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Raped by boyfriend

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i was in 7th grade and he was a junior in highschool. nobody knew about us because he was so much older. he didn’t really care about me that much and i think he just wanted to have sex with me. but i was a virgin and i didn’t wanna have sex but he tried to pressure me. he’d pressured me into sending nudes a couple times but i refused to have sex so one day he invited me to his house and i went over but when i got there a couple of his friends were there too and they grabbed me and held me down then they tore my clothes off. i yelled and screamed and stared crying but they didn’t stop. my boyfriend took out his dick and stuck it into me, it hurt a lot and i think my vagina was bleeding a little bit. he was forcefully pushing it in and out aggressively until he came (he was wearing a condom) then he stopped and let his friends have a go. it felt like forever but once they were done he stuck his dick in my butt. i started screaming but he didn’t stop. after he was done he told me if i told anyone he would send my nudes and the videos he took while i was fucking his friends. i now really like being raped and being degraded.

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    similar thing happened to my buddies daughter. she was a 14yo freshman dating a 18yo senior. one night, my buddy heard a noise from downstairs. he went down and heard his daughters muffled whimpers and sobs, as well as a male voice speaking in a quiet but aggressive tone. he also hear the obvious sounds of fucking. as he entered the dark hallway, he looked in his daughters room to see a fathers nightmare! there was his daughter on all fours, her ass up and her face being held to a pillow as her 6’2 black senior boyfriend anally rape her asian 5’0 100lb body. his back was towards the door, so he never noticed her dad in the doorway as he violently rape the teen girl raw in her once virgin ass! as he pounded her butthole open, he said things like “thats it bitch, take that 10″ dick in that ass! fuck this ass is tight! you should have gave it up willingly, it would have been less painful for ya bitch!” my buddy said he could see her smooth, hairless asshole red and a little torn around the monster bbc she was forced to take. my buddy’s inital horror turned to extreme arousal! the sight of this large boy ass raping his tiny 14yo daughter as she cried and whimpered that it hurt really bad, and that he was tearing her open made his dick the hardest its been in a long time! “you better get use to this big dick stretching out that smooth Asian asshole baby as you’ll be taking it up the ass anytime i want now! you understand bitch?! you are my anal fuck toy, and ill fuck your ass whenever and however i want!” he was really hatefucking her ass now, then he groaned and rammed all 10″ in, causing her to scream and uncontrollably cry as he pumped load after load deep in her ass!

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      “fuck bitch im cumming in your ass!! you feel that cum filling up your guts!?”
      she whimpered out “yes” between cries. he trusted in and out of her ass a couple more times, causing his cum to froth and leak out around his dick and her butthole. the boy the pulled out, and my buddy got a look at his 14yo daughters freshly raped butthole! it was red, gaping and sloppy with body fluids. her boyfriend pulled her cheeks apart and tild her to push his cum out as he filmed it with his phone. a river of pink cum flowed out. then the boy slapped her ass, pulled her up and kissed her. then told her that her ass felt great, and that it now was his to use. he asked if she understood? she nodded yes. then he kissed her again, spun her around, and rammed his once again fully hard 10″ back in her ass as her covered her mouth! he fucked her from behind in a standing position for 10 minutes as he called her his anal fuck toy, and told her how good it felt to fuck her tight smooth 14yo asshole! he was now brutally ass raping her from behind. he had her lifted off the ground, her legs dangling and swaying with ever trust into her. he groaned, and told her to squeeze her ass around his dick no matter her pain. she did as she was told, even though the pain was terrible! he only lasted 30 seconds od this, then violently rammed his dick into her filling her ass with his cum on the third trust. he pumped load after load into her as he held her tiny body off the ground. “fuuck yes! this is what you small teen bitches are for, draining dick with that tight ass!”

    • [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

      he pulled his dick out of her ass, a flood of cum followed, then he threw her used naked body on the bed. he wiped his dick off on a towel, then started dressing. thats when my buddy quickly went back to his room, god behind his sleeping wife, pulled her bottoms down and fucked her ass, only lasting 30 sec! his wife, full of sleeping aids, never even woke up. the next morning, his daughter came down into the kitchen where he was eating. she looked put together, yet not. “you need a ride to school sweetie?”
      “no. im okay dad, Anthony is picking me up.. oh there he is.”
      He watched from the large bay window his daughter get into her ass raping boyfriends car. she leaned in to kiss him, but instead he grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face down to his lap. i barely made out the sight of his hand move to her propped up ass and slip into her ass crack as he sped off. no doubt my daughter was getting her asshole fingered as she sucked his cock. as the day went on, all i could think about was my daughter, and if Anthony was raping her ass at school. i jacked off several times.

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    Lamar explaining more what happened

  • Reply Max ID:1hftvwnp6id

    It’s unfortunate that happened to you. It’s interesting that you said now you like being raped and degraded do you hate him for doing that to you or not?

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