Part 3: My Dogs Strike Again!

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*Part 1: “Losing my virginity to a Great Dane & Boxer“. Took place on August 27, 2016
Part 2: “An Awkward Re-encounter with my Great Dane & Boxer“. Took place on September 8, 2016 (A week, and 5 days after)

Part 3:
December 22, 2016: I was walking back up my stairs, where my dogs were asleep. It was my first day of Winter Vacation from school. Anyways, it was 7:25 PM, and I sit down, playing a video game. At this time, i was moving, but didn’t start packing, yet. I go down to check the condition of my dog’s food bowls, which were still full, and I accidentally stepped, and then slipped on, the edge of the water bowl, where my dogs woke up, and checked if everything was ok. I’m down for 1 and a half minutes, and I go to shower as soon I go back upstairs. While i’m doing so, my dogs went into the tub. In case if it were to happen again, i had my dogs in the room with me, with the door closed. The one in front was Scott, and the one behind me was Chomp. I turned it off, and as soon as I did, i go out of the tub, but, Chomp follows, and licks my pussy. I moaned, but, i held him off, then, Scott goes out of the tub, and hit my leg, causing me to fall on all 4’s, and feel the wrath of Chomp. He licked for 1 minute straight, and then, starts mounting me. After another minute, i push his legs, and his cock, right closer and closer to my puss. He then gets to knot. After 12 minutes, it detached. Scott mounts me, and here’s where things got SSSSSOOOOO (*moaning) interesting! He mounts me fast, and he starts to lick my mouth, and body, when his head is just 2 inches away from mine, his balls, again, slapping mine, then, like Chomp, i pushed his legs closer, having his cock mount deep. I was screaming, moaning, and despite my first story, i was rockin’ up down, left to right. When he knotted, his knot was HUGER than huge! I screamed with loads of enjoyment, with a few leaks of cum going out. I was happier than the last 2, yet, this is my second best. Once he got his knot out after 56 minutes, he, once 5/11 plus inches got out, went right back at it, and I go, “Wait, they can do that? How?” He knots me for 11 minutes, when he decides to take a break. I took another shower that lasted an hour. I invite them to do it a lot, as of after that day. I never said a word. My dogs are a huge bonus. My dogs have officially became my ruler, as of the day it started. They are good with others. Personally, my dogs exceeded in socializable classes. Remember when I said that the first one one was the “best zoo experience i’ve ever had?” That was a lie. I have only one more, big story, but, 1. It involves my friends, who’re 3 girls, and 2 males, and 2. It is amazingly brutal!

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    I\’m a male n I\’ve been a male dogs bitch since i was 7yrs old its the best cock on the planet

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      Mississippi Patricia

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    cant wait to hear it!

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    And my last story is the real best zoo experience i\’ve ever had!