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Forced by two older guys

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This took place in the past when I was just over eighteen years of age.
I had a boyfriend at that time we had been seeing each other for about nine months, he was my first and only sexual experience at that time, he took my virginity about 6 months before. I realised from then that I was going to thoroughly enjoy sex. He was not an experienced lover but it was still nice.
I have to say that I was often commented on as being attractive with a good figure, I am 5” tall, long slightly wavy brown hair, hazel eyes. 34D bust
Now the events, we had attended a friend’s Birthday party it started in the afternoon going through to night time, usual thing lots of people drinking and dancing etc. I was wearing a denim mini skirt, stockings and suspender belt white thong type knickers a white blouse and bra. I always loved to dress like a sexy girl. Whilst there we had a row and my boyfriend left, I carried on enjoying myself drinking and dancing. A neighbour who I had never met, Roy who was a lot older took an interest in me we danced and I admit I flirted with him and we kissed, I was flattered by his approach and age. Roy was very fit 35 years old, about 6” tall with a lovely muscular body, he introduced me to his friend Tony, he also was a lot older 32, and was rather dishy. Roy was really coming onto me. He invited me back to his place, after a bit of gentle persuasion I agreed, as we were leaving Roy went over and spoke briefly to Tony.
As we got inside Roy’s front door he held me up against a wall kissed me very passionately and moved his mouth over my check and neck kissing them, the flattery was taking over, he led me to the lounge poured me a drink and started kissing me again and rubbing his hands over my chest I could feel my nipples growing. I was getting excited
He began to unbutton my blouse, just then Tony came into the room (I had not heard him enter the house) I froze
Roy said don’t worry we are going to show you how to enjoy sex you will love it”.
I started shaking and kept saying “no” whilst pushing Roy’s hand away from my blouse, he put his arms around me and started kissing me holding me tight. I then felt a hand on my knee, I knew it was not Roy’s as his were around me, I tried to push them both of but I couldn’t. Roy took hold of my face a hand on either side looked into my eyes and said
“We are going to show you what sex is all about don’t fight it, it is going to happen whether you struggle or not now take your blouse off”
I was struggling but couldn’t free myself, Tony moved to one side and started unbuttoning my blouse
I started shouting “no” over and over.
Roy holding each of my wrists pulled my arms up and told me to stop shouting and accept what was about to happen. By this time Tony had completely unbuttoned my blouse opened it and pulled my bra up exposing my breast .
Roy looking at my breast said
“ A lovely pair of fresh young tits with fabulous nipples”,
He moved his face down and started to suck my nipples, I was still struggling but maybe a bit less now. Roy moved so he was sitting next to me. He kissed me I did not refuse his tongue.
Tony sat the other side, he pulled me towards him and attempted to kiss me, I pulled away, Roy put his hand behind my head and said
“kiss him”
He pushed me towards him, Tony forced his tongue into my mouth. I was now very frightened and a little excited. I was with two older men who I had no doubt wanted to use my body.
Roy stood up and told me to take my skirt off, I shuddered, he pulled me up and tried to undo the zip on the front of my skirt but I wriggled and kicked out at him, I then felt my arms pulled back and locked behind me Tony was holding them tight, Roy pulled my face to his and kissed my lips and each nipple and said it was time for fun
Roy unzipped my skirt which feel to the floor, I was terrified but was strangely excited, I quite liked being looked at by a couple of guys, Tony let my arms go free, Roy put his arms around me and kissed me excitedly, he then lead me out of the room towards the stairs, Tony was behind us. I began struggling as best I could, Tony again locked my arms behind me and was pushing me forward, my blouse was still open bra pushed up exposing my breasts and my skirt was in the lounge. Roy was steering me towards the stairs. Tony was still behind us with my arms locked, I was taken into a bedroom with a large double bed, I was lead to the bed and pushed down onto it. Roy told me to stay there, they then took their clothes off, they were completely naked both had lovely strong bodies and larger cocks than my boyfriend and they were very erect.
Roy pulled at my knickers I tried to stop him but he ripped them off, my pussy was now on view to two older highly sexed guys, I was embarrassed but excited. Roy asked if my boyfriend had ever made me cum I stayed silent so Roy said he obviously hadn’t but that was about to change and that I should look forward to an exciting time where they would make me cum hopefully several times. Then they started on me hands and mouths all over me, Tony laid next to me kissing me stroking my tits, I felt Roy’s hands rubbing my stomach then moving down to my pussy, I put up a fight but they were too strong for me, Tony was now holding my arms tight, Roy was between my legs he was holding them , I could not move I was about to scream but decided to kept quiet, Roy told me to relax and enjoy what was about to happen to me, I shuddered.
