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A Young boys first dog fuck

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Fucking my first dog and seen by my older sister, she has photos to blackmail him and now hes her slave

A true story of a boy’s first knot.

I am now a 65 year old man full of lust and nasty stories, so let’s go back to the start, I was 16 and we had 2 dogs both males about 50 and 60 lb. At night my folks would both work so I was all alone at home and as all young boys do I spent a lot of time jacking off and thinking of nothing but sex. My sister was 19 and spent most nights at her boyfriends so I had a lot of time to myself.

On night as I was sitting there with my cock out rubbing it, when one of the dogs walked up and started to lick my balls, well this was nice and so I found some butter and rubbed it all over my cock and balls, both the dogs spent a long time making sure I was very clean. From that night on I started playing more with the dogs, I would rub their cocks until they got hard, I would pull the skin back and once the knot swelled it would hold the skin back and there huge cocks would hang there and squirt dog cum all over the floor or into my hand.

One day I just got the urge to suck on the dog I had gotten hard, so I lay down and placed the dog over my face, the dogs cock was just above my mouth and was squirting cum all over my face and I just did it, I opened my mouth and took it in, the dog cum was flowing down my throat and I lifted my head so I could slide the whole cock down my throat and wraped my lips around his knot, the dog started to fuck my mouth hard and kept pounding his cock in and out. I was so hard, this was the most excited I had ever been and started to spray my cum all over myself, the dogs face was just above my cock so he started to lick up all the cum and cleaned off my cock.

After I shot my cum I pulled the dogs cock out of my mouth and Sandy the dog wandered off to now lick his own cock. I went to the bathroom and washed my face and when I returned the other dog Micky was sitting there just looking at me, so I decided to let him fuck my mouth as well, you have to be fair with them, this time I sat on the floor and had my back to the chair, I slid down a little and had Micky put his front paws on the chair so his cock was right at my face, I rubbed his cock and pulled the skin back and placed the cock in my mouth, at that point the dog just started to fuck my face, again stuffing the cock down my throat, he got hard fast and as this was the bigger dog his cock was longer, I would say from the knot down he had at least 8″, it was all the way in and I finally got my lips around the knot, I had been deepthroting my buddies cocks for years so this was not a problem for me.

As Micky was fucking my mouth I was jacking off my cock but what was a nice surprise, Sandy had started to lick my cock again and that was all I needed to shoot my load into his mouth. When Micky stoped fucking my mouth I just sat there while he pumped his cum in me and once he stoped I pulled him out and cleaned up again.

For the next few nights we played the same game and I tried sucking them in different ways, I would lay on top with the dogs on there backs, we had a lot of fun and all three of us came a LOT, then one day I rolled Sandy on his back with his cock and knot holding back the skin, I sat over him and slid his cock in my ass to see if I liked it, it slid up to the knot and felt great, I had been fucked a few times buy one of the guys at school, he had a huge cock and none of the girls wanted to try it, so after messing around in my room one day I said I would let him fuck me, he was so horny even fucking a guy was OK with him, we went slow at first as this thing was huge but after a few tries and a lot of lube I got it in me and I felt like it was going to rip my ass open, but I was going to have this cock so I took it all, he was at least 10” and thick, it was a good thing I had been sticking anything that would fit into my ass since I was 15, so I was a little loser than most boys that age.

Anyway back to the story, I tried to have one of them fuck me while I was on all fours, but I didn’t think I wanted the knot in me so I would get them hard and try to make them fuck me, it didn’t work well and they just kept jumping off me, so I just went for it, I rubbed some lube in my ass and took the biggest dildo I had stuffing it in my ass to stretch it, finally I got Sandy the smaller dog and led him in the room, I got down on all fours and shook my ass in his face, he jumped right up and started to hump me, his cock was hitting all over my ass then he hit the mark and in it went. I held still and let him drive it all the way in, after a very short time I felt the knot growing and knew I was going to be stuck there for a while,

When the knot was of full size it was totally filling me and his cock was deep in my asd, I was struggling to take it but was not going to pull it out as I knew that would rip my ass up. His cock was throbbing and I could feel the hot cum shooting deep inside me, it was the most amazing feeling and I shot my load all over the floor, I knew it took a long time for the knot to go soft but when he is stuck inside you it feels like forever. Once he was locked in me I just moved and got in the most comfortable position I could then waited for the knot to go down. I will tell you, I have never been as excited in my life and could not wait to do it again. My ass was so ripped up I would have to wait a few days before I tried it again.

