thirsty bahu

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This story was told by my washerman s wiife her name is roopbati.she is dark but good figure around 30 years. Of age.my village is in India and I am staying in village as teacher in school.my cloths are washed by roopbati.she washes them in village pond. One day I asked her about her life she started crying.I asked .then she told me this story. She got married at age of 16.she did not know about sex at that time but after some time she came to know about it one day she asked her husband let’s to sex.but he said I can’t. I am impotent.but sex desire kept on increasing she has donkeys at her home as washerman do have to carry cloths.roopbati decided to have sex with donkey who had a big cock.initially she started by petting donkey on back and neck to have friendly relation.she used to do it when her husband was out for work. Slowly donkey became friendly and she started playing with his cock..his cock was 18 inches long .after few days donkey was excited too.and as she comes near him his cock used to come out..onedsy she decided to have sex with him.she undress heslf and put a bory of bhusa food of donkey and animals .under the donkey and lied there opening her legs wide and put the cock on her hole donkey jerks and heaf enters in her she cried in pain but donkey was in mood he starred jerking and pushing his cock inside her .he did not care about her pain .he was fucking as he was fucking mare. He fucked her and ejaculated lots of cum in her and withdrew his cock .it was the beginning .after that she was fucking her donkey regularly .she was now satisfied ..

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    Fantastic but too much small update.