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My bestfiends wife is my lover (Ode to Kathy)

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I walk Richard back to his car, again getting lost in thought as he talks to me, and Kathy sends me a texted facebook emoji of love, and asking for me to spend time with her. “Oh

I come to see my best friend in NYC (lets call him Richard), we sit at a Cafe sipping either coffee or tea, as he and I discuss a few issues that he has been helping me with, but all the while I’m imagining making love to his sweet, soft wife Kathy. I’m lost in the fantasy, the imagery of the pictures he sent me of her, I fall in lust at first then over the next year the lust turns to love as I assess my feelings for her against the feelings I have toward my fiancée. I know that I’ve fallen in love and deep lust. I drive up to the gate of their home, flash the lights of the car, as Richard sleeps, my Kathy responds and comes outside to greet me with the most tender kiss. We passionately embrace as she guides my hands to discover her body, as a only a boyfriend can, with free and total access to whats already mine. I snap back into reality as Richard says he has to get back to work. We hug, he asks, actually he begs me to come up and spend time with he and his wife Kathy, so that she and I can get to know each other better, but I resist the temptation because I’m too much in the hole and have no time to waste, thinking, “I have to fix these issues as soon as possible, no time to waste, not even for my best friends wifes’ pussy.”
I walk Richard back to his car, again getting lost in thought as he talks to me, and Kathy sends me a texted facebook emoji of love, and asking for me to spend time with her. “Oh how I wish I could Kathy, as lonely as my cock is, I do wish it were possible, but the offer comes at a rough time in my life.” I snap back to reality and stop Richard from talking by blurting out, “Hey Richard, I wanna fuck your wife, permanently, I want her to be mine when we finally get together, okay, and there will be no exceptions. Her pussy is mine all mine, as long as I’m there!” Richard responds, “absolutely Derek, you already know that as long as Kathy responds to you lovingly and becomes comfortable enough to know that you can have each other at will, then she is yours, remember that my jealousy is tempered by the reality that she already has a crush on you and has been masturbating to you for over a year, your my present to Kathy and I am fully aware and accept the fact that she might want you more than me, so I’ve long since, given her permission to fully explore her sexual fantasies with you as if she were single and you are her only lover, so when she is with you, she is only with you Derek. I need you to seduce her and for her to loosen up and seduce you, so that you become lovers, friends and a second husband to her, if you both wish it, but always know that if you both want to cheat that it’s okay also, your lives are private to each other, and not with me.”
At hearing his honest admission about what he wants for us, you need to know the truth about my feelings toward you and how I need to have you for myself, how I need to love you and slowly pump as much cum in his wife’s pussy to get you pregnant with my child, but until then, we practice, practice, practice. I want you to be my whore Kathy, my slut, different from Richard. Incest videos, of me being your brother, Daddy and Uncle as I fuck you into next week. I need you to be my lesbian wife, always wanting to eat pussy constantly, and finally being my bestiality wife, loving to watch girls getting fucked by dogs and horses. Wives need to know the importance of giving up the pussy as often as her lover or her husband needs it. Richard has become a best friend, but needless to say, I want to fuck his wife without reservation, without guilt, and without any hesitation.
Hey Kathy, I need you to cheat on Richard as often as possible, I love you and want you more and more every day. Richard needs us to be exclusive, even over him, only you and I matter.

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  • Reply Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

    I enjoyed reading this. I personally have known brothers and best friends who fell in love with the same woman and shared her. I know a father who fell in love with his sons wife, and they shared. I know a man who gave up all rights to fuck his own wife because he wanted his best friend to have her sexually. These things actually do happen in life.

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  • Reply Kristin O. ID:7z8m29mxij

    I’m a wife of 8 years and I want what she has. I want my husbands friend from college to fuck me again, like he used to, back when we were in University. I miss that and have always desired him since those days. I love to read your work, keep it up,

    • Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

      What is stopping you from grooming your husband to want you to fuck his friend from university and inviting him over for dinner or the weekend? He does know his friend used to fuck you, right?
      I bet he has masturbated a lot thinking about it.

  • Reply Angela K. ID:nc3qdtv0

    I love how you view or should I say, want your friends wife. I love how you express your desire for her, “WHAT A COMPLIMENT.” I would love if my husband gave the same options in bed, I would be so happy, anyway, please write more about your desire for her, it’s very erotic.

    • Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

      It is not unusual for a husband to have one or more of his friends lusting after his wife. And if they thought that they could get away with it, they would fuck her. Some of the husbands know this and hold the friend back because he believes it would upset his wife. Some of the wives know the friend wants her and fuck him behind her husbands back. And a lot of husbands dream and masturbate about friends or strangers fucking his wife. It is a pretty hot fantasy for the husbands. if you Angela want something like this in your life, it is entirely possible that you could make it happen.