Introduced to cheating by husband, but fell for his best friend Kevin

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I cheat on my husband all the time, hello, my name is Michelle, I’ll withhold my last name, I’m 28 and have been married for four wonderful years. I love my husband and we enjoy our lifestyle choices. I’m a hotwife, but at first I was very reluctant, but I really got into it after a few months, anyway I’m getting ahead of myself. Richard and I met at a mutual friends dinner date, and he and actually he and I hit it off immediately, he is tall, ripped and drop dead gorgeous. We hooked-up, as a couple but didn’t have sex until almost three months later, and by then we had talked about sex so much that when we made love, he knew everything about me, sexually, it was amazing, he was an artist at love making. For the following two weeks, we fucked like rabbits and he kept introducing me to new things to see what I’d like or dislike, and I liked everything, we would fantasize and watch videos about other people, dogs, horses, relatives, friends and strangers, I loved all of it. One night I asked if we could fantasize about him fucking other women, and even-though I orgasmed to the thought of it, while we fantasized and role played that I was his ex-girlfriend, I was jealous and started to secretly fantasize that his best friend was fucking me, I felt guilty afterwards and admitted what I was thinking, he laughed, gave me a hug and said, “ that’s okay, if you want, I’ll fantasy fuck my ex-girlfriend every time, just so you can always think about Kevin, that’s okay with me, we’ll just keep adding to our fantasies, so don’t worry, anything you want to do and anything you want to think about we’ll role play it together, so cheat as much as you want, and get back at me for fucking my ex!”
We immediately began to fuck again, as he thought of Leah, calling her by name, as I shouted out Kevin’s name, admitting how I wanted to fuck him. Richard and I fucked for 6 hours of debauched role playing fantasies, over and over again, as I squirted and orgasmed every time. This was the beginning of a 9 month experimental sexual exercise in pure unlimited cheating and swinging, where I would date and fuck anyone I wanted, including his friends, women and even a few Trannies. Richard enjoyed it all, and before every experience he would tell me about the women he’d been with, then I would get jealous, and it gave me the desire to go out and cheat on him. I would record everything, either by audio or video. I would write down all of my experiences, so he could read them at a later time, and I would take lots and lots of pictures so he could see the people who I was with. I had an amazing time, it was nine months of heaven, as I had never ever thought of doing anything like that before, because up until that time my biggest sexual fantasies was to watch lesbians make out and to have two men fucking me, well those days of simple or normal fantasies were over, I was gang-banged, shared, used, borrowed, loaned out, and prostituted all within a 9 month time frame, and usually by his three best friends, including Kevin.
Richard asked me to marry him, after a year of being together, I said, “YES! Of coarse, I love you Richard, yes, yes, hell yes!” We sat down that evening and we spoke about sex and the things that he would want. He admitted that he wanted an unconventional marriage, where we continued doing exactly what we were already doing, I didn’t want to but eventually gave in and accepted to marital conditions, but again, I was reluctant. We had a quicky marriage in Vegas, as we traveled to nine destinations for our honeymoon, and arrived back home in two weeks. I had no desire to cheat or to let anyone else fuck me, I only had desires for my husband. Richard had Kevin and his other friends over the following Saturday to celebrate our marriage, and it was fun, but Kevin admitted how he missed me, I rejected him and told him that those desires were gone, for me at least. The other guys made no attempts at me that night, other than respectful kisses on the cheek and lots of heart felt congratulations. I secretly told Richard what Kevin was doing and he was upset and disappointed that I didn’t entertain his friends’ advances, I became upset at Richard and we sent everyone home, and Richard and I didn’t speak until the next evening when he came from work, he left early in the morning. He and I spoke about my promise to continue what I had done, before our wedding, I told him that I’d try, then I apologized and admitted that I apparently was a very conventional girl when it came to marriage, anyway, I didn’t try until Kevin came to stay with us and live in the basement apartment three weeks later.
