Tried dog

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I am from India.Iives in Indore .married aged 35 years .my husband 38 years old .married for 12 years. Have two children .I have tubectomy done .so no fear for pregnancy. We are having great sex life .we daily tries some thing new .to. Make it more sexy..our children are in boarding school.they comes only on holidays ..we take full advantage of i t . once we went to our relative in Allahabad
. we were invited to see Allahabad . they had house .they had one dog 2 years old .male .he became friendly .because my husband used to take him for walk . in the morning and evening .his name was tomy. We saw Allahabad .one day they had to go out for marriage of their friend s son . another city .so we were alone in home with tomy forest night my husband asked me we will try tomy .he is virgin he has not mated any bitch . I said Noway he is a dog .he can bite . and how he can do it .he can fuck only bitch.. My husband. Told me that I have seen videos dog fucking female ..so we can try..so I. Agreed with hesitations. He asked me to liedown on edge of bed I obeyed and spread my legs .he called tomy.he came moving his tail. My husband patted him and petted my cunt ..he put one finger in my vagina to soak his finger and dog lickecd his finger he than it his head on my cunt he smelled it and started licking it his tounge wad rough and hot . he wes licking giving me pressure he licked me for 10 minutes I came . now my husband stroke d his cock
over the sheath his cock came out. And was red in colour..now my husband lifrtd tomy to my belly his fore legs on each side and cock on my cunt but he was virgin and not knowing how to do so my. Husband guided his cock to my vaginal entrance and put his cock inside me. As his cock enters me. He started humping and his cock was inside me in no time .now he was fucking me in missionary position .his cock was big than my husband .and touching my uterus giving me full pleasure.. I hold dog by leg around him .his cock started to grow bigger and I was feeling his contractions .inside my cunt.making me mad .he was e
Jaculating his fluids.now I felt his knot
Growing and stretching my vagina.. He fucked me for ,20 minute .gave me pleasure which I never felt in my life ..that night I had sex with him ,4 times
We had dogy style also which tomy liked the most and I Also liked that way because he was fucking me without any support and his knot was inside me for a longer time . so I tried the dog

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  • Reply VK ID:2vnjdkbzj

    Hope you own a dog now in Indore too and enjoying.

  • Reply Maria ID:c5rpuenm2

    The best fuck is always with a dog!!

    • Deadson.comwoul ID:3zaqo67lfia

      Would like to see this

    • Deadson.com ID:3zaqo67lfia

      I’d like to that

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  • Reply Allen ID:5u1d7ch8ra

    Would love to hear more I would love to see pictures

  • Reply THE SKULLTAKER ID:1idzqf7bfik

    Face the Truth, you are a DOG DICK WHORE FUCKER NOW

  • Reply Carlospinzon ID:5u100ta7qj

    I really want to see some pictures of the dog having sex with you. I really think that is so cool that you are having sex with a dog

  • Reply Harikiran ID:7ezgfruoi9


  • Reply Ew ID:2bgoccetv0

    Y’all sick

    • Cumgulper ID:y8ha2v9j

      Sick yes, but is enjoying a great fuck.