My dog Nemo took me

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I could feel his hard cock poking crazy fast on the inside of my thighs and at the crotch of my panties.

My name is andrea, I’m 24 and live with a boyfriend and my dog Nemo, who is a long haired German Shepard, we have been having some problems of late so he moved out, the problem is he gambled and couldn’t afford too and expected me to finance it, I said no a huge argument started and he said he was going! just like that saying I didn’t love him, I did but I wasn’t going to throw good money after bad and something had to give and he did, he found someone else to fund his habit!

So I’m left on my own, no big deal I’m a big girl and a good job and saving lots of money now with no arguments, I go out most Saturday nights with my friends and we have a great time usually talking about boys!
So this Saturday night came round and I got prepared to go out, the usual things like shower hair wash make and dress, Nemo was wandering around the house while I was in the shower and I hear a clattering noise from the kitchen, I thought someone had came in so I went to look, Nemo in infinite wisdom had knocked over the kitchen bin! and there was rubbish all over the floor!

Thank god it’s dry crap I thought and took off my heels I got down on my hands and knees to pick up the rubbish, almost immediately Nemo started jumping up at me, no Nemo it’s not play time I said and pushed him away, He did it again and once again I said no not now I’m already late and pushed him away again, he wouldn’t leave me alone and did it for the third time, Nemo will you stop playing around I said.

It all happened so fast, Nemo had walked behind me, jumped up on my back wrapping his paws around me, I thought what the hell is he doing! I managed to just about stand up but he dragged me down again by my waist and back onto my knees! by this time I was getting scared, he never did anything like this before, I struggled to get free of him but could hardly move, Nemo was a 90 pound dog and extremely strong.

The more I tried to move away the tighter his paws got around me, in that moment I felt something felt something hard poking up under skirt, suddenly I panicked as I froze for a second in utter shock, it dawned on me, it was his penis and what he was trying to do with me! I started struggling like crazy to get free and crying and yelling Nemo no you don’t want to do this, I could feel his hard cock poking crazy fast on the inside of my thighs and at the crotch of my panties.

Thank God, I have panties on I thought, just hold still and don’t move, Nemo he’ll hump away and get off on my panties or the inside of my thigh, then it will be over with, those little things had become my guardian, or so I thought, I remained perfectly still with his cock pounding away at my crotch, then Suddenly I felt the tip of the Nemo’s cock had gotten past the elastic on the side, he was so forceful he pushed my panties all the way to one side, NO NEMO PLEASE NO, I shouted at him but it was no good, he found the entrance to my pussy,I was crying, as Nemo’s cock slid in and out the entrance to my smoothly shaved pussy, fast and furiously.

It started to slowly grow inside of me, I could feeling it getting thicker and longer, it was going deeper inside me, my little pussy started to stretch to accommodate the Nemo’s cock that was rapidly swelling and it was still growing.

Nemo was fucking me fast and furiously like a jackhammer, showing me no mercy at all, i repeatedly cried out for him to stop, Nemo’s cock had grown enormously, it felt massive, I could feel the tip of it slamming against my cervix, this is a nightmare I thought, I’ll wake up in a moment, but it was all too real, then something surprising happened, throughput all this his cock had been rubbing on my g-spot, and it was having an effect, my own primal feelings started to take over, I tried to fight it off but the more Nemo’s cock slammed into me the more intense the feeling got.

I felt my eyes almost roll to the back of my head as I dug my nails into the kitchen floor tiles, like a tsunami overwhelming me, my body started to shake and quiver as I exploded and started to orgasm, I squirted my juices all over Nemo’s cock and balls, i had cum before but never this powerfully,Nemo kept thrust and my pussy parted for what felt like a very large apple entering me as I started to orgasm again, they kept coming in waves one after another and my body was shaking.

Nemo shoved in a far as he could get inside me, then he went motionless, He just laid on top of my back ejaculating his very hot cum into me while I kept cumming, there was so much cum from him I could feel it running down inside me flooding me, we were there for a good 15-20 minutes later and he was still squirting his cum into me!

When he finally let me go around 10 minutes later, climbed off of my back and with a loud popping sound and his cock slipped out of me, I couldn’t move and stayed there for a minute while his cum literary poured out of me, I was bruised and battered when I slowly got up, then walked into the dining room, I felt numb, I could not tell anyone what had just happened, it was to embarrassing. I felt so weird and strange that I had intense and multiple squirting orgasms during it so I went to take a shower and try and calm down.

