my first office sex

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I was 21 and working as a surveyor in a construction office and no ties to any woman. The secretaries were both part time Pat worked from 9,15am to 2.45p.m because she had two daughters twins who went to school she was 25 very attractive blonde and flirty type.

On this particular day our boss said Pat was having the week off as she had a domestic problem. On the Tuesday he was leaving early and said to me would i pop into Pats home as she had some work she had completed ready to collect. I knocked the door and she answered looking a bit pale and I would say had cried recently. She asked me in and said to sit down I asked about her daughters and she said they were staying at her mums tonight.

She then said did i know what had happened i said no so she said her husband had left he had been fucking a work mate who’s husband had come home and caught them and then rang Pat to advise her of the situation and she had kicked him out on friday night. We talked about it and I said I would go but she started to cry and asked me to stay for a while, she asked me if I wanted a glass of wine so I said yes and over the next two hours we finished of the bottle and half another.

She calmed down and talked about how things had not been good for last year and how she suspected he was fucking elsewhere. We sent out for a pizza and we were getting pissed on wine when I used the loo and came back she was sat on floor but had changed into a baby doll night wear and looked at me saying you are to drunk to go home stay the night. I nodded and her tits pushed out of the tight top and her nipples very pert. She said I have only ever had one man and fuck him I plan to change that. I am going to fuck you.

I was by now very hard when she asked me to strip for her I slowly removed down to boxer shorts by which time she could see my package was straining as I released my cock she said I never believed a man was that big.

We kissed and my finger entered her wet clit I had hardly stroked her a few times when she shook and climaxed.

I then laid her down before gentle entering her with my cock ready to slowly work her love canal she moaned then screamed come on let me have it and I reached a great climax filling her with hot cum.

Being young and not having fucked for some weeks I was ready again and we had three more fucks the last one before I showered and left her for work. We repeated this three more nights over the next week when she told me she was moving away to strat a new life and thanked me for giving her a view of what sex should be.

I never saw her again but it was great experience of my first MILF.

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