My wife and Tim part two

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I had wrote recently about Jean my wife and neighbour Tim and some weeks after that she said Tim offered her a job at his hire company and she agreed with me she would take the offer.

The second week there she had to go away with him to a conference at the main company office and agreed she would likely share his room, I had no problem as I would sleep with Sue anyway.

On her return she said it had been a great experience and told me to sit down and watch the dvd that had been made. It went straight to the action with her in the main roll. It had four guys and Tim playing poker and each Time a guy lost the two women decided on forfeit at first this involved removal of item of clothing helped by the women who had by then just bra and thongs on and both looking ready for fucking.

It then showed guys sucking nipples and women sucking cocks followed later by guys fucking in turns the women. Once they had all had turn the women laid down on a bed and enjoyed a full fucking from each guy. Jean was seeping cum from her cunt mixed with her own juices and the guys finally could cum no more. Then Tim and Jean left for home but had to stop off on way back for another fuck before getting home.

Having watched the dvd I came home the next day and Sue had watched it also and said I needed to give her a treat in return so we spent the afternoon first a blow job then a straight fuck and lastly an anal fuck which turned her into a squirting queen covering my cock a number of times.

Jean wants to go away again soon as a couple so we can fuck in the same room as she enjoyed the gang bang so much

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