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12 years ago during hurricane Katrina,my stepdaughter and family had come up to the house to get away from the hurricane.my wife is a few years older than me.we were unable to have any children of our own.my wife has 3 daughter’s from previous marriage and affairs,ages from 18-30. The storm knocked out power for 3 wks,our house was now the home of my stepdaughter and her 2 kids. My stepdaughter name is Laprisha Lynn 30 yrs old,5’5″ 145lbs blonde hair green eyes and huge breast something like 44dd . Saturday morning my wife had to work and the BBC step grandkids slept with friends leaving me and Lynn alone all day. Lynn likes taking Xanax bars given to her by her doctor. Saturday morning when Lynn got out of bed we sat at kitchen table drinking coffee as I watched her take 2 bars,she said this would help get her going. As we talked we smoked a joint leaving her high and horny.we talked about not having no kids between me and my wife her mother. Conversation led to asking her if she likes to watch porn…I love it she replied,your Mother don’t like to watch it. I took Lynn’s hand and led her to the living room,while still smoking that joint slid VCR tape in pressed start when the flick started this bleached blonde with huge titties was removing her clothes. So I said I love big titties, Lynn said what about mine? Don’t know I haven’t seen them ,as she pulled up her top ,I was staring at the biggest and prettiest titties that I have seen. Oh my god Lynn they are so pretty with out saying another word ,I reached over and started to feel my stepdaughter’s breast,my fingers circling her nipples which are big and hard. My lip’s found her big floppy titties and hard nipples as I sucked her like a baby. She was starting to move her hips and moaning when I picked my head up to her mouth and started to kiss Lynn deep and passionate. My hands found the waist band of her PJs,i ran my hand down and to my surprise I found a very wet shaved pussy,as My fingers buried inside her pussy Lynn still kissing me started to buck her hips having her first orgasm,i pulled my wet fingers out of her pussy and licked the cum away. I stood up and pulled off her pajamas and buried my head deep inside my stepdaughter’s pussy,sucking and licking the juices flowing from her. When she asked me to lay down as I did she crawled up on top of me straddle me and lowered herself down on me. Taking all 7″ of me inside of her pussy. Lynn started to fuck me,bouncing her ass up and down rubbing her ass on my balls. Ad I was about to cum I asked her to stop before I cum inside of you. I want to have a child for you , cum for me baby she was saying,oh god yes cum baby as she pounds my dick with her pussy oh Shit Lynn I said as I filled her womb with my sperm,she collapsed on top of me we fucked for most of the day.. My son was born 9 months later. I have a bond to this family like no other..

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    Hello Lynn I know it is been a year since you placed your phone number on here I was just trying to call you I am Tim from California would love to hear from you call me at 1-209-324-7633 or text me

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    needs editing if you would like help in the future with editing ill be happy to help just email me at [email protected]

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      i was wondering if you could help me with my true incest story? if so message me here or text [email protected] thankyou