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I love hiking one day I was out in the mountains came across some ponies they were friendly one of the mears must have been in season the stallion was sniffing her she lifted her tail I could see her her pussy this was turning me on I could feel my cock getting hard as I watched I could see the stallions cock start to grow this made my cock throbbing hard there was no one else for miles so I took out my cock and started stroking it man this was so horny the stallions huge cock was now hard as he mounted the mear I had a great view as his amazing cock slid between her lips and started fucking her hard until he filled her with cum as I watched his cock come out and his cum dripping out of her pussy it was to much for me I shot cum everywhere it was a great hike I decided to come back the next day for another free wank show . I headed of into the mountains the next day after a few hours walking I came across just one the stallion as I was patting him I noticed his cock growing and this started to turn me on I thought to myself I want to feel the huge cock so I moved my hands down its body till I touched his cock wow so bloody amazing I started stroking it grew even bigger. I started rubbing its cock on mine so amazing I shot my cum all over his cock you just got to love the great outdoors

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  • Reply Bob ID:smlgq0deqxg

    How come kiwi is a girl in some stories but a guy in this one ?

  • Reply Cocklover69 ID:2a73q4kb0c

    I would love to try horse cock and eat his cum. I’m a Cumslut

  • Reply Shire horses cock balls are super size ID:2kye6rkoic

    all ways sins being very young had high sexual drive, remember being about 10-11 getting really turned on by seeing a horses hard cock. Next to the holiday trailer we stopped in , I would strike stallion he would get hard I’d slowly rub his belly down down till fuvking hell icouldnt fit my both hands around the shaft of the horses cock I sucked it straight away with out known, the feeling of such a massive cock in your hands is unreal i shoot cum straight away from the Excitement

    • [email protected] ID:2c3h84r20c

      I bet the horse shoots alot of cum. I would have fucked the mare..