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Part 4: 6 People, 2 Dogs, The Final Chapter… of this part. Part 2

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Part 1: Losing My Virginity to a Great Dane & Boxer!

Part 2: An Awkward Re-encounter with my Great Dane & Boxer!

Part 3: My Dogs Strike Again!

Part 4: 6 People, 2 Dogs, The Final Chapter… for this part (Part 1)

Part 4: 6 People, 2 Dogs, The Final Chapter… for this part (Part 2)

Really thought that was it? Same story, but more telling: After the group play, we all took a break. 35 minutes later, we got into the show, at different times, and once we all got done, we went back to the room, and we played Sardines. Stipulation was that if the seeker doesn’t get, first try, the player who is the sardine, he/she will have to have the same partner(s) they are given. If the seeker succeeds, he/she can choose the partner of his/her choice. Ken went first. He thought Angela, it was Maxine (failed). Angela was given Maxine. I went next, i thought Daniel, i was right, then, i chose Scott. Maxine went, she thought Angela, it was Daniel, again. She was given Daniel. Angela went, she thought me, but, it was her sister, Angelina. Angela was given Angelina. Daniel went, he thought it was Maxine, he thought right. He chose Maxine (Ken is in the group.) Angelina went, she thought Angela, but, it was me. I was the last in the group of me, the sisters, & Scott. Chomp went to the other group. Me, and the 3 went back to my room, and effective immediately, we got naked. I allowed Scott to enter me, and he knotted me. At the same moment, the girls went under me, on all 4’s, and I pounded them, they were moaning again in absolute pleasure! They exposed their tits, rubbing & bouncing them all over my face, rubbing my face. They started kissing each other, as Scott, with loads of cum, reaches over, and in a funny way, pulls the legs of the girls closer, awkwardly successful, then, they lick his cum-ful cock! Angela goes under me, face up, and takes my hard, long cock into her mouth, smoothly moaning, and swinging her head. Scott un-knots me, and goes on Angelina, who pushes his legs closer, assisting Scott’s cock into her pussy. They do knot. I lick the cum off of his cock, while Angela pushes me on my back, surrounds my body with hers, and acts like she’s giving me a pounding, with a long French kiss. Angelina attracts us, and we both suck her huge (even at 14) tits. Scott un-knots her, then Angela puts him on. WARNING: Graphical (sort of)… When Scott knots with her, Scott leans over, and then, Angela holds his head, and French kisses his mouth, going sexually weird. Scott actually rolls her over, while knotted, and then, Scott lifts her, trying to furiously pound her, IN THE AIR! Angelina goes over her, and she un-knots Scott’s cock, and says “We both are going to get some of that cock! Angela moans “YES!”, and then, Scott mounts them, and then, THEN, he knots both. The girls are just sitting in an acute position, and it appears Scott got through both pussies!! I go over the girls, and they ask me, “Can a dog get us pregnant?” I reply, “They say no, but surprisingly, there are a few people who have been.” They dropped their jaws, but, then, Angelina tells me “You’re ALL mine!!” Angela replied “You’re ALL ours!” Angelina has that face like, “Say Whhhaaat?” They both pull me upon, then they make me go beneath them then they turn me on to my max point by rubbing their butts in my face! Then, they go to my d spot, and Angelina bounces up & down, moaning louder, even with her bubble butt, and so was Angela and i. Once that was over, Scott un-knotted, then left. Me, Angelina, and Angela had a three some, which required moaning, and a lot of sexual things, which is another story. This, actually, was the best zoo experience i’ve ever had, even though it was with friends!!! If you want to hear more about my friends and me, let me know at [email protected], or here!
Now, you know my name, Nate for short

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  • Reply Ange-lover-ina ID:by20ibhi

    It was so much fun that, OHHHH, I want to do it again!! Thank you for the memories! Btw, did you post The Hangover? ❤ Angelina