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Alice and the Kangaroo

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A girl in the outback learns about interspecies Sex the hard way

Alice stared out across a featureless plain at the land that was her home, it was dusty and parched brown by the fierce Aussie sun. Her father raised cattle and sheep somehow but they were all out by the water holes, dad had gone on a drive and would be missing for a week, their three hounds would be with him. The two border collies Tom and Jerry, would be helping keep the stock in line, the large German shepherd, Brutus, went along as security guard. Any wild animals trying to get near to the herd would have him to deal with, a daunting prospect given the size of him.
He had been bought as a pet, Alice had grown up playing with him, he was as docile with humans as he was fierce with any other animal perceived as a threat.
Her mother announced that they needed provisions and cautioning her to stay near the house, had driven off to the nearest town some fifteen miles away.
She was an only child, and seeing as the nearest school was fifty miles away, was taught at home by her mother and once in a while her dad.
The day was oppressively hot; her shirt was clinging to her back and at the front outlined her newly formed breasts. At fifteen, if she had lived in town, the boys would be already chasing her, as it was she knew nothing of such things.
She decided she needed to cool off in the creek, her father had shown her where it was and had said there were no dangerous critters in it, so ignoring her mother’s instructions, she mounted her bike and set off.
Along hot ride later and she was freewheeling down into the shade of the trees, the creek glinting in the sun, and fed by an underground aquifer, was all hers.
Quickly she stripped off her clothes and in an instant was floating in heaven, her father had told her that somehow the creek maintained the same temperature all year round and that’s why he kept the animals away, this was the family pool.
She floated on her back and was reminded of the scene with Jenny Agutter in a film she had seen, what was it called. She carried on floating, the sun dappled by the foliage on her face, her body cooled by the soothing water. Ah she had it, ‘Walkabout’ the film had been called ‘Walkabout’
She headed for the shore, and standing up walked dripping towards her clothes, her skin drying very quickly.
A movement caught her eye and she saw a huge kangaroo along under the trees, he was drinking delicately from the water. As she studied him he became aware of her presence, his head snapped up, he made eye contact with her and he seemed ready for flight. Upright she realised how big he was, probably a foot taller than her.
Alice wasn’t frightened by roo’s, she had befriended a couple of smaller ones up by the house, they would wait out by the barn and she would take them out some carrots or apples.
This one however was a hell of a lot bigger, she froze on the spot and waited to see what he would do. Eventually he decided she wasn’t a threat, and hopped down to investigate this strange pink thing that had emerged from the lake. When he was close enough, he leant forward and his long pointed snout sniffed at her skin, then he tried a tentative lick. He obviously liked her taste because he hopped even closer and began to lick all the bare skin he could find, Alice thought it tickled, that was until he licked across her nipples. The abrasive tongue brought on a feeling she had never experienced, and when it switched to the other breast she was suddenly on fire, she didn’t know what was happening, only that she was enjoying that wonderful tongue on her body and didn’t want it to stop.
The magic tongue worked down across her belly, and then found her sex, one long sensuous lick across her labia and she was in heaven. She still had no idea what was happening, only that she was loving it. She started to lubricate and the big roo, on tasting this heavenly nectar, inserted a long tongue up inside of her searching for more of the same.
She was lost; she stood there, legs apart to assist the animal, and had the first orgasm of her young life, eventually falling down onto the sand in ecstasy. The roo followed her down with his snout and continued his licking even as she squirmed in the throes of pleasure.
When he stopped and stood back, she realised she wanted more of the same, and climbed to her feet in preparation. The roo however had something else in mind, he quickly circled behind her and in an instant she had been seized by the forepaws which despite their size were extremely powerful, backed as they were by huge shoulder muscles.
She thought he was cuddling her, and could feel his fur all down her back, it was quite pleasant until something started prodding between her legs, she wasn’t sure about this and tried to free herself.
The big roo simply held her even tighter and rocked backwards, then two things happened simultaneously, her feet left the ground and several inches of the thing that had been poking at her, slid up into her pussy, still wet from the tongue. With her feet off of the ground, she was helpless to do anything about it; her struggles only impaled her further on the long crooked shaft.
The animal, having gained the desired position, drew back then pushed forward again, sliding another few inches up inside the girl, a couple more shoves and he was fully engaged and commenced a slow sensuous coupling without once releasing his tight hold on his victim. It was rape, plain and simple, that they were different species now made no difference, his male instincts had come to the fore, he had found a moist place for his long crooked member, and was building to a climax.
