Stuck like 2dogs

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I’m Peggy I a 50 yr old housewife who has found the fuck of a lifetime.my husband Bob a I went to a couple friends home,we had been smoking some really good weed while taking a few shots of tequila. I was wearing a short summer skirt without panties and bra.we have enjoyed sex with each other but tonight was different. Coming from the restroom there dog Kush a male bull massive,stopped me by putting his front paws around my legs. He just wants to play,get down on your hands and knees,so I did,his head went under my skirt as he sniffed and started to lick my ass,open up your legs Bob said ,as I spread my legs his tongue found my pussy oh God it was sh hot . I started to cum as Kush ate my pussy,as I had a orgasm Kush mounted me,his pointed cock went back and forth until it found my pussy. Kush pounded me fast as his cock really grew in size when I felt his balloon knot bury inside of me,hooking us together as I felt his sperm being pumped into my womb. I had continuous orgasms until I went out ,we stayed connected butt to butt like 2 dogs being bred for 20 minutes as he popped out of my pussy his sperm flowing like a river. This was the best sex ever loved all of it . To see what the dog knocked up

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  • Reply Cotton ID:2a74nbagm0

    Now this is almost my first dog fuck. I was still married, hubby at work, he had been feeding and taking care of the neighbors dog while they were away. I had started drinking some wine as I started dinner. Hubby phoned, he was gonna be late, asked me to go over and let the dog out and feed him. Off I headed next door.

    I opened the door, letting the dog out into their backyard. He was all playful, and I got down on my knees to play with him. The dog came up behind me, knocked me forward, and climbed on. He was much bigger and stronger than I recalled. It was like my hubby pinning me in wrestling. Then I feel his hot wet dog cock poking at my butt and pussy. And if that dog’s darn didn’t slide right past my little string panties and right into my ass. That dog was happy, and was going for it. I kept trying to move, but could not. I figure, well at least smaller than my hubby, but then that dog cock grew with each quick pump, it felt huge after a bit. Found out later about dogs bulb thing, I am sue that was it. He pounded away on me for what felt like an hour, but when you see dogs humping it only really lasts a few minutes. Then the dog stops, my ass is sore, and he is still in me. Then, pop out comes his spent dog cock. Followed by what felt like a gallon of cum. Back in the house I herd the dog, and slowly walk home, with one sore butt. I say, screw dinner, and sit down and start to finish off the bottle of wine. Hubby gets home, I tell him he needs to go feed the damn dog, then come back and I will tell him why.

    Hey, we had great.sex that night, after I told him the story. And, before the folks next door returned, hubby took me over there and we let ol doggie do me right, a good pussy fuck, with hubby’s help. And, hubby got to enjoy a good ass pounding dog fuck, as he was then totally into bi at swinging parties, and loved ass fucks.

  • Reply Donovan. ID:101b6qgf8rk

    Your hooked now dear, wish I knew someone like you when I was younger, I used to fuck mares. Read my true story

    • Cotton ID:2a74nbagm0

      For real? The dog fuck I had, was huge. How can you do a mare? My pussy and ass just pucker at thinking about it.

  • Reply Sandy ID:2bgosnwoic

    Lucky gal, I would love to have been knotted and filled with dog juice like that.

  • Reply Devin ID:ffh2ubnhm

    Dogs get trained to do sick shit you be ashamed you sick fuck

  • Reply yllan ID:gqbumjghi

    oi sou do brasil…. manda fotos suas [email protected]

    • Peggy ID:5u1d7cfxia

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