Thinking of Another man, to Polyamory

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My wife Sandy and I are 62 years old, I am Sammy, her husband of 32 years, she was married for a few years at a very young age with a military man who died at a young age. Sandra, whom I call Sandy, and I met at Virginia Beach when we were both twenty eight, and we’ve together ever since, and we were married in Vegas two years later, when we were both 30. I express this information in some detail, to give readers a little background to my story. During our wedding night and then 4 day honeymoon, I would hear our hotel room neighbors fucking like the world was coming to an end and wanted to enjoy every minute of it. An older interracial couple, both in there late 50’s were absolutely beautiful, he was a perfectly formed black man and she was a blonde haired blue eyed Swiss beauty, she was curvy, tall and had the perfect weight to height ratio. My wife is very personable, and hit if off with them, and she’s very progressive, so she made sure to make friends with them and develop a relationship with them. Many things happened during those four days, but what I really wanted to share with you readers is how my wife and I were able to get a different perspective on sex after talking with them, and my wife of only two days, told us all how her former husband liked to watch her kissing, touching and rubbing other women, at the time I was floored, and she just said it in a matter-of-fact-way. They all kept sharing details with each other, but I couldn’t share because all I had ever done was straight sex and really, really enjoyed blowjobs.
The couple, I won’t write their names, admitted that they really enjoyed sex and loved each other, and she wanted to explore the kinkier side of sex by having anal, dirty talking, dirty and extreme porn magazines, like bestiality and S&M but, what was her only must have, is to have her husband fuck any woman that either of them find sexually attractive. We spent an interestingly fun time together gambling, drinking and eating, then ended the evening by midnight and retired to our respective rooms. After showering, my wife and I went to bed, but we heard our friends fucking, and he was fucking his wife, while thinking of mine, and shouting out my wife’s name for over three hours of fucking his wife. It was almost 4 in the morning when they fell asleep, but during that whole time, his wife was encouraging him over and over again, while they both came simultaneously, but she had multiple orgasm after multiple orgasm. We were both horny, and Sandy asked if I could just watch her orgasm to them having sex. I said, “yes, I’ll just watch you honey.” She had several orgasms, back to back and try to orgasm with them, as I watched and masturbated. Sandy and I basically had an amazing time for our honeymoon, but we never experimented with sex during the rest of our marriage, until February of last year of 2017. Sandy is curvy and extremely sexy, she looks like a very sexy 45 year old. Both of us work on our bodies, I’m an avid cyclist, and table tennis enthusiast. Sandy is a yoga instructor, and a workout fanatic and we both have the physic of twenty somethings, with faces of 40 somethings.
Since Sandy and I usually have sex about twice a month, which I think is normal, I was shocked when she came home on Saturday afternoon and said that she wanted to fuck, IMMEDIATELY! We did it everywhere, and when we finished she wanted more, and I said, “NO FUCKING WAY!” She and I spoke and said that a very hot girl was masturbating in the hot tub at the gym, which really turned her on, plus, she admitted to me that she’s turned on by our neighbors son Allen. When she admitted that to me, I got an erection. We heard him working out in the backyard, with no shirt, and sometimes he trampolines and dives into his pool for a late night swim, he’s a fun kid and sometimes he rides with me to our nearby city and back, I like him a lot. I got the idea for her to masturbate to him, so I ran to our guest room, while talking back and forth to my wife and telling her that I would like to do what we did during our honeymoon, or specifically what the interracial couple did, while thinking of her. My wife had a huge smile on her face and scampered to help me take out my office desk and to quickly renovate the spare bedroom, back into a spare bedroom. We recorded his workouts, and cut and paste it in order to create the sexiest video for her to get excited about, and finally we realized that he doesn’t have shades in his window and my wife gets to see everything, even when he brings girls and women over to fuck, and I swear he’s fucking aunt Kassie, and his little cousin Helen.
Sandy and I shut off the lights, when he’s outside and she says whatever comes to mind, with no jealousy or criticism. Sandy rides on top of me, grinding and bumping up and down while staring out of the window at him, and she has the most amazing orgasm as she whispers his name and creates scenarios while role playing and this is basically the only type of sex that we have almost every day. I am Allen in every sexual role play and fantasy, all the time. Sandy usually orgasms to him even when I’m not there with her. There have been times that I’ve stopped over to visit and say hello, or to invite him for a bicycle ride, so that she can see me outside talking to him, which turns her on, knowing that she can get off to him, while I’m there shaking his hand, knowing that I know that she’s having orgasms while seeing him. Allen’s videos and pictures are on our computers and Internet TV, so if he’s not at home, she can still see him to get off to him. Sandy also has a photo of him on her phone, so that she can privately get off to him at work, which I greatly agree with and encouraged. This has been a real boost to our sex drive, and I’ve had more sex this year than I had during my past.
Sandy and Allen started fucking, at my request since October of 2017, and he knows how my wife lusts for him. I’ve become a type of cuck. I truly enjoy Allen fucking my wife, they date, they sleep together and even have their own private room in the basement, where they have their own life downstairs, I had asked her for us to have a Polyamorous relationship with him, where she has him as a boyfriend while I remain the husband. I was encouraged to tell my story because I read a story, on this website, that related to my life experience with my wife. Every fantasy is of him and about him, even when she is with me, she’s been telling him, “I love you Allen; cum in me my love; marry me; get me pregnant baby; I want you to make me fuck your friends; fuck me like you fuck your cousin and your aunt!” Allen obviously, has the sex drive of a young man, and on days that he doesn’t fuck my wife or stay over, he goes home and still fucks his girlfriends from time to time, his aunt when she comes over and his cousin whenever she and her mother comes over. Sandy asked Allen if he would agree to record everything and everyone he fucks in his room, and he does, he records all of his sexual activity and hands it over to me. That kid gets pussy 7 days a week and wife encourages him to fuck as many girls as possible, because she’s turned on by it, just like the couple in Vegas, so long ago. I tried to get her to let me fuck other women, but she can’t take it and is far too jealous to allow it, she wants to be the only one allowed to cheat or have another person to fuck…so I agreed because she is enough for me and I don’t want any trouble.
Sandy admitted that she loves me, but wants Allen and only thinks of him because she’s become accustomed to it, I love it and I’ll tell more details about her recent bisexuality and her being shared by Allen. They have an very small loft apartment together in a nearby city, where they act as mother and son, and have become members of a few swingers clubs. She’s having fun and so am I. I love my wife and enjoy sharing her for as long as it lasts, because she’ll be done with it in a few years so I might as well build up all the whorish memories that I can have, it’s intoxicating, I love you Sandy, enjoy Allen and never stop fucking him, not just for me, but for yourself.

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