My husband lets me cheat and fuck all my ex boyfriends

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Hi readers, I’ve been asked by my husband a few days ago if I’m still jealous of the other women in his past, and I admitted that I was; that I love cheating on him and it makes it easier for me to cheat on him when I imagine him with other women, Richard smiled and said he was shocked seeing that I’ve been a hotwife for a while and I can fuck anyone I choose. I admitted to him that I have learned to truly enjoy the lifestyle because of the attention, that I’m the focus of their attention, whether it’s a dog, that dog wants to fuck me and gives me all of it’s attention; the horse wants me and it’s cock grows just by seeing me, in anticipation of fucking me; men and other women can’t wait to touch me, kiss me, share me and fuck me, and that’s the part that’s so addictive, I withheld admitting my feelings of real affection for his best friend and how that played in my sexuality, then I paused and Richard said, “Michelle, what if I told you that I want you to allow your ex boyfriends to fuck you, but I want you to cheat on me as much as they want you to, or as much as you want to, and I want you to seduce them and have real relationships with them for the year, and at the end of the year we’ll discuss all the details to see if you would like to continue with it…what would you say to that?”
I was shocked, I said, “I don’t know Richard, six of them cheated on me and were assholes, the other four are married now, and they were abusive assholes, I mean, I love you and want to please you by living out all of your fantasies, but I don’t know about this one!” Richard turned toward the kitchen door and opened the window, pulled me up to the sink, lifted my skirt and stuck his dick in my ass, without lubricant, as our 19 year old neighbor watched me getting fucked as I called out Kevin’s name as Richard fucked me. Wendell ran inside his house to masturbate in his room, we could see him stroking his cock while I got fucked, it was awesome, I orgasmed to Wendell watching us, as I accidentally called out Wendell’s name instead of Kevin’s name, my husband loved it, we performed just for Wendell and I kept calling out his name as I stared at him, while my husband fucked me. Wendell had my complete attention. I drank my husband’s cum three times, and I orgasmed 8 times, twice while masturbating for Wendell as my husband leaned against the counter top, watching me masturbate for our neighbor. The young boy, brazenly stood in front of his window stroking his dick to me as I performed for him, just for him and only for him. What I mean is that I actually forgot that my husband was there, I only focused on Wendell and my orgasm. I orgasmed for the last time, I was exhausted but very horny, as I motioned for Wendell to come over; he ran over, knocked on our door, my husband let him in and he was very nervous, then my husband assured him that it was alright. Wendell ran into the kitchen, and upon seeing my naked body and spread legs open for him, he started eating my pussy as I fed him my cream, and squirt, he even slurped it up from my thighs, table and counter top, it was exciting to see an eager, young and very handsome young boy swallowing pussy juice in all it’s forms. Wendell licked the rest of the cream off my fingers and asked if he could fuck me, I said, “yes, just make sure to cum inside me while choking and slapping me while calling me your lesbian whore.” Wendell did as he was told, he practically raped me just like I wanted, but with a passion I have never felt before, it was real, it was passionate, and it was aggressive. ” you pussy eating whore, you fucking Dyke, take my cock you fucking lesbian!” he said, as he choked, punched and slapped me with a vengeance, I loved it, I loved every fucking minute of it, being used and dominated by someone so young, it was intoxicating, just fucking intoxicating. Wendell beat me, slapped the shit out of me as he role played me cheating on him with other women, hurling cheating lesbian insults at me, and constantly maligning my character as a cheating slut, a whore and a lesbian. Wendell emptied himself of every drop of cum, as he collapsed from exhaustion, he lay atop my breasts kissing them gently, one by one then two by two, I was in heaven. I looked over to see my husband stroking his cock to an explosive orgasm while rushing over to have me swallow his load. We spoke with Wendell for almost three hours and my husband told him that he wanted me to have a boyfriend close by, and that it had to be a secret, Wendell accepted, we all ate a wonderful dinner, he fucked me again and went home as soon as his parents came home.
My husband and I started up our earlier conversation and I agreed, as he explained,” I just let our neighbor see us fuck, I just let our neighbor fuck you, and I am allowing you to date him as your boyfriend and I want you and him to fuck, as much as he’d like because I love you Michelle, I love you in a way that it makes me feel complete when other men want you, it makes me feel confident knowing that you’ll let other people fuck you because I asked you to; it’s a type of cuckoldry where I want to give you the freedom to be a whore, with the safety of knowing that you can always come home to your husband, knowing that you can cheat because your husband gets off on other people wanting you, because I want you to experience all the different ways that other people make love to you or fuck you, I want to risk everything while allowing to be submissive to the sexual needs of other men and women, so my type of cuckoldry is based on your submissiveness to others and to me.”
I was floored, turned on and flattered. I said nothing to him, but my look said all he needed to know, as I called three of my exes from memory, as Richard watched me seduce them over the phone, the others I found through friends or in my contacts list and one on Facebook. So for the past few days Richard has been hiding in the closet, peeking at me fucking four of my last ex boyfriends and his favorite is Calvin, the last boyfriend before I married Richard. The majority of my boyfriends cheated on me and Calvin was one of them, he is now married to the girl he cheated no me with, but now I get back at her by fucking him on the side. My husband loves watching Calvin fucking me because he’s a mixed Puerto Rican, and considers himself to be black, and his cock is unbelievable as straight as a pin and as thick as a corn stalk. Over the past week I’ve fucked all ten of my exes, and it’s the wildest most satisfying feeling of sexual intimacy I’ve ever known, because I was in love with everyone of my boyfriends at some point and now the man that I am married to and truly love encouraged me to allow them to fuck me, and for some strange reason, I’ve fallen so deeply in love with Richard that words can’t describe it, other than to say that he is my everything. I still love Kevin, but it’s based mainly on my sexual desires for him and how my body reacts to him and my unnatural