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Polyamorous Deborah

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however, Steve and I have a private lifestyle where lesbianism, bestiality and hot-wifing define our relationship without Brandon’s knowledge.

Hi everyone, it’s me Debs, the wife who gets to tell her sexual events her way, as I express my true affection for my husband Brandon, and his life-long best friend Steve, and for those who don’t know about us, we live a Polyamorous lifestyle, where my husband lives as a willing alpha Cuckold, not a sissy Cuckold, as I’m unequally shared with his best friend Steve as his girlfriend, lover and surrogate wife, and Steve is allowed to date and have other sexual relationships, but my husband Brandon must remain faithful to me, and I have to remain unfaithful to him, but faithful to Steve. All of these rules and demands were suggested by my husband and accepted by Steve and I, however, Steve and I have a private lifestyle where lesbianism, bestiality and hot-wifing define our relationship without Brandon’s knowledge.
For some time, Brandon has encouraged Steve to buy a house that he and I could also live together as husband and wife and for me to spend most of my time, sexually, with Steve and less and less time with him. Steve agreed, but I didn’t, I was reluctant and didn’t want to change our original, agreed upon lifestyle. Nevertheless, I eventually got on-board and now prefer the privacy of having Steve all to myself, because my husband has never expressed any jealousy or hatred to Steve or myself, in other words he’s made it easy and comfortable to live this kind of lifestyle, plus we still spend time at the house where we can still have our threesomes and where he can still get to see me getting fucked by his best friend. Over the last two years, Steve and I have lived together as husband and wife for 18 months privately, four months together with Brandon, one month vacation with Steve, and one month vacation with Steve and Brandon, but never alone with my husband since Steve has taken over the role of being my main husband. During the first year of living together with Steve, I began to forget all about my husband, Brandon, as Steve and I became husband and wife in every way, except on paper. I wore his ring, cuddled in bed, watched television, cooked and showered with him, privately in our own home. We vacationed together had our dates and had our pictures expressing our love for each other displayed all over the house, eventually Steve decided to propose the idea of vacationing with on my wedding anniversary to Brandon, for two weeks, as-well-as vacationing with him again on our mock wedding day for another two weeks. Brandon was beside himself with lust at the thought of it, and actually was angry at himself for not thinking of it first. Brandon agreed, I was reluctant at first, and was feeling as if Brandon was falling out of love with me, I said nothing, but happy and we were off. Steve and I fucked passionately in Barbados at our Bungalow, everyday for the entire two weeks, but on the last two days of our vacation, he shared me with a young black Cuban boy, Carlos, living and working in Barbados. I had so much fun being shared, and looking at Carlos being mesmerized by watching a couple fuck right in front of him, we never engaged in direct threesomes with him at that time because he was uncomfortable with having Steve watching us. Carlos was shy, very jealous and was falling deeply in love with me, but over the next two visits to Barbados, a total of a month and a half, he would grow to accept it and share me with Steve without being shy or turned off, but during the first times he and I would date and fuck in private while Steve occupied himself with other women or just wait until Carlos had his fill of fucking me, and having me all to himself. Although I was extremely jealous about Steve’s dating and fucking other women in Barbados, my affection for Carlos grew and I quickly substituted my jealousy for Steve into a serious lust and affection for Carlos so Steve and I sponsored him, to come and live in the United States. We all lived together for some time and Carlos fucked me like a machine and was always ready to fuck. Carlos knows the whole story of our arrangement, and hates it, because he want’s me for himself, he’s expressed that to me privately, but I had to tell Steve, he laughed and knew it would happen at some point. Steve asked if I wanted to continue my relationship with Carlos and I gave a hurried, “of coarse!” I’ve grown accustomed to it and it’s become my preferred way of living the lifestyle especially because Steve began to share me with Carlos, like my husband shares me with Steve. I agreed immediately. Carlos works for my husband and Steve, but my husband doesn’t know that Carlos and I are lovers and when Steve allows me to go home to get fucked by my husband Brandon, Brandon usually wants me to fantasize and role play about fucking Steve’s young assistant, Carlos and to shout out his name while fucking me. I feel just a little guilty afterwards but cheating on Brandon in this way, allows me to hotwife on an emotional level that really turns me on toward Brandon in a very lustful way, I think about Brandon all the time, that he shared me with his best friend, allowed me to be a surrogate wife a lover and to fall in love with his best friend all the while hoping that I’d live with him and