Alice, living on a farm as she did, had seen animals mating often; it had just never occurred to her that different species could mix in this way. Now here she was being taken by a large roo, her virginity gone, although she didn’t recall any discomfort. Rather the feeling of arousal that had crept in with the earlier licking, now returned much stronger, she realised suddenly that she wanted this creature to take her; she wanted that explosion of pleasure again.
His forepaws were across her breasts, stimulating her nipples and the fur all down her back felt very sexy, not forgetting the substantial organ that was pushing all her buttons from the inside.
The roo reached his own plateau, with one final push, he held her close and deep inside her, began ejaculating, the warm pulses of semen bringing Alice off at the same time.
They stayed locked together for several minutes as the waves of pleasure engulfed them both, then the huge animal pulled out releasing her from his grip, he turned and hopped away without a backward glance.
“Well thank you very much” she shouted at his retreating back, wondering as she did so if she would ever see him again.
As she stood there she felt a stream of liquid running down the inside of her leg, she re-entered the creek and washed herself off, her mind replaying the strange experience. She had no way of knowing it then but her life had just been changed forever.
She lay in the hot sun for a while and when dry, quickly dressed and retrieved her bike; she wanted to be home before her mother. As she sped away down the dusty track, she realised that her pussy was a little sore, a reminder of what had transpired out by the creek. It seemed a little like a dream now that she was heading home, had she really been taken by a giant roo. She felt again the sensuous fur down her back, the long pointed snout resting on her shoulder, oh yes, it was real all right, the sunny frolic with an oversexed kangaroo had turned her into a woman.
She hustled around the house getting all her chores done, and then went up to lie on her bed and examine her memories of the incident. The more she thought about it, the more aroused she became, and although she had never previously masturbated, her hand strayed down inside her panties, stroking and fingering until once again she felt that wonderful release.
The days slipped by, she slipped away to the creek whenever she could, but never encountered her lover again. Once she saw a group of smaller Roo’s which she cautiously approached, maybe one of the males would fancy his chances, however they all moved away from her, not exactly scared but just not interested.
She pleasured herself just about every night now, but it left her strangely dissatisfied, she craved that feeling of being filled by another animal, of rampant male lust running wild.
She started inserting things into herself in a vain effort to recreate the passion, the handle to her hairbrush, a carrot, even a Coca-Cola bottle, nothing seemed remotely close.
It was in her search for just such objects however, that she struck gold in her parents’ bedroom.
Her mother was off on her fortnightly trip to the shops, so Alice prowled around the house aching for some carnal activity. In her mother’s bedside drawer, hidden under some underwear, she found a strange electrical contraption. It was a long black tube the shape of her dad’s cigar containers, only fatter and longer with a cable and a mains plug attached. Her curiosity aroused, she plugged it in and turned the switch at the base then nearly dropped it as it came alive in her hands, humming quietly to itself and vibrating rapidly. She figured it must be some kind of massage machine and tentatively touched it to her skin, the sensation was wonderful and in a flash she had pulled up her shirt and was teasing her nipples with it.
In seconds she was on fire, she hurriedly switched it off, unplugged it and raced down to her own bedroom, this was too good to resist. She quickly stripped, activated the device, and lay back on her bed, at the first touch of the oscillating metal band on her clit, she had a sensational climax.
Wave after wave of pure pleasure washed over her, when she came back to earth she found she had inserted the whole thing into her pussy, deep inside her it was still humming merrily away.
As she lay there feeling the next orgasm forming, it dawned on her what this thing was designed for. Sure it was a massage machine, but designed to massage the inside of a pussy, her mother must use it for relief when her father was away on one of his long drives.
There was no time for further speculation, the insistent buzz deep inside her sparked another massive climax, she rolled around on the bed as this machine forced her to come over and over again.
When she was too sore to continue, she reluctantly pulled the plug, she carefully washed and dried it and just as carefully replaced it exactly where she had found it, she knew she would be back for more.
The months passed and she fell into a routine, every other Wednesday when her mother made the long trip to the market, she would cycle down to the creek hoping for some action. There never was any, so she would return to the house and make good use of her mother’s wonderful machine.
Spring rolled on into summer and soon it was ‘hotter than hell’, she watched the dust as her mother barrelled away across the ranch towards the distant paved road.
