First time with a white girl

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Back in college I used to be the “massage guy” people would come to me for massages. I had a friend with two white roommates and I gave a room full of women all massages. I tend to keep it professional, I massaged my friend first and I was giving her a full body massage. We had been fucking for awhile so my hands could venture into not so professional places.

Her roommates were watching tv waiting for their turn while my friend’s moans were filling up the room.

The second roommate definitely was hooked on my hands. I started to make more visit over to their apartment they had right off campus for more personal massages. Just like the first time the moans began and my dick was throbbing. As I worked her shoulders I intentionally pressed my dick against her fat ass. I politely and insincerely apologized. But she just said “Oh you’re fine I love what you’re doing to my body.

After finishing her massage I sit back my dick still fully hard. She turns as she thanks me but her eyes immediately glue themselves onto my bulge. “Is that what was rubbing against me?” She bites her lips. I laugh and say I can show her if she was that curious. She nods. And I unzip my pants fishing out my dick. “That’s the biggest dick I’ve seen. It looks so good” she started stroking my big dick without any warning but I wasn’t going to stop her.

Not with those huge tits she had.

I lay back and she takes me into her mouth. It was already watering before she even tasted me and now this white girl is drooling all over this big black dick of mine. She really got into it. She was ramming me down her throat. And she gagged hard. She pulls up with tears in her eyes. “Fuck I’m not used to not getting the whole thing in my mouth.” I was the first black guy she’s been with and I was determined to leave and impression. But I was stuck cause this woman would not stop sucking.

She worshipped this black dick. Licking, kissing, deep throating. She did it all with glee in her face. Only stopping to admire my size. The shit was feeling too good. That head was even better than my friend’s. Scratch that this white girl was out classing her.

There must’ve been magic in her mouth cause I swear my dick was bigger and harder while she was sucking it. I couldn’t wait anymore. I grabbed her by the hair and bent her over.

I peeled her bottoms off and slid my big dick in all at once. Her pussy instantly pushed me out as she squirted all over her mattress. This big white chick was perfect. While she was recovering I fucked her hard and deep for a good 40 minutes. Every orgasm her pussy juices sprayed all over my big black dick. She tried to keep her moans down but she failed. “You’re so fucking deep oooooooh fuck!” She eventually collapsed pussy well fucked.

My dick still throbbing and my balls were full she crawled back over to me and made sure she got her hot load of cum. And she happily swallowed what she could while the rest dribbled onto her huge tities. Since that day we fucked on and off for years. We don’t hook up much anymore but I will tell you she don’t like dick if it ain’t black dick. Even now I get text about how she misses my big black dick.

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