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old memory

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I was studying in college my age was 20 years .average body.one day I was travelling in train.I met a guy who was 35 years old.we had formal talk and he told me about himself and I told him about my self. We get down at Delhi station he asked me to come to his house.I said o k .we. Took a riksha and went to his house in old Delhi.he had two room set .he introduced to his wife .we had dinner when I asked him I am going to my hostel he said stay for night and go in the morning..on his request I stayed .my bed was in another room.his side was in another room.in night he came to my bed and asked me .can I sleep with you I said o k .he also came in my bed.he closed the door .now he asked me lease tell me about my cock is it o k or small.he showed me his cock it was big about 9 inches .I said it is very big .it is o k .I asked him bhsbhi ji can take it easily or not .he said he takes it .but I have no child.that’s why I am worried .he asked me to show mine I said mine is small.but he insisted. SSo I snowed my cock it was ,6 inches only .he hold my cock and started stroking it became hard .now he wanted me to hold his.I put my hand on his cock it became hard and grew in size also .he was stroking my cock I got pleasure so I also started stroking him.we were on fire .after that he asked me can I fuck you .I said I will fuck you first he agreed and turned his ass for me. I put some saliva and pushed my cock inside it went easily .I started fucking him and stroking his bigcock.too.I came in .and I was happy.now he said now it is my turn .he asked me to turn around .I was worried how big cock will go in me .I said first show me how bhabhi ji takes it .he said she takes it easily you will also take it.he put as!iva on my ass and his cock and kept on my ass.he pressed I felt pain do said stop it is paining.he stopped. AAnd starts stroking my little cock it became erect .now he pressed and his head enters me I cried in pain he said relax..he pushed further it went stretching my ass with lot of pain .he did not stopped and continued pushing until he was fully in me I felt it has reached up to stomvh.he fuckrd me for 30 minute and stroking me I ejaculatd he Also came in me.my ASD was paining .he kept his cock i n me for 30 minutes more..and took out .he asked me did you enjoy I said I enjoyed but it is paining. HHe said first time it happens now your ass Is stretched you will not have pain any more .he asked me to shake his cock as he stroking my cock.my cock again became hard..I also started stroking his cock it again became hard…he asked me to fuck again I said I want to fuck your wife I will fuck your wife and you fuck me .he agreed and went to his wife’s room and came back and said come I have talked to her.he took me to his wife I stared playing with her boobs and put my cock on vagina it went in .without any resistance. I was fucking hrt and my friend put his cock in my ass he was fucking me .it was a great experience as I was fucking and being fucked .when I was pushing in he was pushing in me putting extra pressure now I WaS feeling less pain . I fucke d his wife and he fucked me .I ejaculated in her .but he was still fucking me so I kept my cock in her until he came….he met me after 4 months and said my wife is pregnant. All because of you. I congratulated him .I met him two more times .now I am married .but still remembered him.

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    You lucky man to have a cock and pussy to play with