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this is how it starts, she wanted to take pictures, and they all want to touch me, her uncel to her more boys and girls and a lot more touching

When I was 13 my mother died my dad work for the railroad 4 days on 3 days off so I couldn’t be left alone. I lived with my aunt my dad sister for a short time. Then one day my dad told mehe found a live-in babysitter, there were actually two and they were sisters from Korea. They both knew enough English that I could understand what they wanted, so my

Story begins

Kim was the oldest she was 23, Pock was 17 I called her paco, it was still summer so I had no school, Paco was still in high school and Kim went to school at night to learn better English. They would speak English and Korean in the house until my dad stopped them and told them if they want to learn English better they have to speak English only in the house. Paco was into photography and would send her pictures to her uncle in Korea for him to judge her work. She would take pictures of me when I wasn’t looking and she was carrying her camera with her all the time.

I remember that time, my dad told Kim to make sure that I washed my little penis because I wasn’t circumcised. So he told her to make sure to pull the skin back and that it was clean. After a few baths in the tub, Kim asked me if I’d like to take a Korean bath I said sure. It was very different than sitting in the tub with hot water, I would sit on a little wooden stool and she would pour warm water over me, then she would soap me with rinse me off with warm water, she just had panties and a bra, that alone got me hard she didn’t have big tits and I like seeing her that way. then fill the tub with hot water and I would sit in it for a while.

I was just starting to get a boner at my age but when she would wash me it would happen every time, she would say something in Korean and just keep washing. Sometimes paco would come in and watch, one time she had her camera with her. She started taking pictures of me with Kim getting me my bath, Kim got mad but I said it was okay. Kim let her take a few more and then told her to stop, later that night she came in my room and asked me if I wanted to see her pictures, I said sure. She has been taking pictures of me for a long time and I got to see all the pictures you took. The pictures of me taking a bath showed me with no clothes on and my penis with an erection, I asked her what she was going to do with my pictures she told me she sent them to her uncle. He told her they were very good and wanted to see more that’s why she came in the bathroom and took my picture. One night, when Kim was at school paco, asked if she could take more pictures of me I asked her why and she told me her uncle wanted more pictures and would buy her a new camera if she sent more pictures of me I told her it was okay only if I could take some of her.

So that night we took pictures of each other everything I took off she did she, she would she would take off she didn’t have any tites but thats was ok I never saw a girl with nothing on before, when we got to our underpants she wanted to stop but I told her she has already seen me. so she took hers off she has a big black bush I took my shorts off I was very hard. she asked if she could touch it I said sure, she has done this before she pumped in like she did it many times. she asked me if I masterbate yet I said no. she asked me if i ever got stuff to come out of my penis, I sayed not yet. she asked if she could try? I didnt want her to stop It felt so good, so I let her keep pumping when my balls started her hurt and I got a strang feeling but noting came out and it still felt good. I ask if I could touch her she didn’t want to let me at 1st but she did she was very wet and warm I think she came already but she told me to keep touching her then more came out of her and she jerked a few times and told me to stop. I took a lot of pictures of her but she said they out of focus, and we may have to do it again. after a few more times she got me to cum and I didn’t want to stop.

kim didnt know what we were doing but one night while she was giving me my bath she asked me why my penis looked so red? and ask me if I started to masturbate yet? she told me it was ok to tell her it was normal for a boy my age to start doing that she asked me to show her how I do it, I was all ready hard so I started to jerk off. she stopped me and told me to slow down and enjoy it and not be in such a hurry, so she showed me how I should do it and it felt a lot better then I told her she better stop I feel something is going to happen and she said she wanted to see, so I came all over her hand and we both laughted. so now I had both sisters jerking me off, can this get any better?

Chapter 2

poco Uncle send her a new camera and told her she has to send a lot more pictures, he wanted to see two people in the picture a boy and a girl. She could not take the picture and be in the picture at the same time but she said she thinks she has a friend at school who might help us. One day when Kim was shopping Poco brought a girlfriend over she was Korean a little chubby but a nice girl, her friend didnt know what poco wanted her to do so she just watched her taking pictures of me. when I had nothing on she asked her friend if she wanted to touch me she didn’t want to at 1st, but poco did and showed her it was ok. she never saw a boy with nothing on before she touched my peinis and it started to get harder. I asked her If she wanted me to touch her she said no and she stoped. I got dressed and we all talked for a while kim came home and we didn’t tell her what we were doing. poco told me her carmara had a setting so it would take time lasped and maybe she could be it the pictures? but we had to wait for our next time to be alone.

It was 3 long days till kim had something to do and left us along, poco setup her carmara and we started to play around she started to take my shirt off and we could hear the carmara clicking away. we got to our panties and my shorts and she stoped. She told me it was that time of the month and she was having Her period i didn’t understand what she meant she tried to explain it to me but I didn’t understand but I told her I did.She said she would show me and she took off her panties,she said once a month women go through this and they bleed and can’t do anything. I still didn’t understand and she showed me the string coming out of her pussyI started to pull on the string and she stopped meI told her I wanted to see and she let me pull it out.I never knew that women bleed I told her it was okay with me all we were going to do was touch each other so she reset the camera and we took more pictures.

that night she told me that a lot of the pictures didn’t turn out but some did and her girlfriend called he and said she wanted to do some pictures with me if she could touch me some more.my dad was coming home for his 3 days off so we had to stop the pictures, but we still touched each other a lot. not that I can cum she like to jerk me off and help me out.

Chapter 3

her girlfriend come over for us to take pictures with but still wasn’t sure if she wanted to take her close off, so poco told her she didn’t have to all she had to do was touch me, if she wanted to and she did. she said she never saw a boy cum and asked if I would do that for her, I told her she could help me it was more fun if she did it

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    That seems so cool. I just learned what sex was in my own a few mouths ago and now I want to see a penis. I know it sounds weird but it is true.

    • Elijah Stacey ID:g0zxq1k0k

      I can show you mune uf you want I just learnt a few 2 months ago too

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    Those girls were some sweet ass manipulators.
    And the uncle were selling child pornography,bless his perverted ass.