What started as curiosity turned into full blown sex

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I am always on the net looking for this that or the other, then one day I clicked on a link and it sent me to this weird site! A girl having sex with a dog! literally full blow sex!
I couldn’t take my eyes of the screen, I kept saying to myself in a min leave, but I didn’t I kept watching, it was hypnotic!
I also could not believe how turned on I got watch this “poor girl” with a dogs penis inside her! also how she was reacting , actually enjoying it having huge orgasms!
I thought this is so wrong! but seeing it made me want to see it more and more!
A few weeks went by and I found loads of sites that were dedicated to it, not just with dogs but horses too! and it was turning me on enormously, I would watch it and my panties were soaked with my pussy juice!
I looked at Max my german shepherd thinking you should be so lucky to do that with me! but the seed was planted and I looked at him while watching it thinking what would you be like!
I started to do some research, things like could these girls get something very serious disease doing this, no they couldn’t was the overwhelming response, as long as the dog was healthy.
Max always like bath time, he just stood there and let me lather him up, I always let the soap run down and shower it off his penis, but this time I used my hand (I was getting brave!) and he was more than happy to let me do it.
This went on for about three weeks, and my curiosity was growing, wondering what it would be like to let him inside me! I knew from the sites that dogs cum a lot more than a man and it was runny, sort of opaque in color, like fog!
I eventually got up the nerve to pull back his sheath exposing his cock, much bigger than my ex boyfriends! I gently started to masturbate him and he produced per-cum like a man! dripping out of his cock.
Taking my time with him I did this with him every time now, and I wondered one day, would he like the taste of me! so that night I watched one of these films, they always made me wet! and putting a finger inside me getting it soaked with my juices I offered it to Max, he sniffed at it and licked it like there was no tomorrow!
I did it again for him and he licked my finger dry! I had seen girls in the films letting there dogs lick there pussy’s so the next night I thought I would see if Max would do the same with me.
I kept my panties on and sat on the edge of the bed, Max would always sleep in the bedroom with me anyway for security.
I soaked two fingers with my juices and he licked them like before, I drew him closer to me, did it again until he was between my legs, he licked the top of my thigh them my pussy through my panties, Fucking hell! the feelings of pleasure surged through my body.
I couldn’t help it, I came hard! and he just lapped it up, he tried to jump up at me but I stopped him, I was not ready for that yet!
I let him lick me like that for about a week, my laundry with soiled panties was building up! and I did buy new ones, 10 pairs! so I was never short.
A week of licking and magnificent orgasms, him trying to mount me, I decided this night to let him.
Going into the bedroom he eagerly followed me, Alsatians are extremely intelligent dogs so he knew he was going to taste his mistress’s pussy juice, all was proceeding well, his tongue licking me and going inside a little, I was absolutely soaking wet, wanting him inside me so much.
He jumped up, getting his two front paws on the bed, Knocking me backwards, his rear end advanced towards me, he was bucking really hard, I could feel his cock hitting my leg, my crotch, until eventually he found my open and willing pussy.
He rammed all of himself inside me, he was huge and warm, he calmed down after a minute or so, he was getting bigger, I was being stretched bigger than I had been before, his knot was growing inside me locking us together, I could feel his hot sperm squirting inside me, I was having orgasms like I never had before!
We remained like that for around 15 mins or so, me wrapping my legs round his rear and pulling him in tighter, I was in fuck heaven!
He softened eventually and dismounted me, all his cum ran out down my legs on to the floor! he licked me again bring me to another orgasm!
I wouldn’t say I couldn’t walk! but I was wobbly! making my way to the shower to clean up and had to get out my carpet shampooer!
That first night happened 3 years ago, since then I have sucked his cock and let him cum in my mouth, hard to describe the taste, sort of like licking metal! but not unpleasant, we share our love juices, and he makes love to me doggy style, but missionary I prefer! we make love every night except when I’m on a period, that just gets way too messy!
Best lover I’ve ever had, he can’t brag about it to his mates! he does not argue with me! but he fucks me really excellent, and he can’t get me pregnant! a huge bonus!

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  • man who lucky

    My wife would not go a day with out eating dog cum I would surprise her and have a glass fill and she drink all then make me kiss her and then we both suck off her dogs hard tasty cock and then he knot\’s her and my wife would do this 10 time a day and was proud since a kid with her sister\’s suck and sharing dog cock

  • Julia

    Fantastic, This is more common than people think, I have been getting knotted for years with my dogs and I have no plans to stop, it\’s the ultimate sexual experience and more satisfying than any man I\’ve been with! so much hot cum makes me cum loads, and being licked clean afterwards does the same.
    Best of luck and happy fucking.

  • zozo

    Enjoyed reading em. I;ve been into this for a long time. Ya really have to be slow in the begining and when ya get knotted its the ultimate. I love getting knotted simultaneously in my juicy Pussy and butt hole, Its an awesome experience.

  • sandra

    I think you did the right thing, taking it slowly, your dog is the most discrete lover you will ever have, who is he going to tell!
    I took it slowly at first, just like you, I blew out my boyfriend in favor of my dog, all he does is make love to me with no demands at all, wonderful story and your description of the taste of dog cum is right on, only someone who has done it knows!

    • Kwmack

      I had a girlfriend in college Thai talked her into fucking my husky. I would help him enter her. One of he sexy times from my life. I wish I could find another lady that would let me assist!!