Almost caught horsin around

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I was almost caught in January of 2018, by my husband and Tessi. With my new found freedom, I decided to purchase a black and white twenty two inch horse cock dildo to spice up my masturbation for my two men. I was masturbating with it when my neighbors son came over with an undelivered UPS package of a second horse cock dildo, he gave it to me, I was mortified, he asked if I was okay and that it was nothing to be ashamed of, and that he brought it over before his parents saw it, I thanked him with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, very innocent. David, yes he has the same first name as my husband, blurted out if he could fuck me, I was shocked then thought about it and said, “yes, only if your discreet!” He agreed, but asked if he could be discreet and still share me with a few of his high school friends, from his old school. I hesitatingly said, “okay.”
He grabbed me and we started fucking immediately, we played out my rape fantasies, I figured since he wanted his friends to fuck me, I was going to give them a memorable if not an unforgettable time in bed and in this way I could make sure they never forget my influence on them sexually. He fucked me like a jack hammer and I let him watch me masturbate with the horse dildo. Both of my men came home early, because they both had the idea of fucking me before the other got home, what a fucking day that was. Young David fucked my ass for the 5th time since he’d been fucking me for 5 hours without stopping. He and I watched from the Kitchen window as my guys were walking and talking, surprised to see each other coming home at the same time, as they continued to talk for about a half hour before coming inside. Young David and I kissed as he dumped as much cum as he could, in my ass. We agreed that he could always watch and see if my guys leave that he could come over and fuck me, either by himself or with all of his friends, which is what he and I have been doing for 6 months.
I’ve become a healthy full bodied, and well excercised and fit MILF, since fucking so many young boys, I look amazing! I drink their cum, but young David gets to cum inside my ass and pussy at will, it’s his thing and I make sure to satisfy his kink, so that later on in life he can know the level of his sexuality, in other words I’m mentoring him sexually. So my husband and Tessi came in after a half hour as young David left through the patio door. My husband David quietly fucked me in the shower, while I gave him three orgasms by blow jobs and he came once in my pussy and then fucked my ass as Tessi, in the bedroom. He fell asleep, exhausted and happy. I hurried over to Tessi, he was upset and stressed because he wanted me first, so his jealousy showed up aggressively in our love making, as he raped me in lust, love and anger, it was beautiful, so beautiful. He fucked me in every room of the house as my husband slept, then I realized that my neighbor David was watching me through the patio door, the kitchen windows and no matter what room I was being fucked, he would run to an area outside where he could watch me getting fucked.
It was an amazing day, but since then I’ve given my young neighbor every sexual fantasy he’s asked for, and sexual fantasies of aggressive men, so he fulfills rape fantasies with me all the time and I get gang raped and gangbanged by his buddies every time they fuck me. I’m really a whore and loving it, but my husband has become my favorite because I can say what I’m actually doing and fantasizing about it with him, while he thinks that it’s just a fantasy. So we’ve been fucking while fantasizing about young David and his friends fucking me. So all of my sexual fantasies with my husband are real and true, but to him it’s all fantasy, I LOVE IT!

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    love it, those young guys are so full of cum!