Roy took a bottle of baby oil out of a bedside table poured some over my pussy it was cold, he began to rub it into my skin and pussy, he handed the bottle to Tony who did the same with my breasts, I found this exciting a new sensation. Tony pulled my hand down to his cock I pulled back but he grabbed it again and returned it to his cock. My boyfriend had previously asked me to wank him but I was not very good at it, Tony wrapped my hand around his cock and told me to wank him, he covered my hand with his to show me what to do. I then felt a terrific sensation from my pussy Roy was using his mouth on it, he was nibbling my pussy lips and slipping his tongue in and out of me, this had never been done to me before and it was exquisite he then started to suck my clit, I nearly exploded at the feeling I was writhing with pleasure. Whilst this was happening Tony knelt up beside me his cock was inches from my face he guided it into my mouth, again a new experience, I took it he told me to suck it and to wank it with my mouth, he was rubbing my nipples. I could not believe what was happening to me but I was enjoying it.
Roy whilst still sucking and licking my clit pushed two fingers in me and was searching my insides with them, I felt a welling up inside me it was something I had never felt before it was so strong, I lifted by arse so as to take more of his fingers and tongue then it happened I had a massive orgasm the pleasure was so immense I had to stop sucking Tony’s cock. I pulled on Roys head pushing his face tighter into my pussy searching for more tongue, I could feel my juices inside me and thought he must be tasting them. I was moaning with the pleasure.
Roy then pulled away from my pussy rolled me over on the bed and pulled me up on my knees he then entered me from the rear although my pussy was very moist due to the baby oil and my cum, his cock being so large still hurt as it entered me he felt me cringe, he gently pulled me back tighter onto it, I had never been fucked in this position before. Tony slid his waist under my face and pulled my head down towards his big cock I knew what he wanted and took it into my mouth, I was now being fucked from both ends. I thought I could feel Tony about to cum he pulled his cock out of my mouth presumably to prevent him doing so, he lifted his head and started sucking on my tits it was amazing, I could feel a change in Roy I had felt this before with my boyfriend and knew he was about to cum, I was pushing hard back onto his cock he was grabbing my waist tight also pulling me onto him, then I felt him explode inside me it was a massive amount of spunk so strong and hot, at that moment I came again , I screamed it was so fierce I could feel it mixing with his, the feeling was bliss, he turned me over and kissed me sinking his tongue deep into my mouth.
Tony stood at the bottom of the bed he pulled my legs up over his shoulders I could see him staring at my pussy, my legs were either side of his head I then felt his cock slide inside me, it entered easily he pushed it deep inside, I writhed with pleasure, again I had never been fucked in this position he was pulling on my thighs and pumping his cock into me, I could feel his balls slapping onto my arse, I was willing him to cum I wanted to feel the hot spunk exploding inside me again.
Roy was kissing me, I started moving my hips up and down on Tony’s cock, I could feel I was getting close to Cumming again, it was delicious, Tony was close too we fucked harder then as Tony’s hot spunk exploded inside me I had a massive orgasm at the same time our hot juices mixing with Roy’s, I was screaming with pleasure and pulled Tony down so I could kiss him, I searched his mouth with my tongue it was glorious. Tony pulled his now limp cock out of me opened my legs wide lent down and kissed my pussy, I was so excited by the events and seeing Tony looking at my pussy.
I rolled over and moved up there was an enormous wet patch where my pussy had leaked a combination of our spunk onto the bed, I felt totally relaxed, Roy left the room Tony laid next me we were kissing and I was stroking his limp cock.
