My bestfiends wife is my lover

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women but the woman I want is my lovely tender skinned Kathy, the golden complexion wife of my best friend. So Kathy, when my fiancée spreads her legs, it’s yours I think of, when

For all of you who have read my true expressions of experiences, you’ll have no trouble believing this one either. I specifically write this story for Kathy, my best friends wife, to let her know why I’m so infatuated with her. Your husband, being a Stag, enticed me with his pretty wife, (that’s you Kathy), a wife with an ass the shape of an apple the rounded face of an Indian pearl, and full supple breasts that only real women are allowed to show off. For two years your husband has begged me to seduce you, to strike up a relationship based on lust, and your desire for me. I’ve stroked my cock in private, then, with a few of my girlfriends as they watch me masturbate to you getting fucked by your husband on camera. Your the woman that makes my cock hard, your my Viagra.
I’m a 37 year old black male stripper, I’ve been with dozens of women but the woman I want is my lovely tender skinned Kathy, the golden complexion wife of my best friend. So Kathy, when my fiancée spreads her legs, it’s yours I think of, when I fuck her ass tenderly, it’s your hole I visualize wrapped around my cock. I want you the way your husband wants me to want you, ” all for myself,” and never to be separated as your lover. He and I want my baby growing inside you, as I will always remain your one and only true lover. I want you trained to eat pussy, trained to fuck as many men as I choose, and trained to masturbate to porn and squirt to complete orgasms without batting an eye. I love you, and only think of you because your the perfect whore for him, and I want you to be the perfect slut for me. I love you Kathy, one day, I’ll make you mine!

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  • Reply Debbie Oleg ID:7z8m29mxij

    I love this, I hope it’s all true. I masturbate to this when I’m alone, just the thought of her husband wanting you as her permanent lover and to get her pregnant or to at least try, is so sexy and wrong at the same time that it just drives me crazy. I wish my husband was as awesome as hers, but I guess it was not meant to be, just straight boring sex. Anyway, I love your love for Kathy and want to read more.

    • Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

      Ohhhh Debbie. I couldn’t agree more. Very HOT!
      A good friend of mine fell in love with the woman his brother was to marry.
      When they got married they planned it for right between her periods. She was a virgin on her wedding night and very much wanted to be pregnant. Brother was the best man and husband brother invited best man brother to join them in the wedding bed and teach his wife all about sex. He watched them make love all night long. They went out for breakfast, then he watched his brother make love to his wife until they fell asleep in each others arms. In the morning he held a pregnancy test under her as she peed. She was pregnant! everyone was so happy they had a threesome all day long then went out to dinner to celebrate. Now that’s what I call a good wedding night! That was twelve years ago. The three of them live together, share the same bed, and are crazy in love. She also has a child by her husband.

  • Reply Remy Pramatvi J ID:7z8m29mxij

    Oh my god, I love this, I’ve always wanted this from my husband. I wish most boyfriends or husbands would be that adventurous and give their wives another man to enjoy, even if it’s just a fantasy. I hope this is true, Kathy is so lucky to have you lusting for her, with her husbands consent. This Ode to Kathy is romantic and sexy, I wish I could have a male stripper infatuated with me, oh what a lucky woman she is. I love this short rendition to Kathy, it’s so hot, I hope it’s all true.

    • DerekForKathy ID:7z8m29mxij

      Yes it’s all true. I can’t mention his real name in my stories, but I can mention her real first name. I am a real stripper and actually extremely popular. I am black and for years I’ve mostly been in Marrital relationships because I enjoy when a couple are in love but I get to fuck the husbands wife

    • Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

      There are Dozens, sometimes hundreds of men in every city who LOVE to fuck married women only. Many super enjoy doing it while hubby watches. Which is good. Lots of wives are like you. And the fantasy of watching his wife flirt, dance, cuddle, kiss and even fuck, is a strong fantasy in many men. And a lot of those have a big wish or strong desire for it to happen,,, but are afraid to mention it to the wife, or don’t understand how to make it happen. Your husband might be one of these. Try out talking fantasies with your husband. Play out by talking during sex. It can be fun, and may lead to him wanting it to actually happening.