Fiest gay experience

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I was 15 years old at that time.we were living in small town near our villagey dad was working in town.we have a small rented home.uor relative use to come frequently..once my uncle from village came he slept with me .he told me that he sleeps and puts hand on body so don’t mind I said o k. In the night suddenly I wokeup and noticed that he is playing with my penis which was erect .and his cock was touching my ass..my cock was fully erect.about 6 inches..he asked me how do you feel .I said good.then he asked me to hold his cock with my hand I obeyed him andtouchrd his cock oh my god it was big and thick.I started playing with it as he was playing with my cock

Mine was small and his was big .I was doing as he was doing . he then asked me have you fucked any body I said no .does any body fucked you said no .then he said do you want to fuckme as my cock was fully erect I said yes.he said you fuck me and I will fuck you also.. Was exited so I said o k but yourcock is big and fati will not go inside me. He said
don’t woryi will manage. He then turned around and opened his ass to me he said fuck now. Tried topudh inside but it was not going in then he asked to put his salva on my cock and ass. Now try I pushed it went inside with little force now I was fucking him and playing with his cckwhichwas fully erect .after few strikes I ejaculated inside h e asked me how do yuu feel I said I enjoyed it..now it was his turn.I presented my ass to him he it saliva on his cock and my ass.and put his cock on my ass.hr tried to push but I felt pain I said it is paining.he sai d k eep calm and bear it you will enjoy it.now pushed harder and head went inside with lot of pain I cried he waited for dome time and then he pushed again now his half cock wet inside. He again waited and suddenly pushed further his ehoe covkwas inside now he satretd fucking slowly and kept playing with mycock and my pain gone and my cock was erect again.now. he was fucking faster .iwad enjjoing it now he came inside me and kept inside get 15 minute his cock became hard again inside and he stated fuckng again his time hefucked .me longer time . and he slept keeping his cock inside me. After two hours he fucked me again .. I said now I will fuck you he turned around ifucked him. This was my first experience.

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  • Reply Kiwi ID:37rs37w9hrc

    I had a uncle like that to lovely memories might put story on here

  • Reply Anonymous ID:crabnkgm3

    I had. Many experiences of it