After my shower I decided to have an early night, I got a couple of calls asking me me where I was as I was supposed to be to meeting the girls that night! I made an excuse I wasn’t feeling to good and had gone to bed to sleep it off, as I was laying in bed I was wondering what if anything I had done to make Nemo act the way he did! he was always so well behaved and I loved him but not that much! and is as much as I hate to admit it, my pussy was hurting but it was a nice hurt!! unlike my knees!

The next morning I got up, My knees were sore and bruised so I decided to wear some trousers and a blouse with a jacket to work, It was probably my imagination, but I could swear Nemo was strutting around the house like a stud!

During the next week all I could think off was the orgasms I had!!! they were massively powerful and after all, Nemo had not actually hurt me, all the bruising I got was me struggling to break free on the floor, and over the next few days I looked on the internet to see if it had ever happened to any other women and I found information about the subject, I found that it was more common than I ever thought possible, and it was making me horny too with the thought of the orgasms!

So the following Saturday came and I actually got out this time! during the week though all I could think about was what happened! I had a great night out though, had a laugh and heard all the gossip from the week before before finally getting a taxi home at around half past midnight, I had to take Nemo out for his walk.
We got back from that and I made myself a coffee, went into the living room turned on the TV, Nemo came in and sat on the floor right in front of me, as I all sat there watching television. my attention was drawn and looked down, and noticed the tip of the tip of Nemo’s cock poking out, it looked like a tube of red lipstick!

My thoughts went back to week previously as I looked at his cock, I hadn’t immediately noticed it but I was grinding my legs together!
I didn’t finish my coffee, I stood up and called of Nemo to follow me upstairs to me room, we went inside and I started to undress, I shouldn’t have done but I felt excited, I just couldn’t help it, naked I sat on the edge of my bed, he licked my legs working his way up my thighs, I gently opened my legs for him and he wasted no time getting between them as I let him lick my pussy.

After a couple of minutes of him that I stood up and walked over to the leather foot stool I had, kneeling down beside it I called Nemo over, he started to lick my bum as I bent over the foot stool, his tongue licked away at my bum and I slowly opened my legs, that warm tongue of his found my pussy twitch and sending shivers down my spine! a few seconds later Nemo mounted me, I held perfectly still for him to take me. I could feel the tip of his cock poking around searching for my pussy opening and after a few misses he found it, his cock started sliding in and out of my pussy fast as it had the week before, only this time it was with my consent, and I was at least this time enjoying it.

My pussy stretched like it before to accommodate his cock that felt so large inside of me and it was still growing, my g-spot was being rubbed like crazy, I relaxed giving in to it as my orgasms started to build, like before I exploded like an atom bomb going off, I was squirting like crazy over Nemo’s cock, and like before wave after wave of orgasms flowed through my shaking body, he pounded me like that for about 10 minutes, god knows how many orgasms I had but I enjoyed every one off them!

I felt Nemo’s Knot, I know what it’s called now! pushing it’s way inside me, I relaxed while he pushed it in, again he relaxed on top me and went motionless while he squirted his hot cum inside me, it felt so good all that cum going in splashing up against my cervix, we were joined together longer this time, about 40 minutes, I felt so relaxed from the intense multiple orgasms I just had, Nemo finally got off me with a wet popping sound as his cock slowly slid out of me, so thats why dogs get joined together I thought!

I got up after the best sex I had ever had, and after gathering my senses and dealing with the mess I went and had a shower, needless to say it wouldn’t be the last time me and Nemo would do that!

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  • Reply Julie C ID:1e17p5nynkzb

