Sex in need

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In last story I told you how I got fucked by my brother. He fucked me for three years .then I got married .I was happy as my huby was tall and hand some .thinking he might have a big cock .but I was disappointed on my first night his cock was small.and not strong he discharges in penetrating. He tried months together but could not get success. So I was disappointed and needed sex .so after six months of my marriage I went to my parents home to stay few days . .
.I was happy that I have a chance to get my brother .but when I came home I was disappointed as my brother went to stay in city for job .he was staying there in one room apartment. I told my huby I want to see my brother .he agreed and took me there .we stash there .after one day my huby said I am going for some urgent work I Will be back after two days .I was happy to hear this . in day my brother was busy in his office .he came in the evening with fruits and sweets .we had dinner and went to sleep .as he was having only one bed I slept in bed and he slept on ground .I was waiting for him to come to bed but he did not come so I asked him .come and sleep on bed with me .hr said you are married now .I am o k .here .but I said you come or I will come to ground.. So finally he came to sleep with me . he was little bit shy now .I asked him I am same old sister .you used to fuck me .whenever you wanted.so what happened to you. He said you are married and you should be honest to your husband’.
. then I told him my story .he was shocked to know this. Now he hold me tight and said don’t worry I am here to help me .he undressed me and undressed himself .his cock was erect I said I need it please fuck me .he pressed my boobs.and suck my nipples..I was on fire so I grabbed his cock and started sucking his cock .he also started licking my cunt.after 25 minutes of play I said I cano control so please come over he jumped on me and put his cock in Mr it went half way I cried in pain he salt your cunt is still tight ..he waited some time and pushed again his whole cock was inside noe I held him tight and said I was dying to get it fuck me whole night and take leave tomorrow we will fuck for two days as my huby is out for two days..it is my honeymoon .now he started fucking me in full speed .some time he was taking out from cunt and pushed with full speed in one go .he fucked me in different styles..
.once he inserted in my ass I cried .I asked him what are you doing .he said you will like it also ..it is paining .like fire.is burning. But he did not stopped and fucked my ass..we enjy sex for two days .without break .I got pregnant. Now he is father my son.

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  • Reply XpAc969 ID:37gcz00mv9j

    Poory written. You need to proof read it before posting.4


  • Reply Annon ID:c1es4r16ii

    Very poorly written. Next time get some one to proof read and do some editing on your stories

  • Reply Devin ID:ffh2uw041

    What a loser

  • Reply Ree Ree ID:15qcje3dk09

    Hot!!!! NICE.

  • Reply Sukhvinder ID:w4io4pzj

    I got my sister who is married to her husband for 18 years pregnant

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:22lspkabzk


    • Sukhvinder ID:w4io4pzj

      My sister couldn’t tell her husband…lose respect and her husband