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Renewed attraction for hubby, but still loving his best friend

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Hi readers, I spoke with Cindy and Tessi individually, about some of the bestiality sex fantasies I’ve been having orgasms to while fucking my husband. Tessi loves it and we’ve incorporated it into our sex romps. As many of you know, I truly enjoy cheating on my husband, and yet I love him, but I do prefer his best friend Derek as my love and lover. We are the best of friends, yet I love cucking my husband without him knowing. I’m a spinner, bisexual and truly enjoy and prefer interracial sex. My husband, David, and I have been fantasizing about Derek fucking me regularly, and as-a-matter-of-fact, it’s basically all we do, my husband and I have been fucking this way for a year, where I verbally and physically show him how much I want to fuck his best friend, I whisper, in his ear, how much I want to fuck Derek and how much I prefer Derek to him. I look at Derek’s pictures and orgasm to them, and we role play for days that he is Derek.
When he arrives from work, I whisper in his ear, if Derek is home, but if Derek is not home I just say, in a normal tone, “Hi Derek, I’m so glad your home early, I love you and I missed you all day, now fuck me before David gets home, and we’ll all have dinner together, okay!” David loves it, he doesn’t want it to happen for real, but what he doesn’t know is that it’s been happening for years, actually for the entire time that he and I were together. If he wants to be extra kinky or amorous, he’ll call me on his way home from work and tell me to, “start my thing,” which means for him to catch me, somewhere in the house, masturbating to pictures of Derek, usually he wants me to masturbate in Derek’s room if he’s not there, or to masturbate outside his room door in the attic, so that when he catches me, he gets jealous enough to rape fuck me. David also enjoys me masturbating to women, especially porn stars, but also actresses and other female celebrities, like Scarlett Johansson and Kim Kardashian and in this way, he says, “you can satisfy your fantasies of lesbianism.” He has no idea how much pussy his wife has licked, and sucked on since we’ve been together, but I do love his wonderfully innocent, and naive ignorance about me. With having my husband training me to think of other people during sex, all the time, has given me a freedom and perspective I never thought about, which is to create scenarios for him that he might not of thought about before, and it was so liberating and kinky that I felt like I was becoming the worlds best lover.
I introduced the idea of fucking his step dad, Carlton, while he was fantasy raping me, so we continued doing that because he became addicted to the fantasy. Then, I started to let him catch me masturbating to She-male and bestiality porn and he almost passed out from lust, he fucked me like a 17 year old getting the chance to fuck his teacher. To this day we still fuck to me masturbating mostly to horse fucking Brazilian girls, he’s more in love with me now than he was before, especially because I can be his whore in the bedroom, but always his Lady when we are in public. I love that he’s increased my confidence so much that even when we go out, we’ll find a man, woman or young teen boy to fantasize and make up scenarios about when we get home, and it’s always my idea, and at my will. Hey, I am even the person who always chooses the porn I want to watch. So since he gave me the confidence and freedom, I’ve given him the pleasure of having a dirty minded wife that loves sex, and as a woman I feel very, very empowered, all thanks to my husband, I am so grateful to him for his acceptance of wanting me to fantasize about Derek and so many other people.
My new found sexual empowerment, brought out by my husband, has given me the confidence to fantasize about his Uncle Fetti and his two nephews Bobby and Gates. Lately, when David and I fuck, I make sure to turn off the camera in the room we are in, so I can slyly give him the privacy of our Kink without Derek knowing anything about it. So, I’ve had our most private and intimate moments as he shares me in fantasy, I’ve become his porn star wife and I really love it. I can have real sexual fantasies and express my real desires to fuck someone else and he’ll just love it, it doesn’t matter what I do, he gets off on it. I can flirt with anyone, man or woman, and we laugh about it on our way home and then he fucks the living hell out of me. I’ve even begun to flirt with Derek in very subtle ways for David to see, Derek doesn’t know that I’m doing this, but I’ve stepped up my game to turn David on even more, by wearing my boy panties and tee shirts around the house, no more robes or being fully clothed, and in this way I turn them both on, so Derek can give me a quicky fuck, and David can watch Derek’s reaction to seeing me half naked.