prefer Steve over him, I was curiously puzzled because as a woman, I would never want that for my man, much less for my husband, so Brandon and I spent three days together, without any interference from Steve or Carlos, and we spoke about his fetish or kink. I fell in love with my husband for the second time as he expressed and shared every detail of his sexual desires for me and about me, we had a wonderful time together, and I shared with him the lust and affectionate love that I had for Steve, I even admitted that, ” I want Steve more than I want you, and I’ve fallen deeply in love with him and it’s his children that I want, not yours,” we kissed passionately and he thanked me for my honesty. I layed him on his back, lifted my skirt as I sat on his cock and stared into his eyes as I expressed my love and sexual attraction for his best friend. We recommitted our affection for each other as I expressed that I needed him to always be faithful to me, and if he ever cheated I would return home and end his sexual fantasy and lived-out-roleplay for us, and that I would never entertain the idea of doing it again, he agreed and assured me of his fidelity to me. I knew he would be faithful because I fully understood the scope of his fetish, meaning, I could do anything with anyone, anywhere, any time and he’d love me even more. The more of a whore I became was the more he appreciated me, the more I lusted for someone else and gave that person preference and preferential treatment over him, is the more he’d want me, I loved it and have made use of it as much as possible. I felt confident and empowered, so I told my husband about all of my sexual adventures with his buddy Steve, except for my relationship with Carlos. My feelings of guilt were gone, I now understood my hubby fully, I told him about most of my sexual adventures as he fucked me to exhaustion. I missed the rhythmic movements my husband made while fucking me, it’s like a dance, very sexy. Our last night together, I put on Steve’s wedding ring and fantasized that Brandon was Steve. I expressed every naughty thought that came to my mind, Brandon starred at me while I expressed my love for his best friend, saying, “I love you Steve, cum on Brandon’s wedding ring and let me lick it off, show me how much you want to dominate your friends wife.” Brandon lost it and exploded in my pussy and almost passed out. “Deb, do you really do that with him?” “Yes Brandon we do, as a matter of fact we do that all the time, when I go home to him tomorrow he’ll most likely beat me, strap me down to the floor bed and rape me while I tell him about how I cheated on him with you and how you fucked me all weekend and then he’ll cum on your wedding ring and I’ll lick it off to show him how much he owns me.” I decided to give Brandon another treat, since he wanted me to do something sexual for him that I’d never done for anyone else, so I lied and put on a video of a young Brazilian girl getting fucked by a horse, while sucking off a dog, I went to my suitcase and pulled out a horse cock dildo and masturbated to an amazing orgasm. Brandon loved it, I told him that I’d never done that for anyone except him, he believed me, but I’d done that for Steve all the time and I’d most likely be doing it for him in a day or two I secretly thought to myself. Brandon asked if I would do it for real, I said, “of coarse, I would, it’s been a fantasy of mine for 5 years.” That afternoon we went and bought a dog, we named him Rough, because he was rough, we taught him to fuck me in only half an hour and I fucking loved it, Rough and I put on a show for Brandon until 6pm, I was exhausted, truly exhausted, but after finishing up with Rough, Brandon drove me to Tim’s horse stable, where I let a beautiful black horse fuck me hour after hour until almost 4am. I was being fucked by a horse, while sucking my husband’s cock to orgasm after orgasm, until I passed out from too many orgasms, I eventually woke up at 1pm in the afternoon on Monday morning, not knowing how I got back home to Steve. “Hey Debs, your finally awake, Brandon dropped you home around 5am this morning, did you get a good rest?” Steve said, quizzically, “yes, I’m fine, is Steve here or he left?” “He left by 7, we talked for two hours and told me to always take good care of you because he really loves you, I think I will allow you to see him more often, I’ve neglected him, I think he needs more of his wife’s pussy, I’ve hogged you long enough, I’ll definitely let him fuck you more often.” I smiled, then we both laughed, I told him about how my husband fucked me all weekend and Steve raped me like never before, he missed me and asked if I still preferred him to my husband. I expressed my undying affection for him over Brandon and that I wished I had met him first so that he could be my real husband and not Steve, he almost blew a gasket as he came in my eyes and up my nose. I wiped up every drop and swallowed obediently, but all the while I was fantasizing about fucking for Brandon, fucking our new dog, “Rough,” and the black horse at Tim’s stable. I was truly turned on and wanted to be fucked again, so I could get off on the thought of being fucked by a horse and dog. Steve and I role played his rape fantasy until Friday night, I was raped daily for five days of punishing pussy and ass pounding like never before. I was and still am the kind of woman who gets off on pleasing my men, it truly turns me on, and when