desire to please him more than anyone else, or so I thought, until Richard expressed himself to me, and how feels about me and then allow me to have unlimited intimate sexual access to all of my exes, and to be up front about everyone, another ex boyfriend named Richard, nicknamed Dico, is happily married and didn’t want to cheat on his wife, and Richard begged me to seduce him, and with my husband’s help I seduced Dico, and he was the last to agree to both date and fuck me regularly. After next week, Richard will no longer watch me, because of his need to not know what I’m doing and who I’m doing it with, because he needs to know that I’m his bisexual cheating hotwife, and that’s pretty fucking cool. Plus, Wendell moved in with us and lives downstairs in our basement apartment where Kevin lived, and just like when Kevin was here. I sleep with Wendell every night, shower with him, cook for him and he and Richard share me as often as possible, and since Wendell is so young and living with us, both Richard and I agreed that I should have my affairs away from home. Everything is scheduled, and I date in the city where I get to stay at my husband’s company apartment and fuck whoever I want, at any time I want. It ended up being a lucky break to have so many lovers on call, because Kevin has been busy, so there are times that I use his house, but whenever he returns I still belong to him, I make sure to fuck his horse as often as he can take watching me and his dog also. I say that because Kevin passed out a few times while watching me getting fucked by our horse. Every time that I’m with Kevin, I feel like I love him more than anyone, but as soon as the passion is expelled I always think of Richard and what he’s allowed me to do, so I decided to give Richard three gifts. The first, I would let him see me make love to a woman, secondly, I would let him see me getting fucked by our other neighbors horse, and third, I would let him watch me seduce and hopefully fuck his uncle. This had all happened on Tuesday and Wednesday. Dico came by to fuck me, anal all the way, he left then Wendell came home to get a few things as he and his family went to Chicago to visit a few colleges, Kevin would be away at the convention center in Baltimore Maryland, and our neighbor, unfortunately is divorcing wife for cheating, Wendell has been fucking her, true story, little Wendell has been fucking her since he was 15, so he’s been regularly fucking Sandra for four years, yes my husband and I knew about it, which is why my husband enticed him into fucking me, anyway, I invited Richards uncle over and had Richard hide in the coat closet, so when his uncle came in he saw me masturbating to Brazilian bestiality, a beautiful dark haired wife getting fully penetrated by a two foot horse cock, it was amazing to watch. He entered, was surprised, then I invited him over to watch and he fucked me like there was no tomorrow, he plowed into me with anger, lust and passion, and Richard was able to see me getting fucked everywhere downstairs in our house by his uncle, he came inside me 5 times and I swallowed his cum twice, the fucking guy came seven times, and I kept enticing him, saying, ” fuck me uncle, Richard will never know, I want you to always fuck me, I mean it, I want your cock in me anytime you need my ass or pussy, I want you more than nephew, I always have and now that I have you, I need you to take me whenever you need me, I love you uncle.” I said all this and more, as I stared at Richard jacking off to my words. I could see Richard sneaking around every corner to get a peek at his uncle fucking me in every room downstairs, so after his uncle came, I swallowed his cum and grabbed his hand and led him next door to the stable, where Richard snuck to the other side of the stable climbing upstairs to the hay loft, watching my pussy spread open to fit a horses cock, I fit it inside me while holding the two foot shaft, and gliding it in inch by inch as Richard and his uncle held there breath in anticipation of seeing me get fucked, and I let that horse ride me and pummel me like I was a female horse. Uncle said, ” how can that fit inside you, your such a cunt, a fucking whore, I never imagined you were such a slut and a piece of shit, you dirty bitch.” I reveled in his disappointment and insults and I rubbed my clit to an amazing orgasm, as I felt the horse stiffening and about to cum, I pulled out it’s cock and furiously jerked it to orgasm in my mouth swallowing almost half of it’s cum and licking up the rest off of my face and hair, I watched Richard cum upstairs on the hay stack as his uncle came all over my breasts while calling me his piece of shit! I don’t recommend this for everyone, but it’s true and I enjoy it immensely because my husband and I want me to be overly kinky. My husband watched me sleep with and fuck his uncle until the morning as Richard pretended to work over night and would come home by eight in the morning. Richard got to see me fuck our neighbors two dogs, and the horse again in the morning as-well-as his uncle taking me in our bedroom before leaving me, as he promised to be my lover, but I had to be the one to call him, ” deal!” I said, happily. Richard and I are in love, but we are a kinky couple, and my husband absolutely enjoys his wife being fucked by as many people as I want, please don’t judge, and thanks to those that have enjoyed me expressing my sexual adventures online, I appreciate it and so does Kevin, I mainly write out my real adventures for him to read them online. The added bonus is for us women, especially us wives to let out the kink, to be the lesbian that you want to be, to eat as much pussy as possible, while watching as much lesbian porn as you can, to admit that cheating on your man turns you on, even if you would never really do it, and masturbating to girls being fucked by horses or dogs turns you on, just admit it, then enjoy it with your man. Hey Carol, I masturbate to porn stars Syd Blakovich, Sarah Banks, Alexis Faux and Manuel Ferrara everyday, so my husband can watch my sexual attraction for someone other than him so with Richard I’m able to be a bad girl in bed, but when we are out, I am always a lady and he loves the contrast. In bed, he can rape me, I’m his lesbian wife who’s sexually attracted to women while being fucked by a man, I’m his cheating wife who’ll even let his friends and uncle fuck me, I’m his gangbang wife, I’m his bestiality wife and when his contract in California is over he’s inviting Vaniity, the shemale porn star to come to our house to fuck me, he met her at an event and recognized her from a few videos, he then made a proposition and she accepted, I can’t wait, she fucks like a demon, damn, I just can’t wait. Thank you Cindy, Carol, Bellina, Tabby, Debbie and Fatimah you all sound like wonderful women, and I can’t wait for our meet up in Philly at the Windsor Hotel, I promise you’ll all have a wonderful time, remember, no husbands allowed. Let’s all get to know each other face to face. I love you Kevin, until next time everyone.

