and the tee shirt slides up and she slides down. Her rear is completely open to view now and I can see it clearly and it is pink red.

She has almost lost all pretense that she is wearing a shirt at all. It has slid up and I can see the sides of her breasts and her neckline has fully fallen deep enough that her breasts are almost completely out of the top of her shirt. That of course means her lovely bush is now also exposed and now pressed against his leg. I begin to wonder if he is just going to strip my wife nude right there in front of me. They hold on to each other forever it seems and then release. Her shirt falls completely back into place. It’s as if it never happened at all. As usual, I remain slightly turned, really unable to watch any of this directly. But I did watch, I did see, out of the corner of my vision and from where I stood watching the reflection in the darkened kitchen window.

He speaks up, “Well now, we did have some fun tonight.” Does he means all three of us or just the two of them. She gives him a hug and kisses him deeply and he leaves.

Still a little groggy, I am alarmed at his bold moment. But determined, I am intent to take my turn and pull her toward me. I start to give her a hug but she holds my arms softly away from her body and she gives me a little kiss. I go further pushing my arms past her uncommitted resistance. I start to feel the side of her body through her night shirt. I can feel how so very warm she is. I feel her begin to collapse into my grasp and I begin to pull her shirt up and run my hand from her hips, to her waist a finally along the swells of her beautiful breasts. She presses herself harder against me just as I am about to reach forward for her breasts. She sighs so softly as I run hand toward her pink red rear, I begin to think I will be rewarded but then she quickly pull away as she has regained control of my arms.

“Honey it’s late and we had fun tonight. I’m really worn out now.” Then she adds a little laughingly, “Do you remember asking me to take my clothes off? Then you fell asleep.” The she giggles a bit. Then a little more seriously, “So after that, we did have some fun anyway. You don’t mind do you? Thank you for calling him to come for me again.”

I melt as she presses her warm body against me again. I nuzzle her neck. I can smell a hint of his after shave from their hugs. She reaches for my face and the back of my neck. She moves in close with her lips parted as if she is about to speak but then gives me a deep, flavor-filled passionate kiss. She pulls herself away from my needy grasp. I stand there dizzy with need.

She heads to bed. I try to calm down. Then I notice my jeans are damp where she pressed herself against me. My mind races. I decide to reread all the texts again as our evening’s conversation glazes my thinking. It takes a few minutes then head to bed hoping she is waiting for me.

She is asleep. I try to sleep and I eventually do still deeply convinced and yet exhausted and intoxicated with conflict, wonder and doubt over the texts and the four hours I slept on the patio.

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    I definitely would have divorced this woman by now

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    Why don’t you grow a fucking backbone and confront her stupid ass, or set up a hidden camera

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    She’s going to leave you for him.

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    I need to tell you all thank you for your comments. Believe me I have been thinking about everything said here. It’s been two years and my wife continues her “secret ways” with my best friend. I am willing to admit that I am her secret cuckold and she obviously does not intend to let me be a direct part of it except by leaving her little hints as to her new and expanding sexual independence. I will never interfere with that because I respect her so much. She is so happy and so am I because I am now finding her calls and texts while I am on the road or at home when he is around and hugging her, flirting with her the most exhilarating and exciting part of my life.

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    Great read, I especially like the logs of messages back and forth, as well as his conflicted feelings about the affair.

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