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A night at the glory holes has a twist

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When we were younger my sexy wife Lynn loved exposing herself almost as much as she loved sucking cock so adult theaters and bookstores were a great place to visit.

My wife Lynn and I got married when we were only eighteen and soon found ourselves in the swinger lifestyle. This was a stark difference from both of our upbringing as we were both raised in religious families in a very conservative small city. And Lynn being a preacher’s daughter was especially sheltered. But one night after taking some nude pictures of her with a polaroid camera she was hooked on being photographed nude as she finally realized how sexy she was.

At 5-8 110lbs 34D-24-35 with red hair & matching red bush she was hot as hell. It didn’t take long until we switched to a 35-mm camera to get better pictures and knowing someone at the photo lab was seeing her naked got us both really hot. Soon we were taking little trips out of town every weekend for the purpose of taking more pictures with different backgrounds in our hotel room as well in any parks or other semi-public places we could find. And so she could expose her sexy body to strangers.

This was in the late seventies when shoe salesmen would measure your feet and put your shoes on for you. So she’d go in wearing a wrap-around dress with only a garter belt & stockings on underneath. So as the salesman was kneeled in front of her she’d let the bottom of the dress open a little giving them a great view of her fiery red bush. She’d also go in stores and let the belt come loose on her dress letting if fall wide open exposing her big tits & hot pussy. She had lots of other things she’d do to make it appear accidental but to expose as much of her sexy body as possible.

During this time we’d also gotten into the swinger lifestyle and were swapping with other couples, having threesomes as she loved having two cocks at once as well as on occasion her having another girl and a few small gangbangs. This was great for both of us because I loved sharing her and watching her expose herself as well as seeing her with other sex partners. But we’d found a couple of places she could really show off her hot body as well as have lots of strangers cocks to go down on. She loved sucking dick and especially when she had more than one big cock in her face. And though she didn’t have a problem swallowing lots of cum she prefered having guys shoot off on her big tits.

Whenever we went into an adult theater you could bet there would soon be a bunch of guys gathering around us. And as soon as the lights went down she’d find herself being groped by total strangers. Rather than telling them to stop she would stand up and take off her dress where everyone could see her. Leaving her in only her garter & stockings. Then she’d casually sit back down as the guys continued to feel her up. It wouldn’t take long before she’d have guys sucking her tits and eating her pussy. But she wanted more and soon she’d have a cock in her mouth. She’d suck off numerous guys and usually ask each one to shoot off on her tits. She got fucked several times but it was usually just her sucking the guys off while a bunch of people watched not only seeing her nude body but watching her suck cock after cock.

On a few occasions there would be other couples there and if the girl was hot we’d sit near them with Lynn always closest to the other girl. This usually worked out where the two girls stripped each other and started kissing and sucking each others tits & pussy as all the guys watched and jerked off. But it was usually her sucking a bunch of guys off and having her tits soaked in cum. She’d lick a lot of the cum off and I always had a few napkins she could clean up with. But she’d intentionally leave a few globs in her hair and on her face & tits. As we left she’d have her dress barely on exposing a lot of her tits with cum on them for the people coming in for the next show to see and loving the attention she got.

We would also go to adult bookstores that had gloryholes and we’d walk through the front looking at things with her tits constantly falling out of her dress or she’d stoop down to look at something letting the bottom open up showing off her long sexy legs in sheer stocking and her pussy. Then we’d go to the back where the booths are and she’d take her dress off and hand it to me walking through the hall in only a garter. stockings & spiked heels. She was groped and fondled lots of times in the hallway then we’d go in a booth. We always left the door or curtain open so as she was sucking guys off through the glory hole guys could watch or if someone really caught her eye we’d go in a large booth and let them fuck her while she sucked me or another guy off as others watched.

But one of our visits to a bookstore took an interesting turn. They were all in cities at least fifty miles from where we lived so the odds of someone we knew being there were slim. And even if we did see someone we knew they wouldn’t be in a position of telling on us without having to explain why they were there. But we got a surprise one night as we’d been there a while and Lynn had sucked off several guys and had been groped quite a bit. She had gone into a new booth and had sucked one guy off and as soon as he left another cock popped through the hole.

She didn’t hesitate taking it in her mouth and began sucking and stroking it. And it being a pretty big hole she was able to play with the guy’s balls. After a couple of minutes, the guy pulls his cock out of the hole and sticks his arm through up to his elbow so she leaned forward so he could play with her tits. Then stood up letting him grope her ass and turned and let him finger her pussy. His hand went back through the hole and was replaced by his tongue. She let him lick her hard nipples and wet pussy then turned & pressed her ass to the hole to see what he did and soon he was sticking his tongue ass deep in her ass as he could. Then he moved back an stuck his cock back through trying to fuck her in the ass. But it just wasn’t going to work but she tried pushing her pussy against the hole and his cock went in but only a couple of inches. So after him pumping his cock in and out for a couple of minutes she just went down and started sucking it again. It didn’t take long until she swallowed a huge load of cum.

