mother spoils me

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I was 17 years of boy mom is 43 years y dad is shopkeeper.he goes to shop morning and comes ate night.As I was in 12 class and preparing for medical entrance.my center wa in another city.so I had to go to give exam.my father told me he can not go because of his shop.so he asked mother to go with me.we!went there and took a hotel room which had one bed only . we had dinner and I was reading mom went to sleep.
After some times I also slept one side of bed . in night I woke up as I found my mom was playing with my cock which was 8 inch’s long.i kept quit and did not say any thing. She removed my pajama.and under bear now I was nude .now my cock became very hard.she also started stroking I kept pretending sleep .now she undress herself and her Breast’s were free. Was exited now so I asked mom what are u doing. She said beta I am hungry for sex your dad has not touched me for so many years . and your cock Is very big .double from your dads. But mom I am son.it is not good.she said do you want your mom to go to some body for sex.can you see this .I said no .so please come and do sex with me .now I was more exited .so I started playing with her breasts.she said suck them.and I started sucking nipples.and she was playing both my cock..now I said mom I can not control my self.and I jumped on her and she put my cock on her hole.and I pushed my cock she cried oh mar gayee re .dheerey dheeray.but I was out of control.so pushed hard my half cock was inside .she was crying with pain. She said wait for some time .when she was normal she said push now I pushed very hard and whole cock went inside and touched his uterus .now she was also moaning and said fuck me fuck me .I am hungry .I fucked her for 20 minute and I came inside her exhausted .and went to sleep

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  • Reply Faez Salahi ID:1dammium9c

    Faez Salahi

  • Reply MoundPounder ID:21c927x144

    I did that to my sexy 32 yr. old nasty bitch foster mother and force-fucked a load of come into her. I held her captive and fucked her, almost non-stop, for over five hours. She finally stopped fighting me, got into it and had the first orgasm she’d ever had. By the time we were finished, she’d had several more. She said she’d never had a cock as big as mine and was my fuck Mink for almost three years.

    • Timothy Copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

      Oh my god that is so fucking hot what you did with your foster mother I am so glad to hear that you are still fucking her three years later I would really like to know did you get her pregnant do you and her have children together would love to hear more from you you can text me at 1-209-324-7633 hope to hear from you

  • Reply Son ID:2o4amgx4v2

    Hea armas ema kes oma pojale nikku annab.