This ended up being a nightly thing and some nights I would fuck both the dogs, but what I also loved to do was have one dog locked in my ass and have the other dog lay on the floor in front of me so I could suck him off,

One night I had Micky stuck in my ass and Sandy was laying on the floor in front of me and I had his cock all the way down my throat and then I heard it? A sequence of loud clicks, my brain was spinning what was it? was someone in the room? I pulled the cock out of my mouth and looked up there was know one there, then I saw her, Carol my sister had come home, I had not seen her in weeks as she was off fucking her latest boyfriend, but there she was with her poliroid camera in her hand and a pile of photos all developing in the other. I was fucked as Micky was still stuck in my ass and I was not going to pull him out of my ass.

Carol was smiling as she walked out of the room, I was freaking out but there was nothing I could do with a huge dog cock stuck in my ass, I just froze and waited for his cock to soften so I could pull it out, after about 2 minutes Carol walked back into the room with only the camera but no photos? She walked over and sat on the chair in front of me lifted my face up, so she could look at me and then she said she had hidden the photos and I was going to do anything she said from then on or she would show all my friends then mom and dad the pics.

I was just about crying and I was begging her to not tell anyone. She had that stupid smile still on her face as she look me in the eyes and said “it’s all up to you” I said ok anything you want, I was thinking it would be all about work around the house or cleaning up her room, I never knew she was talking about kinky sex shit, but I was about to find out.

She laid down next to me and looked under the dog to see his cock in my ass, she asked me why he was still in me, so I told her about the knot and how it was swollen in my ass and if I pulled him out it would rip me up, I guess she had never seen a dog get hard before, she called over Sandy and told me to show her what I washed talking about she also said I want to see you suck him like I was when she took the photos of me. This was not what I had expected her to say, but what was I to do at that point? I started to jack off the dog and he had a full hard on in less than a minute, I pulled it back between his legs and started to suck on it like she told me to, then click again and she had just snapped another photo but this time it was close up and had my face with a 8″ dogs cock in my mouth, fuck I was totally screwed now, but I was thinking if she was asking me to do this she must have liked seeing me do it,

Not long after this Mickeys cock pulled out of my ass and about a cup full of dog cum can squirting out, Carol was still laying there as this happens and she jumped up just in time or all the cum would have sprayed all over her face, I smiled to myself at that thought, she grabbed his cock and put her hands around the knot, “fuck she said you had this in your ass” I said it was twice as big when it was swollen in me, I think she was impressed,

It was a weird moment, I was laying there naked with dog cum leaking out of my ass, my sister had just watched me suck off a dog while another was in my ass pumping me full of cum, she was now sitting in the chair and smiling at me, I didn’t know what to say, so I asked her again you’re not going to tell anyone are you? She looked at me and said, not if you do everything I say with no questions, after the first thing she had asked I was thinking this might be fun.

End of part 1

I have many true stories I was to share but if someone would like to chat or ask a question email me at
[email protected]

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      Sort of, when it comes to the “You’re the bitch” thing. With a male dog, and a male human, there’s always a bit of a power play. However, having sex once doesn’t make you “The bitch” forever. Unless you’re a bottom, and like playing the bitch, but like most relationships, there’s room for some give and take. You can move up, and down, or even switch places on the pecker order, but you can always switch back. Just having sex once doesn’t peg you at the bottom for the rest of your life. (Unless you want it to.) It isn’t any different in a dog-pack. Domesticated animals had their social structure set up alongside our’s for a couple hundred thousand years. (Also, Wolves, and other wild canines are nothing alike. A pitbullmastiff will still get ripped apart by Coyotes because of the domestication, and inbreeding. The greatest domesticated animal is still more domesticated than the weakest wild animal that’s actually in the food chain. Instincts aren’t everything.)

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      Dogs, like people, have personalities. Dogs, like people, can be trained. But sex is a very raw, base act. Not just friendly fucking but breeding.
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      How the human and animal frame their self image and relationship outside of sex is a different matter.

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      Well, actually. The pheromones of a bitch in heat are triggering for the actual instinctual act of canine sex. Humans don’t actually go into Estrus, and even if we did, male humans wouldn’t, and even if they did, they wouldn’t have the preomones that tell dogs, this bitch is ready to fuck. You’re right, they can be trained, and they can try humping your leg to assert some Dominance, but neither of these is actual, instinctual canine sex. They’re not human. TBPH, they don’t care what you look like, because we don’t smell right. Basically, treating you “Like a bitch” will never actually make you one. We’re not canines.

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