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I meena 45 years old mother of one young son 22 years well built .he works in city zoo .and stay there .he got job recently .he has one room flat on rent..I was worried about him .how he will manage alone . he was never went alone .he always stayed with me at home .

After two months I decided to see him .so I went to him .he has a small room with a single bed .with attached toilet and bath..he was eating food out side .in market .because he. Does not know cooking ..his room was small but clean and tidy.. I slept with him in. Same bed .on second day in night I saw dream that my husband is fucking me from behind .but I woke up as his cock was big and. Stretching my vagina .I saw my son Ravi is fucking me .I kept quit as I was surprised to feel his cock it was bigger and thicker from my husband .and I don’t want to be left unfinished. So I was acting as I am sleeping. He was fucking and I was really enjoying. I started pushing back to get his cock in me fully. He was thrusting and I was pushing .his cock was tearing my vagina and touching my uterus which I was feeling .I started moaning in pleasures. Now. Ravi came to know that I am not sleeping . he started his speed and grabbed my breasts.. I was moaning and saying you have torned my vagina . I never had such pleasure In my life ..now Ravi took out his cock .and removd my all cloths now I was naked he was also naked now I saw his cock it was 9 inches long and thigh as my wrist.it looks a horse cock .I held his cock in my hand . and stroked him .now he said I want to fuck missionary position .he spread my legs and put his cock in me it was paining as it was streached. I cried he pushed it in and put his mouth on my lips and hand on my breast’s he was kissing and pressing my breast and thrusting his cock in me . now his cock went further deep giving me more pleasure I was cooperating with him as I was getting pleasure. He fucked me 20 minutes and said I am coming .I said come in me I will not get pregnant. So he came with lot of cum…and lay on me exhosted ..he did not took out his cock .it was still ln me . after one hour it grew again to full size .now I was getting fucked my self from down I was pushing from down grabbing him he was sucking my nipple. He also started fucking and saying mom I love you …he fucked ,4 times that night .this how he started fucking me he fucked me. Till he got married I felt little jaelus thought I will miss my fuck but he promised me he will continue .to fuck me

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    Was a nice Mother/ Son story and I pictured that to be true. It made me hard as I read it all. Would love to hear more of your sex stories with your Son.

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