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At 17 my girlfriend was a whirlwind of unadulterated sexual energy. I fucked her on our first date and that should have been my immediate hint. I was 26 and had dated quite a few

At 17 my girlfriend was a whirlwind of unadulterated sexual energy. I fucked her on our first date and that should have been my immediate hint. I was 26 and had dated quite a few girls, and a few older women in there thirties and forties, but none matched Elana, my 14 year old girlfriend. Elana lied to me for six months and told me she was 21, and the only reason I didn’t fuck her repeatedly since our first date was because of my busy schedule with the Army and being transferred from base to base, mostly for training, but also for local recruiting in which ever town or city I was stationed.
Elana called me and admitted the truth to me over the phone, because she fucked a local friend of mine with a few of his buddies in a gang-bang and was outed at the party that she and I were a couple, he fucked her anyway. I was furious, but forgave her when I returned, because the make up sex was out of this world.
So, let me give you a little back drop to our lives. This story has twists and turns that will inform you readers about the personality and character of my wife, specifically, and the turmoils of our dating life into married life. I am Devin, I married a wonderful woman who is twelve years my junior, she’s now 40 and I’m 52. Elana and I grew up in an all white southern, rural farming area of Kentucky, separated by two towns, we not live on a dream farm in South Dakota. Elana grew up in a house that was definitely unhealthy for a young girl, where her mother was a super slut and fucked as many men that came to the house, including her brother, her only uncle and his 3 sons, her cousins, from Idaho. Elana told me that the only people her mother didn’t sleep with, was her step father and his sons, her step sons, plus her step sons hated her. Elana saw all of this growing up and was the youngest person in the house, and it was a house of very little communication. Her step father would complain, at night, to her mother about needing a little intimacy sometime, even if it meant getting a peck on the cheek and a decent meal, which he never got, but within a year and a half, at 14 years of age, Elana would eventually supply more than enough affection, by way of pussy and ass.
Elana said she always felt sorry for her step father and began cooking for him and cleaning the house and really being a very functional daughter for him, as-well-as giving him lots of innocent hugs and kisses. She said it started off innocently for the first year, until she heard a phone conversation with her mother and one of her boyfriends, whom she later found out was a biker from California, that she was ready to leave her husband and daughter and go anywhere with him, and that’s exactly what her mother did, she ran off with Evan Paulson, and didn’t reconnect with my wife until Elana’s thirtieth birthday. Elana was devastated and so was her step dad, and over the first few months of grieving for the loss of his wife, Elana comforted him, and he comforted her, the only ones that were happy was her step brothers and because of them everyone was able to heal very quickly. The boys exposed there step mothers exploits to there father and to Elana, although she already knew about it. The boys William 18 and Kevin 19, blasted music, set up obstacle courses behind the horse stable, fixed all the bicycles and made sure that every weekend they all went to the movies at a mall. It was always a very long drive and she loved the scenery.
On a trip to the movies, with the whole family, William brought along a neighbors son, David, who sat next to her in the back seat of the truck, while her step family sat up front. Immediately, he began to fondle her and she took to it with surprise, but she said it was like a sexual switch was turned on that she couldn’t turn off. David quietly fingered her pussy and her several orgasms over their three hours truck ride. David thought she was 17 or 18 because she was a partially developed girl, and he assumed she went to a different school than her step brothers. She was his first boyfriend, and was fucking him for an entire year until she turned thirteen, and yes, she was fucking him at the age of twelve, he didn’t know and she never told him until her thirteenth birthday in June. This was in the eighties, and apparently she was still unaware of basic laws and norms of family life as she was stuck out in the hills of rural Kentucky, in the middle of nowhere. At the age of twelve she’d taken more cock than any girl I’d ever known, I was in shock at her revelation, I was disgusted, we ended the conversation in anger and didn’t speak for a few days, as I mulled over what to do.
You see, I caught Elana cheating with two UPS delivery boys and our postman, who happens to be a woman. It was a foursome caught on the security video cameras located all through the house and everywhere on the property, I never told her about the cameras, I just had my company install them because our neighbor had a theft of two of his horses, his horse truck and his Ford pickup. I looked at the recordings by mistake, I actually was going to clean up the hard drive for more space, when I accidentally double clicked on the recording and saw the first day of morbid fucking, it was unbelievable, then I watched the whole months worth of recordings and broke down crying, but still had sense enough to keep the existing hard drive and replace it with an empty one, instead of erasing it. I didn’t speak to her for days, until she told me that we had to talk, and talk we did, she confessed and so did I, we separated and got back together over the next 4 months, but I kept recording her. When I confessed to her that I knew what was going on, she thought someone told me, so I ran with that instead of informing her about the security cameras, so over the next four months, she was fucked by 18 men and boys I knew in passing. They came to fuck her and some stayed all day and night, she had daily orgies, brutal raping scenarios and let our dog and every horse fuck her. We have one dog, a German Sheppard named Dingo, and we have 8 male horses. At the end of the four months, I did see her vulnerable and talk to a few of her lovers about how she loved me, even-though she’d cheated on me for our entire marriage, and that she was privately diagnosed as a sex addict by her first boyfriend, Davids uncle from Dallas who was a psychotherapist. David’s uncle caught her being fucked by David and his 6 friends, he broke it up and sat down to have a long talk with them and gave her a diagnosis of Nymphomania. She said she confessed everything sexual that she’d done with his nephew, and it was a relief to her because she felt bad about it, but loved it and thought that she was like her mother and hated herself because of it. They spoke every time he came to visit and she never had sex with David when her uncle was there but as soon as he left they started up again, and she knew that she was truly a Nymphomaniac, and she tried some of the uncles suggestions but they didn’t work, she even convinced her step dad to allow her to have monthly therapy sessions at the therapist near the mall, that didn’t work because she was too addicted to sex.