Roy returned with drinks for us all, mine was a strong Vodka and lime it was so welcome. Roy said I was not naked and proceeded to take my suspender belt and stockings of, I did not resist I was now naked, Roy continued saying they had not finished with me yet, there was more fun to be had. I was lying there completely naked with a naked guy either side I could not believe what had just happened. But I loved every minute of it
Roy took my drink from me and told me to open my arms wide he produced some material and began to tie my wrists to the bed head I knew it was futile to resist and was quite excited, he then tied my ankles to the other end I was spread eagled my legs were wide open, he leaned forward and kissed my pussy then flicked my clit with his tongue, he said I was gorgeous with an outstanding body, I arched my back up in expectation of more tongue but he moved away. I had not noticed Tony had left the room he came back in holding a razor and shaving cream, he said he loves shaved pussy and told me to lie still, he then foamed my pubic hair and proceeded to shave me he stood back admiring his work and my pussy, they both seemed to get even more excited. The excitement also grew in me I could not see me shaved pussy but I knew they could, it turned me on immensely

Roy produced a large plastic cock, he asked if I had ever been fucked by a vibrator before, I told him I had never seen one, he turned it on it was now buzzing he gently pushed it inside me, it was bigger than their cocks but with all the cum it entered ok but was tight, he started fucking me with it the feeling was different to real cock but was still extremely nice, I could not move my arms or legs. Tony moved off the bed and stood looking at the vibrator fucking me, I liked this feeling and them looking at my naked body being fucked by it. Tony took over from Roy who then produced a blindfold and covered my eyes this frightened me a bit, I then felt something extremely cold on my nipples it made me flinch, it was ice blocks in a bag placed over each nipple, I thought is this ever going to stop, and it never, the vibrator was taken out then something very cold was pushed inside me I realised it was ice again it was a very pleasant feeling , the vibrator was returned it was gently pushed up in me obviously as there was ice in there as well, whoever was using it was careful, a mouth was placed on mine tongue forcing it open, I thought it was Roy but could not be certain.
The vibrator had a massive affect on me and it soon made me cum not as hard as with cock but still lovely, it was removed then someone climb on top me his cock slid in, it pushed the now defrosting ice block higher up he pushed the ice on my nipples down hard on them, the vibrator was rubbed over my lips, I could taste all the cum. He fucked me hard quite violently but was lovely, I was not sure who it was, he was kissing me and biting my neck, he fucked me for several minutes then i could feel him close to Cumming, I to was near for yet another orgasm I had lost count of how many I had had, several large ones and a few small, all were lovely, we came together our juices mixing I could feel it running out of my pussy and down my arse. He pulled out of me then immediately another stiff cock entered me I was being constantly fucked by two different cocks not to mention the vibrator . I had no idea who had just fucked me or who was fucking me now, my pussy was getting sore but I still loved it. I could feel someone untying my ankles freeing them, I closed my thighs around him I loved this situation it was madness but bloody beautiful, a mouth was on my face kissing it and my neck, I was completely relaxed the cock in me was pulled out and the end was moved onto my clit he was rubbing it into my clit, it was so exhilarating he then slid it back inside me, I took all of it willingly, then it happened again the explosion of his hot spunk he kept fucking me, I could feel myself ready to cum I tried to hold it back but could not it was another fierce gushing, I reached up pulled the face of the guy who was fucking me down to mine and we kissed.
His cock now limp dropped out of me, the blindfold was removed by Roy, he asked if I knew which one of them had just fucked me, I told him I didn’t know he smiled.
We all agreed he then asked if I would come back and spend the night with them. I had enjoyed myself so much I readily said I would I and rang my parents to say I was staying the night at a friends house, obviously not mentioning Roy and Tony.
After a while we got cleaned up my skirt was now in the bedroom, I was about to put it on when Tony said I would have to go out knickerless as they had been torn apart by Roy, he said I didn’t need a bra either and as my stockings were laddered I couldn’t wear them, so apart from my shoes I had only two items of clothing on.
They took me to a noisy bar which was very busy but was lovely, we sat in a cubicle type area, I immediately felt a hand up my skirt it pushed my legs gently open and his fingers entered me it was Tony he leant in and kissed me passionately when he finished Roy did the same I could feel eyes on us I had noticed Roy earlier talking to a couple of guys at the bar, I asked what he had told them, he just smiled. We later went back to Roys house where he put on some music we danced, of course I ended up dancing naked, they then took me to bed and shared me again and again during the night I woke up with Tony fucking me, Roy was asleep when we had finished I feel asleep in his arms.
When I left them the following day they asked if I was going to return sometime for some more cock, I told them I probably would. Roy said I could now show my boyfriend what I wanted in bed and to teach him how to fuck. I smiled and left.
What a most exciting evening and night I had, I could still feel cum trickling out of me. I had to be careful not to leave a stain on the taxi seat.
Over the following weeks we meet up a few times, on each occasion I stayed the night with them and of course they both fucked me several times

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