She couldn’t wait to feel the cool water on her skin, she pedalled off down the track, her shirt sticking to her body and outlining her still growing, but already impressive figure.
Jumping off of her bike and letting it clatter to the ground, she quickly stripped and ran out into the lake, going into a flat dive when it was deep enough. It was heaven, her own private swimming pool although now that the summer heat had arrived, she expected her mother would want to come and cool down.
When she was sufficiently cooled by the soothing water, she turned to wade ashore and to her surprise found she was not alone, a large black dog was crouched at the edge, helping himself to a cooling drink. His huge head snapped up as she stood dripping, a pair of intelligent brown eyes appraised her, then deciding she was no threat, he returned to his noisy lapping.
She edged towards her clothes, keeping a wary eye on the big animal, he clearly wasn’t a wild dog and she wondered what he was doing on their property. Her father, if he spotted him would probably reach for his rifle; the packs of wild dogs that roamed the outback could be a real problem.
As she reached the shore, he finished his drink and they stood for a minute looking at each other, he didn’t seem the least bit threatening so she called softly to him.
“Hello big fellah, how come you’re all the way out here on your own?”
At the soothing tone, he made a tentative move towards her; it seemed he wanted to be friendly as well. She crouched to be less threatening and continued to talk softly, holding out a hand to be sniffed. Suddenly they were friends; she scratched behind his ears, stroked his muscled rump, and was enchanted when he rewarded her with a lick across her cheek.
She realised she was becoming aroused, close proximity to a large male animal was turning her on.
The big canine must have noticed it too, his muzzle dipped suddenly down into her groin, catching her by surprise and off balance she fell onto her back legs splayed. The dog followed and in an instant was licking frantically at her exposed pussy. Alice was helpless, in a flash she was excited and lubricating, the dog tasted her nectar and then the long tongue began to probe up inside of her, wanting more of the same. His snout kept rubbing against her clit and soon she surrendered to a massive orgasm, the best since the Roo’ had so insistently introduced her to sex.
Abruptly the licking stopped, Alice lifted herself up onto her elbows to see that the big hound was sitting back on his haunches, watching her expectantly. Her eyes automatically went down to the large furry sheath hanging out between his legs, as she watched a glistening red tip emerged, this animal was ready for some action.
Alice quickly rolled over and raised herself on to her hands and knees, in this position she figured, she would be roughly the same size as a female dog. The large animal obviously agreed with her, she felt him jump onto her back and two powerful paws seized her around the waist, pulling her onto his shaft. He lunged and missed twice, then on the third attempt, buried himself up to the hilt.
He seemed to pause, then stepped up close and began a ferocious coupling, taking her breath away with his onslaught. Alice quickly realised that the thing pumping rhythmically in and out of her was growing with every thrust, pushing all her buttons, as well as shunting her slowly across the wet sand in the process.
This was totally different to the slow sensuous way the Roo’ had taken her, this was wild untamed sex and she was enchanted, the now familiar feelings were gathering, her second orgasm was approaching like a runaway train.
Then with one last heave, the hound pushed everything he had into her, she felt the tip of his weapon jam into an opening deep inside her, simultaneously something was swelling just inside her pussy. In a trice they were locked together and she felt his release, warm semen was shooting up inside of her, a strange erotic sensation.
She closed her eyes and luxuriated in another wonderful orgasm, feeling each pulse from the big beast, and squeezing his shaft with her own contractions.
What he did next however totally surprised her, she felt his weight lift off her back, but somehow he was still locked firmly inside of her. She glanced around and saw two things, one the black dog was now standing facing away from her, joined at the crutch so to speak, and two another large dog had appeared, and seemed to be waiting his turn.
As he made eye contact with her, he rumbled in his throat, ‘stay where you are, I want to fuck you next’ she figured it meant.
She slowly turned her head the other way, and met another pair of eyes regarding her seriously, he too appeared to be waiting his turn. She was going to be gang-banged and there wasn’t a thing she could do about it. The two new arrivals appeared to be real wild dogs and the fact that they were patiently waiting indicated that the big domestic was their leader.
After about ten minute the black dog pulled out and moved away, then sure enough one of his pack moved in to claim his share, she had become a fuck-toy to three large canines.
First he licked up all of the juice and semen he could find, his abrasive tongue plunging deep, seeking every last drop and arousing her all over again.
