Accidental sex with daughters boyfriend!

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I was half asleep when he came in and thought I was dreaming then he climbed into bed beside me and I thought I was dreaming

I had a daughter 18 years old, I say had cause she is 25 now! It’s unbelievable how we look like each other, almost like twins and very often the neighbors have called us by each others names! we used to have a laugh about it and still do, I was a single parent but not by choice, my husband died and, well I just got on with it raising her and at least we were financially Ok, so she wanted a 18th birthday party, Ok it’s not a problem I thought the house is big enough and far enough away from neighbors as not to bother them.
I made all the arrangements sending out invites to all her friends and most of them came and of course her boyfriend!
The night of her party came and unfortunately it fell on a week day so nearly all of them had t be up the following morning for work so it was not going to be a late night, everything went well and around midnight everyone had almost gone but before they did I bid everyone goodnight and left instructions to lock up and I went off to bed, being on my own I sleep naked and never lock my door as there was no need.

I don’t know how long I had been there, I didn’t even here the bedroom door open, the first time I was aware someone was in not only the room but in bed with me was when an arm came round me and called me Karen, my daughters name, I thought I was dreaming or something cause I didn’t react thinking this is a nice dream! the next thing I was aware off was his hand going between my legs! it was Karen’s boyfriend he has obviously stumbled into the wrong room and thinks I’m her!

I will admit now no one had touched me like that for 5 years, not since my husband died, anyway realizing he has made a blunder I tried to move away from him and get up before things went to far, opp’s no, he had other plans as he gently but firmly pulled me back putting his hand back where it had been! I thought crikey he really doesn’t know where he is and whom he’s with! I thought he’s had a drink, made a mistake, he touching my “daughter” or so he thinks, he’ll fall asleep then I’ll get up, god almighty I couldn’t have been more wrong, he didn’t know I wasn’t her but he sure knew what he wanted to do!

As his hand and fingers were exploring between my legs they found there way between my pussy lips, I was hoping and praying he would just go off to sleep so I could go, if he woke up now all hell could break loose! I decided not to deliberately wake him by rejecting his touching, I lay there while my pussy got fingered by her boyfriend thinking well he might not be capable of following through with anything else so I’ll leave and wait.

If you’ve ever made one serious mistake after the other you’ll know how I feel, I was wrong about that too and about something else, as I lay there being fondled I was beginning to involuntary respond to it! I guess after so long it was inevitable but it didn’t make it right, I lay there trying to forget what it was doing to me but it was impossible, I buried my head into the pillow as his fingers went deeper into me even biting my lip to the point where it bled! but eventually with so much stimulation my body relaxed,I still had my back to him when I felt his cock, it was hard and I thought oh no he can’t not with me, one of his arms came round my head and underneath it while the other was lifting one of my legs up, I thought there is no way out of this without causing a scandal, so reluctantly I pretended to be my daughter and follow his lead.

He was lifting my leg, I lifted it for him, he pulled me closer to him as I felt his cock between my cheeks and then sliding around trying to find my pussy, I helped him by sticking out my bum and reaching back parting my cheeks so he could guide his cock into my “daughters” pussy, He actually managed it quite well all things considered.

At least he was gentle for a guy his age! his cock had a nice rhythm as it slid in and out of my now soaking wet pussy, I couldn’t help it, I had an orgasm!!!!!!!I could feel my pussy clamping down on his hard cock as I came, I hate to admit it but it felt wonderful after so long without.

He made love for around 10 minutes, I had a few orgasms which was totally unavoidable! he eventually pushed right inside me and orgasmed, feeling his cock throbbing away inside made me tremble a little and cum again!

He kept his arm around after that and his cock but after half an hour or so, he fell asleep, I very gently moved my head from his arm and moved away from him feeling his cock slide from between my legs, I got up and left the room closing the door as quietly as I could.

I went to the loo locking the door behind me, I sat there as his cum dripped out of me! I was as horny as hell but I wasn’t going back in there, I sat there rubbing my clitoris while his sperm dripped out making myself squirt down the loo! I cleaned myself up and went looking for Karen.
I found her fast asleep on the sofa, she had no idea what had happened! and I could never say anything ever! I woke her up, it was 3 in the morning by this time and I walked with her up the stairs and put her into bed with her boyfriend, in my room and bed but she never caught on, I went into the spare room.

In the morning I got up and they were already up, Coffee mum Karen said, Yes darling love one, Errr mum why were we in your room last night she said?
I simply explained I found her boyfriend in my bedroom asleep so I went into the spare room, I got up in the night to pee and found her on the sofa so I put her to bed, Oh I see she replied, There was an air of what happened last night in the air! but no one said anything, least of all me!

I still look back on that night and think, Oh you naughty girl you!

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  • Reply Joe ID:7zv1l2a6ii

    To bad you didn’t make a baby with him

  • Reply mike ID:3zxjrywcm9c

    hello new to this but trying to c if i even get a responce back bfor i let my thoughts go on here

  • Reply xxxxxxxxxx ID:26bzb720b

    Hello Johnathon, Of course I did! even though I was pleased to have got away with it I felt like a woman again! but of course I couldn’t, I have a partner now and he is wonderful but I do look back on that night and smile!

  • Reply Johnathon ID:6stybs62m2

    I can understand your reluctance not to say anything, it could have been extremely awkward for the both of you so yes discretion would seem the order of the day, I wonder did you ever want to do it again with him?

  • Reply XXXXXXXXXXXXX ID:1fjh8a55t0c

    Thank you Dave, I don’t blame you in the least honey, if fact we look so much alike even the neighbors have called us by each others names!

  • Reply Dave ID:1fjh8a55t0c

    Great story, I looked around on the net to see if anyone could look like like you said, indeed they can, sorry I had to check!