Kevin came to live with us, in the basement apartment and would share our kitchen, after being with us for two days, I responded to his advances and Kevin and I would fuck every chance possible. Richard hadn’t touched me since I squelched on our marital deal and rejected his friend, so I began to cheat on my husband out of three weeks of sexual desperation, and I cheated on him with every ounce of vengeance in my body. Kevin and I fucked for two months, as he was my only lover, and his cock was the only cock fucking my pussy because my husband left us alone as he went to New Mexico for his latest contract, which lasted a month and just like other stories that you’ve read or heard, Kevin and I fucked all day, every day, in every position for the whole month that Richard was gone and I loved it. Kevin and I became very close, we would date in another state, and spent time at hotels, just like a real dating couple, so we became girlfriend and boyfriend and promised to keep it from Richard even if he found out we were fucking regularly, which he would love, we still promised each other secrecy in other areas, like holding Richards ass and pulling him into my pussy, meant that it was really Kevin I wanted, or when I masturbate while fucking Richard meant that it was Kevin that I’d be sneaking off with for that day and when I role playing as Richards’ lesbian wife, while watching lesbian porn and flicking my tongue to eating pussy, that meant that I would be trying to get pregnant with Kevin’s baby that day. Richard never called, so I let Kevin have free reign of the house as my husband; we showered together, I cooked for him and he slept in my bed just as if I belonged only to him, and that’s exactly what it felt like, and to be honest I fell in love with Kevin and did everything that I did for Richard, literally everything. Kevin began to share me with a few of his poker friends, which are different friends from my husbands, we started fucking after the death of my grandmother, we went to the funeral and he comforted me for three days and the sex was not forced it was natural and easy going, just full of love and tenderness, he bought me a ring on the fourth day, so I would wear his ring and took off my wedding ring, it was magical and I felt special. He had a sex-surprise for me six days after the funeral, which was a week and a half until Richard would return, and Kevin had me fucked and borrowed and loaned out like a two dollar whore, and I fucking loved it, all of his poker friends were very tall and muscular young black boys in college, and they fucked me every way, and everyday.
They were so handsome and strong, that it made me feel beautiful, I was fucked in every room of the lounge that night, and every room in our house for the rest of the week, most of them slept at the house and fucked me at will, either one by one, privately, orgy style, and nothing was off limits, absolutely nothing. I grew to love anal sex that last week, because all the boys tagged my butt, several times a day, so I started to do kegal exercises to strengthen anal my muscles and it worked, I could fuck all of them, 6, all day and not ruin my ass, plus the sensations only increased until it became my preferred way of getting fucked. The last two days, I wanted to thank Kevin and show him how much I loved him, so I anticipated his sexual needs by giving him a public show of being his lesbian girlfriend for the weekend and masturbating to only lesbian porn and eating pussy for two days. I picked out a few girls from Tinder and had them come over, every three hours to get their pussies eaten to a full orgasm as they all watched me drink their squirt, and swallow their cream, the girls were not allowed to eat my pussy because I wanted to be a bottom girl for only Kevin and to truly become bisexual for him and only him and although I loved when a woman licks my pussy to a full orgasm, I controlled myself to show him how much his approval means to me, so the girls and I kissed, fondled each other, they even fingered my pussy to orgasms as most of them scooped out my cream and swallowed, I had a blast turning the boys and Kevin on, but since I had eaten the pussies of 16 girls in two days, I wanted Kevin, and only Kevin to experience what I had in store for him on Sunday. I Tindered several girls and three women in their late thirties, and I gave him a show that he would never forget. We had a lesbian orgy and I had my pussy eaten, massaged, caressed and made love to like a true lesbian. I embraced and had long, loving, tender yet sloppy, and passionate wet lesbian kisses, it was hot, I could see his cock pulsing with a painful erection, since he hadn’t fucked me in three days. I Tindered a web whore and popular queen of spade hotwife that came over with her two dogs and she coaxed them into fucking four of us, including her. Her name was Tonya, from the old website naughtytonya.net, it was amazing and felt really good, especially because it turned Kevin on so much to watch his woman fucked by two dogs, and sucking dogie cock. I took it up a notch and fucked my neighbors horse in the stable, they weren’t home so I decided to take the show outside. Kevin came over and over again watching me do the things he’d seen other women do only in the most depraved porn clips.
