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Invaded my mom’s lust

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Hi everyone, Myself ashok belongs to south india.wheatish and average in body physic.This story is completely true and is about how a traditional, Introverted lady (my mom)expressed his sexual desires with a son and satisfied her sexual desires through son.Story started with when I was at the age of 17 and mom’s age was 38.At that age she was know to big milky boobs in our jain colony.I used to sleep after my parents room.few months later I came to know that,after confirmation that I am sleeping they stared to fuck each other in the night.When I saw for the first time my mom with dad in nudity,I was emotionally uncontrollable started to masturbate.Her big white boobs,long shaved brown pussy made me mad and decided want to become a second husband and fuck partner of mom. All I was watching by a small hole of door without knowing them.Along with watching mom and dad romance I was always hearing their conversations.In that i got a point that mom is not sexually satisfied with dad and approaching him to fuck more and more.Dad draw back is,he was and is an alcoholic he intermittently complaining with delusions that mom had affairs with someone though she had not.That was creating a big gap and lack of interpersonal relationship between them.After many times watching parents live sex movie one “Fine” day I caught by mom and asked nothing but dad did not know.Everything she assumed and when days are falling I started to talk issues on celebrities affairs,blue films,goa beaches,these open discussions made each other close.But never expressed her personal sex desires.She used to start with a nick name that I am a big male elephant.Fortunatly thatday came mom and dad fought each other when Dad was overly drunked.Mom decided to sleep in my room.while she fell into sleep halfly her right thigh was touching my cock and became much harder.With hot emotions,decided it’s will be a great day if something she opened up about her basic needs.I started slowly to put my hands into mom’s nighty.My left hand starts massaging her thighs and my right hand fingers fingering and squirting into mom’s pussy.I felt I am in heaven. It was completely unexpected for her told I am a cheater. I seriously asked if so with whom you want to have sex and explained her how she is hiding, suppressing her sexual desires and what will be the impact on health.Convinced by saying that we are the members of the same family.There is nothing wrong in this and you are not keeping affairs with strangers or with relatives so be calm.I made her pussy to ejaculate.After confirming dad is in deep sleep with alcohol.I start to injected my cock into mom’s wet pussy. As I started to fuck hard she started to moaning.and showed happiness on her face.i squized boobs and bite many times.i fucked mom very hardly.i was insisting her to sit stand in different comfortable angel.Mom was surprising that I Know well about fuckology than dad.i kissed roughly,bited cheeks,I messaged all over her body so that her temptation should be in peak. I asked whether I leaked sperm into her pussy or want to eat. She replied to leak outside then I leaked my sperm on her breast.After few months finishing our fulfilment of immediate sexual temptations she started to say it’s taboo better to stop as soon.Now we both agreed.Past few years we are not having sex.I showed, teached her a simple trickyway about how to sexually provoke to strangers and have sex with them without doubtfull to others.Usally we use go and visit tourist spots and other cities big temples and staying there.Now she is applying my tips and following it to fulfill her sexual desires without dad’s knowledge.Many incidents happened.She slept with Muslim men in Goa, christian priest in kerala.with a seer of a small mutt in North india.Still it is going on .When satisfaction comes, always she showed her fingers towards Muslim men’s.She
Give first preference for Muslim cock.

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