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  • Reply Bare ID:8x7mg38l

    Hi Michelle, I am so jealous of your husband because you are the type of person I only have fantasized about having as a partner. My wife and I had a threesome only twice and I loved it, I loved watching her suck and fuck other guys but she decided that she didn’t want to do that any more. My second wife on the other hand was somewhat like you, she would go out for the evening and fuck whoever she wanted with my blessing and then come home and tell me about it. It was so much a turn on for me. Visualizing what she was doing then smelling the fuck on her was so fantastic and several times she would let me eat her out and fuck her after a night out with whoever. I really miss all that. Thanks for your story, I loved every bit of it.

  • Reply MichelleD.lovesKevin ID:11av8zgx49j

    Hi Karen, I have a new friend named Leah, I will get you in contact with her, she had the same issues but now enjoys her husband through lots of porn and fantasies. Thanks for the the compliment of being the best writer on this site, it means a lot. Yes my stories are true, I have an old tape cassette and record what I do, by voice, every day, then I type two copies, one digital (the computer) the other on paper, (on my dad\’s old type writer, which I send it to Kevin) so that he has the paper version to hold onto because he prefers reading my stories in book form. I am 28 and will be 29 in January of next year, and the stories I\’ve written so far are all true and have occurred in the past. I masturbated to his uncle two years ago and I\’ve secretly been in a sexual relationship with him every since the first time. I have many lovers and I write about it for three reasons because I was influenced by another writer who therapeutically journals her affairs on this website, so I also journal my affairs as a form of therapy, I also do it to express to Kevin how much he means to me, and I do it to show women, like myself who were just regular girls, can explore their sexuality and kinkiest and make it lots of fun for their partners and themselves. Richard is my husband, Kevin is his best friend, Wendell is my 18 year old neighbor and live-in lover, I put that he was 19 but I saw his licence on the kitchen table and went to verify his age with his father, so he\’s actually 18, not 19. I admitted to Kevin that I fell in love with my husband for a second time, but that I still prefer him sexually. My husband has been training me to always prefer Kevin to himself, and I do, he\’s been training me from before we were married, and when Kevin came to live with us, I was actually instructed, by my husband, to always sleep with Kevin first before, specifically, \”make Kevin your first priority, I want you to treat him as your lover and husband and tell me about it when we make love.\” That\’s the way it\’s been for years Karen, and just so you know I do have a favorite lover, he\’s black and is now doing porn mainly on blacked.com. I also enjoy being fucked by our horse and dog, I don\’t have to do it just for Kevin anymore, Tonya has become a regular at Kevin\’s house. I am jealous and it\’s been about 7 months of her fucking by black boyfriends, my horse and my dog, she also brings one of her dogs along but he never wants to fuck me, he only fucks her, which really pisses me off but I\’ve grown to really enjoy having horse sex, as a personal pleasure, after watching a recording of she and I with my horse and I saw how sexy and beautiful it looked, I just couldn\’t stop myself from wanting to get fucked by it all the time, anyway thanks for writing Karen, I will keep it honest and as truthfully accurate as possible.

  • Reply Karen frustrated ID:11av8zgx49j

    Your the best writer on this website and I look forward to your stories, are they true and did this story recently happen and please, how old are you know? I am married to a wonderful man who is very sexy but is very stale in the bedroom and I\’m very dissatisfied with our sex life, privately, I\’m into porn stories and love interracial porn and infidelity porn the best especially when they are young.