I made him mine forever that Sunday, he said he loved me and I professed my love for him also. I’ve been fucking Kevin for two years consistently and for him, I am a lesbian wife, I call myself that as I eat pussy and swear my fidelity to him, I fuck his dog, actually our dog, Benji, he’s a German shepherd and I fuck our horse regularly for him to watch and sometimes join in. We can do all of this together and in private because he moved out at the end of the year and bought a house farm, two blocks away, but he told my husband that he moved to another state. Well Richard wanted me to cheat on him, so I do. I cheat on my husband with his best friend all the time, and as much as possible and when I fuck Richard he no longer has to tell me to think of Kevin, I automatically do. I seduce Richard by telling him that I need Kevin to fuck me, and there are times that Kevin and I pre-plan our cheating by me telling Richard that he needs to call Kevin to come over and fuck me for the weekend, never knowing that Kevin and I are actually lovers and he’s been fucking me mercilessly for four years. The truth is that I am in love with two men, but more so with Kevin. Cheating on my husband with him makes sex fun, dangerous and naughty. I love my husband and I am grateful, so grateful that he wanted me to fuck all of his friends and to cheat on him at my leisure, because I’ve grown accustomed to it and prefer being a hotwife for him, but the caveat is knowing I have his best friend as a lover, and private lover, this way he can know that I’m cheating on him like he wants me to, and I get to actually cheat on him, without him knowing as this really pleases Kevin and I.
I’ve been fucked by six dogs, and now only one dog regularly; four horses, now one horse regularly; one hundred twenty nine different women and counting mostly from Tinder, three regulars; and one hundred twenty one men and boys, nine regulars which are young black and beautiful and access to me twenty four hours a day, at anytime and anywhere, especially when I’m with Kevin. As a side note, I have started fucking a friend of Kevin’s, his old bowling buddy, an Italian guy from Boston. We started fucking on a regular basis and he wanted me to fuck the dog and horse for him, but I hated it, and it didn’t turn me on at all, that’s when I talked to Kevin and told him what I did for his friend and how I hated it, and also how I thought that I could only do it for him because I loved him, and really love to do things that turns him on, Kevin hugged and kissed me as we slept together without having sex that night. We showered together, and I cooked him a fabulous breakfast, and I drove home to Richard in the morning, and made him the same breakfast, as he patted my ass and asked if I had a good night and to tell him later about who I fucked. I said, “yes, my love, I can’t wait to tell you about these young high school boys I met last night.” I usually lied, and just told him sexual fantasies that I knew he’d love to hear, but mostly he loves to hear me fantasize about Kevin. During the year that Kevin stayed with us, I was his woman ninety percent of the time, I might have slept with my husband 6 times for that year, but slept with Kevin, three to six times every day, which taught my mind and body to crave him. Both my husband and Kevin want me to prefer Kevin, so I do, I do prefer Kevin. My husband has trained me to only want Kevin, all the time and I do, therefore all my lust and desire is for him and not my husband. Richard only wants to fuck me, when I tell him about my desires for his friend, Kevin, or other people. There are times that I tell him half truths about who I fuck, but I usually edit out the parts that involve Kevin, so that Kevin and I can have the peace I need to cheat on Richard, within our private, yet public affair.
I love it, and will not change a thing, I get to live out my lesbianism, bisexually. I get to have as many men who want me, to just go ahead and use me as often as possible, and I get to be a bad girl and feel like a really dirty degenerate porn star, by fucking animals for my man, Kevin. I love him, I love him more than my husband, and I don’t feel guilty, I really don’t and I started writing these stories, online, just for him, to always make him feel special, and to let him know how much more he means to me than my husband, so remember these stories are true because their meant to always compliment my preference for Kevin over Richard, it’s my artistic way of cheating on my husband, by preferring another man, his best friend, over him . I know that their will be people who might not believe this story to be true, but it is, and I have no apologies for my behavior, and I love living out my life like a living porno. Oh yeah, I have been fucking a few of Kevin’s relatives usually only when the situation is right. It’s not as often as I would like, but it’s fucking awesome when they fuck me, they are a nasty bunch. I love you Kevin, read, show your friends and brag about how you made another man’s wife want you more, Until next time my love.
Oh, Kevin, don’t come over to visit tonight, he’s in a mood, his supervisor gave the Wisconsin account to his colleague, so I’ll let him fuck me tonight, and we’ll do the rape fantasy, so I’ll be thinking of you raping me, so I’ll see you on Sunday morning at your house, where you can rape me as often as you want because Richard is going to Chicago for two weeks, he asked me to go with him, but I lied and gave an excuse.

