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Got mom with the help of my Dad Part 3

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Hi friends i am Mr Reddy. Those who want to chat with me can contact me using [email protected]. After reading lots of incest stories in this site I’m going to share my fantasy which I had with my mom.
This is the 3rd part of the story if anyone didn’t read please read 1st & 2nd parts Got mom with the help of my Dad Part 1 & Got mom with the help of my Dad Part 2.
Now coming to the story, my dad joined me in the room and he saw the atmosphere there with low light and with mask on my face. He said so we are safe now. I said she is in bathroom and she may come soon. We both having some whisky and by sometime mom came from washroom in a night dress and by seeing her walking by limping. Dad stood up and asked her if she is okay with the things happen or not. She said that she is ok but little paining in my back.
Then I stood up and handed a glass with whisky to mom and said have this strong shot then you will be okay. She accepted and after sometime dad asked for the show again but she is somehow hesitating to be fucked by both men at a time. Then dad started kissing her from back and pressing her boobs. Over the dress she closed her eyes and enjoying by biting her lips. Slowly I joined them and started to remove mom dress and she got shocked by my action since she closed her eyes. I removed her dress and she didn’t wear any inners. She is nude in front of both husband and son. I love the scene then I came from front and kneeled in front of mom and started licking her pussy. She starts to moan loudly and she is pressing my head deep and she is struggling to stand in that position between me and dad.
I stood up and carried my mom in my hands to bed and rolled her on bed and asked dad to suck her pussy in 69. She is sucking dad hard and he is biting her pink pussy deep, meanwhile I started to lick my mom asshole and she is having enjoyment of life time. After sometime I asked dad to take her pussy and he make her in doggy style and he positioned himself and signalled me that he want ass. But I said first take pussy later you can have ass. He kept his dick straight into her pussy hole and he is ramming her hard and I went front and kept my dick in her mouth. Wow my mom is such a slut. She is handling both of us very expertly and after sometime we changed positions. First I lie on bed and asked our babe to ride me. She did as we instructed and she started moving in rhythm after she settles in rhythm I signalled dad to lubricate his dick and take her ass while I was fucking her pussy. Slowly dad came back mom and he is waiting. I asked mom to stop and I kept my both hands on her ass and make it visible big to dad. He with very excitement Kept his cock head in her asshole and she is frightened to take both dicks but we consoled her and in no time dad started his work by pressing her shoulders and I too started my ramming and she is moaning and crying with pleasure. Now dad started to hit hardly and she is losing balance and she is about to fall so I balanced mom to not fall and I started to Press her boobs and I started to stroke her. After a while we three got exhausted and we collapsed. Then I asked mom “Madam how is your threesome”. She is breathing heavily and she said It is good but I can’t take it anymore.
So my dad and me came out of room and asked her to take rest. In the corridor I removed mask and congregated dad for achieving his goal of fucking his wife ass. I said dad that I want to fuck mom without mask. He said this idea will spoil the entire trip so we can try it later. I got convinced and next day parents went to some sightseeing and next day they were back to home. I vacated both rooms and I saw the video which I filmed and It was ok. Now I am planning to fuck mom with my face. So I made a plan to execute with dad.
I called dad and said that please send mom to me saying that you are going on office tour for one week. In that 1 week I will make her my sex doll. He said ok but take care don’t be too rude to her. As per my plan dad said and he sent her to my place for 1 week. Next morning I went to station and picked her up and I am unable to control my lust on seeing her. We reached home and she got fresh and had some routine mom son talks.
It was Friday so I went to office saying her to take rest as she is tired of journey. I went home in the evening thinking of my mom early. She had good rest and she made coffee for us and I asked her was she bored of being alone in the house. She said a little bored, so I offered her a little outing to IMAX and some shopping. She is exited & we done some window shopping and later we went to one dressing shop and she bought one sari. I asked her to buy a modern dress. She said she don’t like modern dress but I bought one for her and she said that you keep it with you and gift it to your wife. We laughed and then I asked her whether she will come to disco. She said it’s nice to hear but with a old lady can you come son.
For that I smiled and said look at your appearance mom you are still hot and in shape. She blushed but kept fake angry face and slapped slowly. I said thanks for agreeing and we went to pub. There everyone was in modern party wears. I said look everyone are in modern outfits except my girl. She saw angrily and sat in one corner. I got some beer and asked whether she will have same. She said no and asked for some juice. Then after sometime I asked her to dance. While dancing I slowly started to move my hands on her back and making her crazy. But she is looking angry and said lets go to home. I said ok and while going back she didn’t speak.
We entered home and she said why did you touch my back while dance. I said it is in a dance. She didn’t listen to me. Then I got angry and said stop shouting you bitch. She got more furious and slapped me. I got angry and hit her. She started to cry and said I will complain to dad. I said oh then I will show you one thing first. Later you can complain this to dad. She said what? Then I showed the video which I filmed. She was shocked. I asked what it this bitch. She started crying and kept silent. Then I went near her and try to kiss her. She jumped back and said no.
I got angry and said that I will show this video to all our family members and everyone will enjoy your acts. I asked who the guy is fucking you with the mask. She said I don’t know. Oh so you are fucking strangers too. She saw angrily. I slapped her on the right cheek hardly. She was crying now. As my room is on the terrace no one will come and no one can hear. She said what you want. I said from now on you are my bitch and I can do anything I want. She said no. Again I slapped and she said ok as you said. I asked her to remove loose end of the sari and she did as I said. I asked her to remove whole sari and she did. Now she is in the blouse and pavadai. Her bellybutton was deep and looking so sexy. I asked her to remove all the dress. She was shy and said please son don’t do this to me. I said should I come and give a slap again.
Then she said no and she became naked. Wow what a figure she is In Goa I didn’t saw her in the full lighting. Now she is like marble stone. Then I start music and asked her to bring whisky from fridge. She went to fridge. Wow what a sight her big ass is bouncing for every movement. It made me hot and within the time she is back I became nude and waiting or my mom. She got the whisky and got shocked to see me naked. She closed her eyes and she stood there. Then I got up and kissed her nipple. She shocked by my move and opened her eyes. She saw my erected dick and turned her face away. I said mom a stranger can fuck you and your son cant? She is silent. I dragged her to me and started to kiss all her body and she is slowly responding. Without wasting any time I lifted her and through her on the bed. She again started to beg No son its wrong. I hit hard on her ass and she shouted loudly and kept calm with tears in eyes.
Then I gave my dick to her mouth she opened her mouth and started to suck. I hold her hair and she is doing expertly after some time we changed to 69 positions and started to eat her pussy. To my surprise she is wet already. After 10 minutes I came to missionary position and asked her to open her legs. She opened and I inserted my dick all at once and she started to moan slowly. I started to hit hard and pressing mom boobs. She started to enjoy a lot. I can see it in her face and her moans. While fucking I suddenly stopped and the she opened her eyes and kept a question mark face. I started to laugh and lift her up and take the ass hole. She begged no son it will be paining no. But I inserted and gave hard strokes. She cried and slowly she is enjoying. After some fuck we discharged. She said son I won’t say it to dad. You also just forget everything and keep silent. I said let’s see baby and she is again struggling to get up. She is not yet used to fuck in ass.
Next day I made many arrangements to fuck my mom and make her my slave. I will post the next part soon.

Hope u guys like it. Can give comments and contact me at [email protected]

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