David became more perverted and asked if she’d let some animals fuck her, she said, “Yes, anything for you David.” She was being fucked by his two dogs and his only horse regularly, even when David wasn’t around. She said she was caught by David’s mother as she was sucking the horsed cock, and was beaten by a leather horse strap by David’s mom. She was never allowed to see him again and was never allowed on the property either, nevertheless, she never told anyone what she caught Elana doing, but they did move away to another state over the next few months. She admitted that she and David fucked as often as they could, secretly at her home and was caught by her step brother William. William beat the shit out of David and that was that, they’d never fuck again. Elana admitted that she seduced her step father, when he was drunk, she seduced William, and finally seduced her step brother Kevin when she saw that he had a girlfriend that wouldn’t put-out, so he was jerking himself off in his bedroom and she decided to seduce him first, it worked and he was fucking his sister morning, noon and night, day in and day out, without hesitation. Kevin joined a construction firm and was on the road in three months. Being the whore that she is, she seduced her father, while he was drunk and slept with him lovingly holding her, and he fucked Elana, thinking it was his ex-wife and when he came too, it was morning and when he realized what he’d done it almost wrecked the family, but they recovered and kept it secret from William and Kevin. She consoled her step dad and by the end of the week they would be fucking as a dating couple for the rest of her life, yes, even till now. William started fucking her when she convinced him that it’s okay to fuck her because she’s not really his sister. She said William came around when she seduced with tales of her sexual exploits, as she saw his cock grow with each telling of her true stories. She said that William took to her pussy like a bat out of hell. They fucked everywhere, and anywhere, almost always at the point of being caught. With William, she was his only girlfriend, and are still both brother and sister and girlfriend and boyfriend till this day. She says she’s in love with William in a way that’s different from being in love with me and that she’ll never stop letting him fuck her, even if I had to divorce her, which I did, but we eventually remarried with new terms to our marriage.
Elana expressed her affections for her family members and how her step dad made love to her, and how she slept with him almost every night, as she lied to both her brothers about her relationship with their father. But it was William that would expose her to lesbianism, because of the detailed stories of what she did with David, he wanted to experience the same thing and more, so with William she explored the depths of bestiality, the full depth of rapid orgies almost like marathon fucking, and punishing anal sex of every kind, even from the horses and dogs. William went out and bought the two dogs from David’s father so they could continue to fuck his sister. When her father fell asleep she would meet William in his room to continue her Nymphomania all throughout the house. She admitted that her father almost caught them on several occasions, but William always slipped away quietly in the nick of time or he would pull out of her ass or pussy just before his father could catch them in the act. William wore loose gym slacks with an elastic waist band and she always wore skimpy catholic school girl skirts when fucking because it covered up just enough to hide her pussy, so she could be getting fucked in the side laundry room, while her father was looking at her, but couldn’t tell that his son was fucking her.
Elana and I have a wonderful marriage, but it wasn’t easy, I ended up fucking her best friends Amy and Bethany, from her book club, they read lots of sixties and seventies porn books. She was angry, obviously, and is still quite jealous and cautious about other women, especially Bethany, around me, but she has to deal with it because it’s still something she’s working on. Bethany and I still fuck often and my wife hates it and hates her, and they are no longer friends. Nevertheless, Elana and I are in love but practice an alternative lifestyle, not necessarily swingers, just people who fuck around a lot. Elana and I had it rough, but I always took care of her and she appreciated that, and I’ve made sure to keep my secret of having cameras everywhere, because what angered me before, now turns me on and makes me feel better about my affairs. My wife is a bonified nymphomaniac and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love her cheating, she still lies constantly about who she’s let fuck her, and I know this because I addictively watch the recordings. I know about her younger cousin Brad, that came to live with us to go to college next year, so he’s finishing up high school while living with us, and they’ve been lovers for a year. Brad fucks her every chance he gets and I watch the recordings of when we are eating or cleaning or me resting on the couch, or when I watch television, they screw each other at every opportunity. He’s instructed her to act out and say things when she sleeps with me, just so she can show him how much he means to her. For example, reverse cowgirl, so he can see her through the guest room, adjacent closet door that cannot close and has a hole in it; secondly, she tells me to call her, “my lesbian wife,” because it turns her on, when really it’s because Brad told her to, so she could think of him while I fuck her, the same thing goes with anything lesbian, and she closes her eyes and she’s thinking of him…I don’t mind, I actually love it. I watched several videos of their plot to cuckold me without my knowledge and I continue to act unawares until they decide they’ve had enough. She has become the whore of our area, especially with all the young boys and I’ve sanctioned it all, at her request, but on the behalf of Brad, although she told me it’s her choice, but I know better because I watch and record everything.
My wife and I share the lifestyle of her being fucked by whom ever she wants and I’m all for it and even if I get a little jealous or some issues arise we handle it, move on and continue with our lifestyle because we love it. Please enjoy my story and recognize the truth, that millions of kinky people exist and do a lot of weird shit, in private, and well that’s us.

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