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The Hangover Part 2

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The next day, the 26th, a Sunday, we all woke up. We had the same idea, but even at a young age, we came with the idea of “Brutal”! Something all of you, I hope, will love! We woke up at 7:30. The dogs were awake this time. They came over, and licked our faces to wake us up. As soon Angela got up, they pushed her down. She said, “Round 3?” I replied, “Round 3!” The others got nude, because believe me, they love it, and they still do, and so did we, for nude. Scott bangs Angela, like he can’t ever get enough of her pussy! They were knotted for 41 minutes! She kept all of the remaining dog cum in, because Chomp came. I got laid by Angie (Angelina) & Angela, who mostly focused on the most attractive parts. Brutal part, I did these at the same time: Butt rubbing, thrusting it in, and ensured pleasurement!! Angela then went back to Chomp, who knotted with her with all of Scott’s cum for 56 minutes. Ken & Daniel went with the dogs, & they knotted them for 38 minutes (Ken), & 36 minutes (Daniel), respectively. At that time, I had the 3 girls for a 4 some. I was crawling all over their tits, and faces. They got me under, then destroyed me 3 on 1. I was masturbating, cumming, etc. almost every single second. When the dogs un-knotted, they went for me. Chomp widens my a-hole, while I moan in excitement. Ken starts licking Maxine’s hole, which they go along until their exhausted. My dogs become exhausted, but what saves them is Angela. Scott approaches her, then licks her pussy, then mounts her. When he knots her, she experiences something in the stomach. It looks different. It just, a tiny bit, increased.We’re very concerned. After she’s un-knotted, it grows a little more, & that’s it. We all fall asleep, at 6:45 PM. At school the followers day, I have her go to the nurse. She asks her, then after 20 minutes, or somewhere near, she figures it out. She gives her a pregnancy step, which tells her to check it out. She invites me to the classroom, before class, and she tells me that it’s positive, meaning Scott got her pregnant. I’m just mind blown, but, like I said, it’s happened before. After 8 months, and doing it with Scott during multiple visits with my 4 other friends, including my GF Angie (for short), she gave birth to up to 5 Great Dane puppies. As of there, she is now a part of my family, along with Angelina. She considers Scott her husband. Chomp also got her pregnant, as an assist. One of the puppies was a Boxer, So, 6 puppies. She is actually the GF of Daniel. Of all of us were to be family, Maxine would need to be pregnant by one of my dogs. Chomp seems the one to be right for her.

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  • Reply Ange-lover-ina ID:by20ifi9

    Afterward, Ken & & my bestie, Maxine, as of a few months afterward of this story, got a Mastiff, & a Bloodhound, both big dogs! No one doesn\’t even know our amazing journey. Believe me, my BF has more, but with the newly introduced dogs, and it was around his 15th birthday! ❤ Angelina