Next he mounted her and she felt the now familiar stimulations, his paws gripping her tightly around her waist, his fur all down her back, and a large head resting on her shoulder, it was heavenly even before he found the sweet spot and started pounding her.
He finished much quicker than his leader, before she reached her climax, he was squirting hot seed inside her. When he was finished, he simply pulled out and wandered away, to be replaced instantly by the third hound. Alice was now grateful that there was a third, as the building orgasm broke over her like a pacific roller. As she climaxed, she felt the hot eruption inside, this dog was nearly as quick as his brother, and pulled out even as she shuddered with the pleasure of it all.
When she was finished she glanced around, half expecting a queue, but the creek was now deserted, the dogs had left as quietly as they had arrived. She stood on shaky legs and waded into the water to wash, then floated and replayed in her mind’s eye the incredible battering she had taken from the three wild canines. It had been completely uncontrolled, wild and uninhibited; she would remember this day for a long time to come.
She had no way of knowing it, but she would never see either the big Roo’ or the wild dogs again, in spite of her many trips to the creek. However, before she went off to college in the city, she did have some more canine fun.
Six months slipped by, and her every visit to the scene of her debauchery ended in frustration, she got satisfaction only on every other Wednesday when her mother’s vibrator was available to her. All this changed however when her father pensioned poor Brutus off, announcing that although he was still in his prime, his hind leg joints were giving him real trouble, an affliction that Shepherds often suffered. He could no longer keep up comfortably and so was effectively grounded, he asked Alice to keep him inside for several hours, lest he try to follow.
When her father was safely miles away, Alice set about her chores, and to her utter delight, Brutus followed her around. The poor thing didn’t know why he had been left behind, and seemed totally lost. She stopped from time to time to make a fuss of the big mutt, and feeling the strength and power in the beast, she would become steadily more aroused, but unable to do anything about it.
She waited patiently for her mother’s fortnightly run, and declining the offer to accompany her, stood with Brutus watching the diminishing dust cloud as she powered down to the highway.
She was incredibly excited by what she intended to do, however she waited a good twenty minutes to be sure, then headed off to the barn, if her mother came back unexpectedly for any reason, she would go to the house first. This would give Alice a chance; she would hear the car and could saunter out with not a care in the world.
Brutus had sensed something as well, in that way that canines have, he had picked up on Alice’s excitement, and although he didn’t know he was about to get laid, he followed her eagerly into the barn.
Inside, it was a little cooler and darker, Alice led the way right to the back, and then unable to contain herself any longer, quickly stripped off. Brutus, led by the smell, moved in and gave her labia a couple of perfunctory licks, the backed off and sat down.
This wasn’t part of the plan, Alice walked forward and pushed her pussy right onto his snout, he simply backed off again and sat down. She could see a red tip poking out between his legs, so he was excited, it seemed he was as new at this as she had been before her encounter with the Roo’.
She tried another tack, she got down on all fours and presented for him, this was more like it, he came up alongside of her, but to her increasing frustration, still didn’t mount.
He doubled back and sniffed at her pussy, licked it a couple of times, and then moved away.
She could have wept, the sudden access to a big dog, her mother safely off to market, and still she couldn’t get any action. She decided to try one last thing, she grabbed his forepaws and pulled him onto her back, wriggling down to try and get started. The big dog didn’t care for this and tried to pull free, it took all her strength to hold him in position, then suddenly his long pointed shaft encountered a moist pussy. Before he could change his mind, she lunged backwards, taking a sizeable amount of his shaft into her warm folds, the effect on the big canine was electric.
One minute she was holding him, next minute, he was holding her and fucking her violently, she put her hands back to the floor and luxuriated under the attentions of yet another large male animal, it had been far too long.

Mothers story

Alice’s mother Margaret was a little puzzled by the recent change in daughter, nothing she could put her finger on however, her ‘little girl’ just seemed far more confident these days.
As she reflected on this, Alice came into view and inevitably Brutus, her shadow, was right there at her side, she would never come to harm as long as the giant wolf of a creature was there to protect her.
Alice came into the house and asked if she could cycle down to the creek, she spent most of her afternoons down there now that the furnace that was summer in the outback had arrived.
Margaret suggested she take Brutus with her, but to her surprise she declined, saying she was worried about his legs, he wouldn’t be able to keep up with her bike, and so on.