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  • Reply Naughty wife ID:ndomrl3oid

    My husband use to get me to seduce and fuck his father while he watched on cctv.
    Then he started asking me to fuck black guys while he watched but for many years i refused. Then we were away on our anniversary a few months ago and he picked up this 18 year black skinny boy. Brought him to the lodge under the belief he could earn pocket money by washing the car. Long story but the boy fucked me and husband let him cum inside me

  • Reply kinky in OR ID:4kfdr4v9i

    Michelle D you are utterly amazing!!! Thank you for sharing your sweet hot depraved love life. I especially enjoyed the bestiality parts

  • Reply Carol K. ID:11av8zgx49j

    I\’m a wife who wants to become a regular reader, I love this story. I also think about other men when my husband fucks me. I haven\’t cheated yet, but I think about it all the time. I love sex and want to do it all the time, and I would love to get some pointers on how to convince my husband to try something like this.

    • MichelleD.lovesKevin ID:11av8zgx49j

      Thank you Carol. I will post my affairs as regularly as I can, but don\’t get me wrong, I don\’t advocate cheating, although I do it all the time, but because my husbands fetish is so strong, I caved in and cheat as often as I can, however, I was reluctant at first because it just wasn\’t in me, at the time, to be like that. So take it slow, and introduce it to him as if it\’s something your doing for him, and find out if he wants to get off to women, then go from there and expand to men. Remember that I masturbated to every kind of porn, and it really excited Richard, and initially he would introduce it or ask me to, until I took over and became dominant and started to initiate all of our kink. Incidentally, I took a risk and told Richard that I want his uncle to fuck me, and he loves that fantasy role play a lot. His uncle is a young fireman and in great shape, he\’s only 5 years older than Richard, so we\’ve been fantasizing about him fucking me for a little over two weeks. I introduce a fantasy to my husband, I watch his reaction and I see how far I can go, so you try, because no one knows your husband better than you.

    • Carol K. ID:11av8zgx49j

      Thanks for your quick response Michelle. I took your advice and it\’s working. He\’s enthralled with the thought of me being bisexual, so this morning I put on porn while he fucked me and I realized that he only focused on me watching the porn stars, so I really got into it and had an orgasm watching Saraswirls, and he loved it. I got off to her, and a few of the black guys and he asked if we could do this more often, and I said, yes, of coarse. Before he left for work this morning, I asked him a few questions about sex and what you had suggested and he said that he\’d try, so this afternoon is bestiality porn and then I\’ll ask him if we can start fantasizing about sharing me with his friends, I won\’t be specific, I\’ll let it come from him first. Thank you for the ideas. Is there a way to get in contact with you?

    • MichelleD.lovesKevin ID:11av8zgx49j

      Your so welcome Carol. Yes, you can contact me at [email protected] immediately upon seeing my post and I will give you my personal email and you can send me your phone number. But still post your comments to me here, so others can see it, okay! By the way, I enjoy saraswirls videos also, I\’ve learned all of my dirty talking from her, while my black boy toys fuck me, she\’s hot. Contact me quickly.

  • Reply Dan ID:11av8zgx49j

    Amazing! Fucking AMAZING writing! My dick was so hard after reading this story that I fucked my wife, without viagra. My wife and I want to read more of your stories please continue, we love this one.