She liked switching booths often so guys in the hall could see her naked and feel her up. So she came out in the hall about the same time as the guy the she’d just sucked off did and she turned in his direction so he could get a good look at the girl he’d just felt up, fucked and had sucked his dick. As he turned her eyes got really big and she says Uncle Mike? It turned out it was her mother’s brother who was also a preacher. He looked stunned at first and the got apologetic and was begging us not to tell anyone. But we assured him we wouldn’t. And Lynn lightened things up when she said ” Sure I’m going to tell my mom I was sucking strangers off through a hole in the wall and guess who I went down on. ” So he eased up a bit but through it all his eyes had been going up and down my young wife’s body who was still naked except for the sexy garter belt & stockings and spiked heels.

I’d offered her her dress but she didn’t take it as she was actually kind of turned on by what had just happened. But things were about to get wilder as he began telling her how sexy she was and then said he couldn’t believe how much she looked like Kimberly ” his daughter. ” and that wasn’t so odd as they had always been mistaken for sisters. But then he said even naked she looked just like Kim and at the same time, he reached up and started to squeeze Lynn’s tits then said your boobs even feel the same. That really blew my mind but it wasn’t over yet as he started saying how good Lynn was at sucking cock and that Kimberly wasn’t really that into it. His hand moved down and he rubbed her pussy a little then really shocked me when he said he wished that hole had been bigger so he could have really fucked her good. Then leaned closer and said more quietly that what he really wanted was to fuck her in the ass. I could see Lynn wasn’t quite as at ease now but wanted to be cool about it.

She told him it was too bad they were related because she was sure it would be great but she wouldn’t have done those things if she’d known it was him and she knew he wouldn’t have either. He paused a moment and said well I’m not sure about that but I can respect your feelings about that. By now there was a pretty good group of guys standing around listening. So he quietly told her again how good she was at sucking dick and how it was a real treat because it was usually another guy sucking him off and he really didn’t go that way but sometimes there was no choice. Again he had us promise not to tell anyone and said that he only came there because his wife was a prude and wouldn’t suck his dick. And that Kimberly was off in college.

He left but we stayed for a while and guys were lining up to get a blow-job from the girl who’d just sucked her uncle off seeming to be really turned on by that. I didn’t tell her but it kind of turned me on too. She didn’t know when I was 13 my 19-year-old cousin had sucked my cock several times over a summer I spent with her family or that my sister had sucked my cock and fucked me only a few months before we got married and I’d had a threesome with her and her very hot roommate. But we ended up the night with me fucking her while she sucked a guy off with several guys watching. And as usual when we left she had her dress on but wide open in the front so people in the front of the bookstore could see her sexy body.

And all this happened in just the first couple of years in the lifestyle. And we were into swinging for twenty years. So we had many more hot adventures over the years. Boy I loved the Seventies & Eighties.

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  • Reply cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

    The mid 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s were wild with sex everywhere. Adult bookstores and video stores with Glory Holes like this, Adult theaters, and sex party houses were everywhere. The birth control pill and the influence of the Hippy free love lifestyle was a huge influence. Everyone who lived then was aware of it.
    Swinger Clubs are still out there and easy to find. The rest is mostly gone. But sex is still out there and on a huge upswing with Aids and the pandemic mostly behind us.

  • Reply Bob ID:1czd2sromge4

    Do you still go to adult theaters with your hot wife? Does she act the same or has she calmed down a little? I’d love to get my hands, mouth and cock on and inside her!!!! If she doesn’t go anymore, maybe I could cum to your house and play with both of you. I’m bi and can give both of you lots of pleasure.
    Love, sucks and fucks,

    [email protected]


  • Reply David ID:bo1ue098k

    I love getting dressed in a girl’s panties and bras and stockings then I go to the dirty bookstore can I watch the movies and I always suck a dick out of a g********* I like two guys coming to my Boost last night that was my clothes off and I said dude I like many panties one guy f****** in the ass and the other got f***** my mouth and they switched places swallow 9 loads of come last night Pueblo

  • Reply handyman48daa ID:4ke7g99d1

    loveconcest pnce had a aunt that let me fuck her and let me cum in her mouth when i was 15

  • Reply Hakon ID:6xef67j8r9

    I wish i meeting a nudist family

    • cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

      Nudist and Naturalist families are pretty much in every neighborhood worldwide.
      You probably know some and do not realize it.

  • Reply anomalously ID:bpcjnotv3

    I like it when kids and adults are both waking araond naked

    • cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

      Yep. Happens everywhere everyday. And they feel very comfortable doing it.
      Not all of society is repressed.

  • Reply Black Cock ID:hd33o50m2

    Is your hot wife still into swinging
    if she is I would definitely love to fuck her pussy my Gmail is [email protected] please contact me