they want me they should always be able to fuck me, but ever since Brandon let the dog and horse fuck me, I’ve changed and now I am the one that is always ready to fuck, like literally all the time. That weekend Carlos and I dated, kissed and slept together lovingly without sex. Carlos was tender and loving, we went shopping and attended a few events and visited a few clubs where he loved showing me off. I had no sexual intercourse all weekend, so when he dropped me off, I asked him to drop me off at the local CVS, and I would walk home from there since it was a lovely night. He left and I walked to my husbands house to surprise him, and as I walked up to the house I saw that Karen was at my house, I instantly became jealous and I snuck in the house through the back and listened as they went over the accounting books, he rejected her advancements and flirtations four times, and he just wanted to get the books finished and said that he loved me and would never cheat, but she spoke against me and wondered where I was and that she’d be there for him when he gets lonely. He lied to her and said that my aunt and grandmother needed my help, and that he and I are even better in our marriage than ever before. I quickly ran out of the house to go to the front door and as I entered Karen jumped up in shock, I ran over to Brandon, French kissed him, said hello to Karen, went upstairs put on a sexy night gown, stockings and high heels. They quickly finished their meeting. Brandon came upstairs and wondered why I was home, because Steve hadn’t called him to say that he could have me tonight. “I love you Brandon, and I want to cheat on Steve with you as often as possible, we fucked all night and for the first time in years, we didn’t fantasize about Steve fucking me, I loved it, it was just my husband and I. The next day I called Steve and told him that I had to go to Ohio and help out with my aunt and grandmother, he was sad but wished me luck. Brandon purchased the horse from Tims Stable, and I’ve been fucked by the horse, the dog and my husband every day for three weeks and four days. I’ve been fucked by Carlos every Saturday and Sunday for the entire time, as I go out to shop or to get things for the house, making sure not to run into Steve. Over that period of time, Steve has been at the house eight times and I had to hide, and while he was leaving I would run to the side window and watch him leave as Brandon fucked me from behind. Brandon and I developed a fetish for bestiality porn, and it’s made me more of a sexual person, knowing that even animals want to fuck me, it’s really intoxicating. Brandon and I spent three months together and we agreed for me to get back to Steve as soon as possible so that he wouldn’t lose interest in me. For the last few days, Brandon and I dated each other like new lovers and fucked like animals, with me always swallowing cum, horse cum, dog cum and Brandon’s cum. Steve picked me up at the bus stop on the edge of town and we immediately embraced, I sucked his cock as he drove and we resumed our lifestyle without skipping a beat, he now fucked me with a jealous rage as he starred deeply into my eyes as he fucked me mercilessly, but with lots of passion. He regularly shared me with Brandon and kept his promise to me that Brandon needed more pussy from me, not knowing that Brandon was getting all the pussy, ass and mouth he needed from me already. My relationships have flourished, Steve gets all the pussy he needs from me and other women, Brandon and I get all the bestiality I need, and Carlos gets all the love and cuddling from his MILF. Carlos has a massive cock and it’s intimidating, yet amazing and addictive once you get used to it, and oh yeah, I’m both amazed by it and addicted to it. I love being attractive to an eighteen year old fuck machine that has a cock like a horse, I didn’t know at the time but he’s been fucking me since he was fifteen and Carlos hasn’t even fucked another girl or woman since he’s been fucking me, so he’s fallen in love with me and I with him and we’ve gotten an apartment in town where we can spend time as lovers, I had to eventually tell Brandon the truth about Carlos, he was happy, anyway during the last six months Steve allowed me to get an IUD, so both he and Carlos can fuck me without any delay, any day, any time and any where. It’s been fantastic, and Brandon hasn’t fucked me or seen me in six months straight, now that Carlos has 24/7 access to my pussy and ass. Carlos has a thirteen inch cock and is extremely thick, and fucks me lovingly but punishingly. It’s fun being loved by a young black man, it’s something that I had never dreamed of but now I can’t imagine not having him fuck me and date me, taking me to places that I never knew about as he introduced me to the black world and Hispanic world.
I realize that my thick and curvy body is a main attraction for men and animals, I also realize that most men are sexual creatures and live in that mind set, all day, and now that I’ve been letting my horse and dog fuck me, that I’ve taken on that same mind set of thinking about sex all day, every day. I do realize that this story might be too fantastic to be true, but it is. All the names are real, except for Tim’s horse Stable, and my husband’s bookkeeper, Karen.
I’m also going to expand on my relationship with Steve and his desire to turn me into his, ” lesbian wife.” Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed it.

