Wife and neighbour

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My wife and I moved to a new area and after a few weeks were invited to a party in the area with ten other couples from same street. We were all in our thirties and all had children.

My wife never could keep her hands of men when dancing and plenty of drink flowed after a few months and four more parties she said had any of the woman tried to make out with me and what would i do. Being open minded as my wife has been I said no but if they did I would not stop them. She then said that Tim two doors away and his wife had asked her about a pyjama party which was agreed by them.

On the night my wife looked stunning in her baby doll set and no bra under her nipples already rock hard. The part and drinking was going well and I noticed Tim dancing with her the most and clearly he was rock hard. As was normal gradually the numbers drifted and I started helping Sue clear up. She was loading the dish washer and as she bent over her tits fell out of her P.Js she smiled and said did I like to which I agreed looked good. I then went into lounge and said to Sue where was Tim she said did he not say he has gone with Jean my wife to check on our kids.

I smiled and ten she said you will not see them again tonight.As she said that she pulled her top over her head and said so how about your hard cock does it need relief. With her hand searching for my cock she said it felt ready. She then said did i know Tim was fucking Jean at least once a week in his lunch break I smiled and said it would not surprise me. Sue was now naked and I went to work with my tongue first her nipples and then dropped to my knees before working my tongue up her clit as she moaned god wish Tim did that. We then laid on the bed as she was clearly ready and she slowly lowered her clit onto my cock and almost at once she shook with her juices flowing down my cock. I rolled her over and stroked her slowly as her cunt clenched my dick tight.

I had a great night and we fucked four times. Sue then said would I like to call in the day as she wanted to experience my cum again she had told me she was on pill and she preferred it inside her. we had dressed and as I reached the door she said it was the best fucking she had experienced. I crept back in my house just to witness Tim fucking Jean one last time and we just smiled as he quickly dressed thanked me and left.

We have had a number of fucking exchanges since and Sue does not miss a chance to take my cock. Tim has recently offered Jean a job not sure if he will get her but you never know.

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  • Reply farmhanddan ID:2vjtrl41

    My wife’s name is Jean… so this is really hot and erotic! Wish more women of like lived near me…LOL

  • Reply sluthunter ID:w9lmkbv0

    Why is that cheating? They are swinging nothing more so whats that shit for?

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:22lspkabzk