Permission was duly given, and she kept Brutus in the house so he wouldn’t chase after her, then it was role reversal, as the animal followed her everywhere as she attended to her chores.
It was when she entered the barn that the strangeness started, Brutus had followed her in, but then had blocked her path when she tried to leave. She moved to brush past him, but he once again stood in her way, a low growl rumbling in his throat, as she stepped back in alarm, he came forward and suddenly shoved his snout into her groin, forcing her backwards. She put her hands on his head and shouted at him to stop, it made no difference, and she was forced to retreat another step as he renewed his assault.
She felt her legs contact hay bales behind her, and in an instant she was sprawling backwards onto two of them, while the big muzzle continued to quest relentlessly for her sex.
What Brutus did next however, was a game changer, he had slipped his head up the front of her dress when suddenly he seized her cotton panties in his teeth, and with a violent jerk of his powerful head, ripped them clean away.
Then his head returned to the now naked pussy and began to lap away, his abrasive tongue flicking up off of the clitoris with every lick.
Margaret felt the bales under her part, and instantly she had slipped down between them, making her predicament even worse. She tried to scramble to her feet, but Brutus growled again and bared his teeth, and as these teeth were inches from a very tender part of her anatomy, she very sensibly decided to lie still. Whereupon he continued with his licking, the long tongue working its way further and further inside of her, his snout banging into her clit with every thrust.
Inevitably her arousal kicked in, this oral rape, although it was nothing she had ever in her wildest dreams sought after, slowly and surely turned her on.
The more he licked her, the more she lubricated, the deeper he went in search of this heavenly nectar. Eventually he had his snout inside of her, his tongue lapping across her g-spot, and reaching as far as her cervix, a peculiar and erotic feeling.
Knowing that it was the family pet that was producing these wonderful feelings, now made no difference at all, she came like a volcano erupting. She had always been a squirter, and now the fluids simply gushed out of her, the big hound, withdrawing his snout and lapping up everything that came out, it was a truly awesome experience.
When he had cleaned her out completely, and her shuddering spasms had ceased, he stepped back and sat down on his haunches. She climbed shakily to her feet, still astonished by what had transpired, and headed for the door, she didn’t get very far.
A strong pair of paws gripped her around the waist and wrestled her back down to the floor, she felt his shaft poking away at her womanhood, and finally realised what it was all about, he was trying to rape her. Now she had been glad of his oral attentions, it had given her a monumental ejaculation, but she wasn’t quite ready to become his bitch. She squirmed in his grasp, and dropped flat on the floor and managed to avoid his carnal intentions, but she couldn’t stay down indefinitely. She tried surprise, jumped quickly up and sprinted for the barn door, the result was the same, he hauled her down in mid-stride, and once again tried to mount her.
She lay doggo for a while, considering her options, Alice could return at any time, she couldn’t be found like this. The only real choice was to outrun the beast, she gathered herself for a fast sprint, and set off again, the big hound caught her in three strides and once again hauled her down. Unfortunately for her, this time as she lost her balance, she fell between the handles of an old wooden wheelbarrow, as the giant dog tracked her, his paws came down outside of the handles, she was trapped, unable to move under his weight, her upper body in the barrow, her buttocks up in the air. He prodded at her rear end until he found the moist entrance, and then shoved hard, impaling her on his rapidly swelling shaft.
He seemed to pause for a second, and then proceeded to rape her violently, Margaret, with her head down in a wheelbarrow was powerless to do anything to stop him.
Then as before, her body betrayed her, her arousal, which hadn’t really abated after his wonderful foreplay, reasserted itself in spades.
Her husband Jim, was a very considerate lover, attentive to her needs, always making sure that she came first. She had no way to tell him that she craved some rough sex, to do so would be implying that his wasn’t satisfying her desires, it would destroy his ego.
So, for the twenty years of their marriage, she had gone without, the only wild sex she got was in her fantasies as she used the vibrator.
Now, unexpectedly, she was being taken forcibly by a big rampant canine, to say she was in heaven would be to underestimate, she came as long and as hard as she had ever come in her life.
When he was finished with her, when he had squirted his hot seed deep inside of her, she knew she would never be the same again. She extricated herself from the barrow, retrieved her tattered panties, and headed back towards the house with jauntiness in her step that wasn’t there before, life on this isolated ranch had taken a distinct turn for the better. !!!

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