    Hello Andrea, I had a similar situation one night after out with some girl friends. We drank until 1 am I was horny and drunk but I didn’t have a man so home alone drunk was the answer. I Uber home as soon as I open the door my best friend Leo greeted me like always. He is my mixed breed dog. Don’t know what breed but he loves me and I love him. I was drunk and he didn’t mind. I made it to the couch and pulled some clothes off. I had pulled panties and all off not really sure why but that was it. I was talking to leo when he stuck his nose right in my pussy lips . I’m drunk so it takes me a few seconds to realize what’s going on by that time he had pushed his rough wet tongue in my pussy and licked. I set up looking at him thanking where did this come from? He look like he wanted to do it again so I spread my legs, and yes, his tongue went right back in my pussy. I knew I was drunk, but he was hitting some sensitive spots. I laid back on the couch and he continued until I had the biggest orgasm I have ever had amazing orgasm. I was laying there enjoying the moment when he bounced up on top of me , all I could do was tell Leo how good it felt. I felt him start humping me. And his duck found my lips. In he came. I was wobbly but I picked my legs up for him to do it as drunk as I was he was hitting some places no one could. And he was really going now. I was drunk but tingling all over right before it happened. I mean it was the biggest one ever i just experienced the best sex ever and drunk as hell. I fell asleep….
    About 7 am I woke up. I sat up and it took me a second to realize I had no panties on..I felt my pussy and is was creamy and wet. It was coming back to me now. I called Leo to come and hurry. I thought about it for a second but he was already licking me…
    The rest is just like you are thinking and more that was a year and a half ago, and Leo is still my man

  • Reply miss ID:21zg5n3hri

    do you suck his cock

  • Reply Varun ID:tnxtrl41

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    More story’s please…..

  • Reply Varun ID:tnxw0fv1

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  • Reply Vincent ID:vuf1mnhl

    Where r u from

  • Reply Loraine ID:1roubuhl

    I’ve only had male dogs they don’t talk about our secrets They always wanna lick or fuck my pussy So it’s the best of both worlds

    • CN ID:8zs79m9c

      Wish to talk to someone that has done this, I’ve been reading them but I wanna actually talk to someone that has done it

    • CN ID:8zs79m9c

      Oh my email is [email protected]

  • Reply Lisa ID:7zv2w16v99

    Nice story That’s one of my fantasies

    • Al ID:nc5gte1h

      I don’t believe her? Lol

  • Reply Tony ID:7p3qg078rd

    Absolutely fantastic would love to read more

  • Reply Redqueenbee ID:np2gpw7xia

    Hey guys I am a twenty one year old girl.My friend also own a male German Shepherd. So we were having sex in front of the dog and it started smelling me ! Chris understood and asked me to have sex with his dog as he never saw it personally happen…The dog itself came between my legs and stsrted tolick my pussy..soon I found myself wiggling on his tounge… I positioned myself under the dog. Chris guided his dick inside me and it indeed started thrusting powerfully like a jackhammer…..We were stuck together for about 20 mins… The dogs hot cum filled me and burned deep inside me , my own orgasms adding to the hot messy load,when his cock came ot it was like a waterballon had burst inside me. After that I want a dog myself so please suggest which one will be the best fuckbuddy !

    • Allen ID:5u1d7ch8ra

      Labradors are good

    • Bernard ID:bo2qeo08i

      Hi redqueenbee my name is bernard if you would like to hear about my sex story text me at 2034944923

    • Vigor93 ID:y48vul1mga1

      I’d love to see you and dog doing too I bet you milked him good

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  • Reply alex ID:4kecg9ihk

    this shit is hot as fuck. my cock is throbbing. kik me if u want @ scunnid

  • Reply Christine ID:1fjh8a55t0c

    I’ve done it, if you look for Ben and Pick you should find it, I hope you enjoy reading it, best wishes.

    • Andrea ID:1fjh8a55t0c

      Nothing yet but I’ll keep looking probably tomorrow now, looking forward to reading it

  • Reply Christine ID:6stybs62m4

    This is getting confusing! Ok I have already done it once but not on here,I would love to tell you so I’ll do it later and leave you a not and don’t worry I screwed the name up too!

  • Reply Andrea ID:1fjh8a55t0c

    Sorry I used your name!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Vincent ID:vuf1mnhl

      Where r u from

  • Reply Samantha ID:1fjh8a55t0c

    At last a true story, I should know I have sex with my dog when my husband is on night shift! your description is absolutely bang on.

    • Samantha ID:1fjh8a55t0c

      Thank you Samantha and yes it’s all true! unbelievable how a dog can give such intense and powerful orgasms and so many of them too, no man can compete with but I do still like men although I’m still on my own at the moment! would love to hear your story one day if you ever write it.
      Love Sam.

    • Christine ID:6stybs5yv1

      Would you really like to hear it?

    • Allen ID:5u1d7ch8ra

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