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  • Reply cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

    Debs, I really enjoy hearing about absolutely everything and everyone within your awesome lifestyle.
    I truly hope it lasts forever. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:22lspkaghi


  • Reply Mat ID:z35zzgzfi9

    i just felt from you post that you are not feeling right.,
    anyways, it is up to you to accept this situation or not.
    i just said that this is not normal life. will not last.
    if you feel your inner whore in you got out of the box, then i think you will start searching soon on more freeky things. this thing has no limitation

    • Debs Baltimore ID:11av8zgx49j

      Oh okay, thanks Mat, I think I understand now, and yes my inner whore was definitely unleashed by Brandon and Steve, I’ll submit an update and address your last comment. Thanks again Mat, I’ll also clarify a few things, because I’ve definitely done a lot of freaky things with my men, and as a woman that’s pretty freakin awesome to have men that have encouraged me to be kinky for them, I truly love it, have a great day Mat.

  • Reply Mat ID:z35zzgzfi9

    what a fucken life you live. ooooh .
    nothing is forbidden , everything is allowed . .what the hell !!

    girl, this is not good to last for more years.,. this is unstable,.
    [email protected] text me pl;z

    • Debs Baltimore ID:1ao7grnq

      No, some things are off of our radar, but when it comes to my husband and I, our relationship grew into a private fantasy come to life for him, and I, like many other women, do anything for our men, like straight girls diving in to girl on girl sex because their boyfriends or husbands ask them to. I just happened to enjoy it and have the right men in my life that allow me to fully enjoy their particular fetish, which I now thoroughly enjoy. Anyway, I truly enjoy the Cuckolding personality of my husband, but he’s not a pussy about it, he’s manly, aggressive and honest about his desires, and I truly believe that’s why I can enjoy our lifestyle without any regrets. Brandon, Steve, Carlos and I have a perfect understanding of lust, love and ownership. I cheat, they love it, they get off on me.

    • Debs Baltimore ID:1ao7grnq

      I cheat, they love it, they get off on me. They get off on me in everyway that is sexual, which has made me way more sexual than I had ever imagined I would be, so having men, especially my husband, that encourage my inner slut or my inner whore increases my sexual satisfaction, and I would never change a thing, and if Carlos chose to stop, then I’d still have my husband and Steve. If Steve chose to stop, I’d still be satisfied with my husband and all the crazy shit he loves me to perform for him. Anyway, I’ll be writing about my gangbangs with Steve and all of his Domino playing buddies and my transformation to lesbianism for him too. Please don’t judge, I love what they have wanted me to do, and wouldn’t change a thing. I do let my horse and dog fuck me but that’s for me and my husband.