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Raped by boyfriend

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i was in 7th grade and he was a junior in highschool. nobody knew about us because he was so much older. he didn’t really care about me that much and i think he just wanted to have sex with me. but i was a virgin and i didn’t wanna have sex but he tried to pressure me. he’d pressured me into sending nudes a couple times but i refused to have sex so one day he invited me to his house and i went over but when i got there a couple of his friends were there too and they grabbed me and held me down then they tore my clothes off. i yelled and screamed and stared crying but they didn’t stop. my boyfriend took out his dick and stuck it into me, it hurt a lot and i think my vagina was bleeding a little bit. he was forcefully pushing it in and out aggressively until he came (he was wearing a condom) then he stopped and let his friends have a go. it felt like forever but once they were done he stuck his dick in my butt. i started screaming but he didn’t stop. after he was done he told me if i told anyone he would send my nudes and the videos he took while i was fucking his friends. i now really like being raped and being degraded.

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  • Max

    It’s unfortunate that happened to you. It’s interesting that you said now you like being raped and degraded do you hate him for doing that to you or not?