David has quickly become my lover like never before, and I really enjoy being his whore and he knows that. He even got a carton of Black ribbed condoms to simulate Derek’s cock, fucking me, damn, he’s become creative and fully accepting of everything I choose to do or say during sex and foreplay…I love my husband and can’t wait to fuck him after Derek and his friends have their way with me. I decided to express this part of my life with you readers to give more insight, confidence and perspective about me based on an email response I received from a reader who stated that his wife has similar fantasies that I do, and that it turns him on. I hope telling the truth about the sexual dynamics of my married life is an inspiration to a lot of women, and to men also, especially husbands. But when it comes to cheating, I don’t want to inspire women to do that, unless they truly enjoy it. I don’t and never want or wanted to hurt my husband, I really, really do love him, but the reality is that I fucked his best friend first, in a moment of weakness, and I truly enjoy cucking him, but I hope he never finds out unless he’s turned on by it, and at some point I might reveal that to him.
Nevertheless, enjoy my sexual journal and remember that most of us women are very faithful, just like I always was in my past, but being in a situation that allowed me to have two unbelievably beautiful men, one black the other white, has given me a different mindset when it comes to thinking about sex. I’ve become bisexual and have opened up to all types of sex that I have never thought about before being with Derek or my husband, and it has given me an sense of liberation knowing that everything I do and say makes his cock hard, I’ve learned so much.
I really didn’t understand how men look at women, or specifically me. In school I was the small little teen, while other girls were fully developed with full breasts and tall and had all the boys going crazy. I was a late bloomer, in every way, but I’m making up for it now and I’m happy, very happy, especially knowing that although I’m little, I’m a sexy spinner that gets a lot of cock and pussy. I really love it, I didn’t know that men wanted to fuck so much, and that being a whore is really attractive to so many men, even if they want it in fantasies but not in reality with their wives or girlfriends. I’m enjoying it, I’m enjoying my new awareness. I really am turned on by horses and dogs fucking girls, I love porn just like most men, and I can express that to my husband without ever being embarrassed, I even told him that watching lesbian porn is my favorite porn and that no matter what porn I watch, a woman’s pussy is what turns me on the most, and to that his response was to call me his “Lesbian Wife.” David has given inadvertently given me complete control of our sex lives, with my needs taking preeminence as his needs are steered by my desires, just fucking amazing, I made the right choice to marry a man like this, he takes care of all my needs, socially, financially, sexually and emotionally, just FUCKING AMAZING!!!! I am lucky, ab-so-fuckin-lutely the luckiest wife in the world. I wish I could help as many women as I could to open up and be a little naughty, kinky and expressive, that’s what men want, well at least most men, either in fantasy or reality, just find the one that wants to follow your sexual lead.
By-the-way, I am now the kind of wife that reads sex stories, talks constantly, about sex with both of my men, I watch any and every kind of porn especially Japanese, Brazilian bestiality, She male, Lesbian and Cartoon 3D porn. To all the ladies who read my journal, I’ve become the only person my husband and boyfriend lusts for, literally. It’s addictive and fun, I honestly believe that normal or regular women like myself can end up being just like me, able to take control in the bedroom as your husbands or boyfriends happily relinquish their sexual control to follow your needs.

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  • Reply Cappy ID:89csv6s5hi

    Sounds pretty nice.
    It isn’t cheating when your man knows, approves, loves to watch or hear about you and your sex adventures, loves sloppy seconds or just the smell of another man on you, enjoys watching you flirt and touch other people. That said, there can be a thrill with having lovers not knowing about each other and them unknowingly getting the other mans sperm on their mouth or penis. Some women get a super sexual thrill about doing this. Bottom line. Enjoy yourself and stay sexy.

  • Reply Terry 69 ID:9ces2g42

    I despise a muthafucking cheater.

  • Reply Karlie&Benji ID:10o48pc1k09

    Unbelievably hot, as a woman I feel the same way. I\’very always had those thoughts and I finally decided to explore them with my husband and he loves it. We fantasized about me and his younger brother all night. I followed your lead and it worked, I won\’t cheat, like you, but I love your journal and will try everything except actually cheating, it\’s just not me…thanks so much Maggie.