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Beth’s punishment

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Beth’s dad finds out about her and her boyfriend having sex, and punishes her severely. But this time his punishment goes beyond his normal beatings.

I had made the mistake of telling my oldest sister that my boyfriend and I had been having sex. I needed someone to talk to about it, and I thought I could trust my sister. We had a big family fight, and my sister ended up telling my dad about my boyfriend and I. He was so angry. He smacked me across the room and told me to go to my room. I cried all night, expecting my dad to come in and beat me for what I had done. But nothing happened that night. The next day, after school, I was in the barn feeding the animals. My dad was home from work early, and my mom was still at work. Dad came into the barn, yelling at me about how he couldn’t believe that his daughter had become such a slut. I tried to deny it and tell him it had only been a couple of times, and only with my boyfriend, but he didn’t care. He hit me hard, knocking me to the ground. I was crying, begging him to stop, but there was something different this time. He yelled, telling me to shut the fuck up. He hit me again. He told me that he was going to show me what happened to dirty little sluts. He grabbed some bailing twine from the wall and grabbed my hands, tying them together with the twine. Then, he pulled me over to a bail of hay and pushed me down on it, bent over on my knees. He tied the other end of the bailing twine to a post on the railing next to the hay bail. I was trying to get free, begging him to stop. He hit me again, telling me to shut up and take it like the slut I was. He then proceeded to rip off my pants, grabbing the twine cutter from the nearby table and cutting my pants down the middle of my ass. Once my ass was bare, he took the horse whip, and whipped me several times. He stopped after that, and it was quiet for a moment, I thought maybe he was done. But I was wrong. Next thing I know I feel my dad kneeling behind me, one hand on my ass. Then, I felt him push his now hard cock against my pussy. I cried out, but he just hit me again, then shoved his cock deep into me. He raped me hard, telling me that this was what happened to dirty sluts. He started grunting and groaning, and the next thing I knew, I could feel his cum shooting onto my bare ass. He cleaned himself up, and told me to wait right there, like I could do anything else. I heard him go outside, and I could then hear him talking to someone, but I couldn’t hear who it was or what they were saying. Then I heard the door open again, and someone kneel behind me again. I then heard my brother tell me that dad was allowing him to help with the punishment of his slut sister. Again, I begged for him to stop. He laughed as he punched me several times. Then, he started raping me as well. It was only a few moments after he started that I felt him push something else against my ass. I screamed, and tried to fight against him. He just laughed, and shoved whatever it was deep into my ass as he continued to rape my pussy. Soon, he was grunting and moaning just like dad had. But, unlike dad, he didn’t pull out and cum on my ass. Instead, he shoved his bare cock as deep into my pussy as he could, filling me with cum for the first time ever. After he was done, he laughed about how much of a slut I was, and he was going to enjoy having a slutty sister.

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  • Reply ray

    Damn people on here are so fucking stupid and gross. Rape stories aren’t hot or cute or sexy. This is some nasty shit. Garbage people on here, garbage story, garbage author.

  • Reply I love sex

    My dad used to massage my boobs publicly and then when my mom wasn’t at home he used to slap my pussy and boobs with his belt it used to pain at first but I enjoyed it. He and his friends used to come over and fuck me. I love his thick cum inside I’m mouth. I love the way he smacks my boobs till it turns red. And tonight it’s the same he is gonna fuck my pussy again and again the whole night and slap them, I love being his little slut

  • Reply Devin

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  • Reply Ree Ree

    I loved when my dad split my cherry at 8yr old. It hurt at first but the more he fucked me the better it got. He would bust his nut in me 2 to 3 times a night. Then he go down on me. His mustache gently tickling my fucked raw little pussy, drove me crazy. He said he loved it when l creamed in his mouth.l couldn’t help it, him eating my young little pussy felt AWESOME. What he was doing to me felt so natural, never did it feel wrong to us.

    • Kimfslut

      Why is it that men can only can only fill my face with cumm.. I love piss as well

  • Reply Ree Ree

    Hot!!! My dad used to aggressively lift my uniform skirt, tear my panties off. And rape me super hard. He said deserved for being a whore. For letting him and my brother do it to me. His dick was soooo long & hard, it felt like he was reaching my navel. My 8yo body loved it.

  • Reply Ree Ree

    So sexy. Just relax and enjoy it. Horse whipped too. When they rammed it in and squirted in and on you, hopefully you felt better.

  • Reply Kimfslut

    I was raped and grew to not to just like it I love it. Today I am pregnant and I don’t know who the father is. It could be my father, brother or this one BBC that I have given my body too. I not saying that’s all. Just some

    • Ree Ree


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    Hum.. you are a real slut, are not you.
    I am a one as well. Older. Busty. Waiting to be abused. What would you do to a cheap whore like me?

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