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I am married lady .34 years .with good figure. I was innocent before my marriage .didn’t know about sex I got married at 15 years of age .my husband was 26 years .he fucked me whenever he wants .I was terrified in the begning but slowly I was used to it. After few years his interest in fucking decreases and mine increased. He could fuck only once a months.but I needed much more I was in satisfied .I used all vegetables to get fucked .but that gave me some pleasure.I was in need of sex .I found a way .I used yo call street dogs and feed them with food .they became friendly with me..slowly I. Started playing with them .they also liked me .one day .huby was on duty I called big dog and closed the door..igsve him good. And I got undressed. Dog started sniffing and licking me my hand thighs and slowly my cunt.I spread myl legs to give him good view .now he was licking my cunt and inserting his tounge in my cunt I got mad his rough tongr was making me mad my huby never licked me.now I was fully arroused .I saw his cock was coming out of sheeth.it was red and polnted.I put myhsnd on his cock his cock became big and thick he started humping my hand .I thought he I readynow so I pulled him on me his mouth was on my breast he was licking them giving me more pleasure.I put his cock on my vagina with my hand he immediately humpped and his cock was inside me .and humping very hard his cock swells in be and became big and thick..I was in fuul mood I hold him tight my putting my legs on him.his cock was jerking inside Me and leaving discharge in me .now he stans still and jerking inside I was enjoying him.after 30 minutes his cock shrinks and comes out with lot of discharge coming from my cunt .he licked and cleasned me and his cock .it was about 8 inches long.. I gave him milk to drink .after 20 minute I was. Ready again together fucked .I can!!ed him and started playing with his cock.he was ready too. His cock wes coming out do I knelt on four like bitch. He ikmmefistly jumped on me and started fucking .me his cock went inside me up to my bomb.his knot swells and I got tied with him like his bitch.he remained inside Mr for 30 minute and his knot subsidies SBD comes out ..I enjoyed.that day…but soon I was bored by dog fuck.now I wanted some big so I was not getting any chance .one day I went to my village..in village I got a chance to fuck a donkey. In villeag we go out for toilet in fields .their I found a donkey eating grass in field . there was a sugarcane field fully gtouth.I hold donkey and took him inside sugarcane field .he was fritened some what but as I crossed him he was normal.I petted his belly.near his cock his cock immediately hangs out it was 15 inches long.I got in mood I was bet down so I bent under himsnd put his cock on my cunt he immediately jerkrd and his head went inside me I got pain but donkey was animal he gave me another jerk his half cock was inside me. And jerking I was in heaven now .he was pudhin his cock in me . his 12 inch’s was inside me .and he was thrusting hard .I was enjoying it. He ejsculsted lot of cum .I enjoyed. But still unsatisfied.

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