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Losing my virginity to a Great Dane & Boxer

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I was 14, and one day, i was taking a shower. I had the door closed, and I was a virgin at this time. When I was showering, i heard the door pop open, and I peeked my head out to find nothing. My parents were not home, as they were on their last 2 nights of vacation. I figured it was one of my dogs, as then I got done showering as soon I thoughts what i had about the door. As I put my shirt on, i feel something sniffing my rear, and it was my Great Dane. I patted him away, getting all curious. As I start to put on the rest of my clothes, he comes back, as actually, they are both male dogs, and starts sniffing it again, yet again, i patted him off. As I went out of the bathroom, it happens that my sweatpants had fallen off, so I went to get a new pair of sweatpants in my room. As I was in my room, both of the dogs entered, and the boxer swagged his tail next to the door, accidentally closing it, and a 1/3 bottle of water, and it spilled, and also, for my bedroom door, if it had closed at a fast speed, it would lock it from the other side, luckily. As I was, they stood near the door, where they were pouting, and I tried to pat them away, i slipped on wood that appeared to have been water that was spilled by my Boxer (Dane’s name is Scott, and the Boxer’s name is Chomp, weird name for a Boxer, to me), and then, as I catch myself at the last second, my Boxer stands over my back, opposite way I was laying, but, my Dane sniffs me, and I try to get up, but, my Boxer is so big, i couldn’t move him, then, Scott licks my ass, and the butt cheeks, then i’m like, “What the heck is he doing?!” After 2 minutes, he hops on my back, with his strong arms, which pulled me back more than enough, then he starts mounting me, which i’m frozen in fear! He tries to guide his clock right to my middle spot, to get into my ass. The boxer finally moves, and I attempt to grab the door knob, get the door open, and escape my room, but, he pulls me back just before I get to the door knob, and was too big for me to pull forward, away. After ward, i figured I couldn’t do it, so I lower my underwear, as my body started begging me to take it from my dog. After 34 seconds,, he finds his way to the middle of my ass, and mounts furiously fast. I moaned so loudly, His balls were hitting my balls furiously, as his cock got deeper in. After 1 minute, he lightens his grip, giving me 1 last chance to get out, and go for the door, but, the Boxer blocked it again, then soon comes over, as I learned male dogs love doing what my Great Dane was doing to me, and he puts his grip harder on my arms, pulling me back, as well. After 2 1/2 minutes of mounting, he tries to get off, but, we were stuck, then i said, “What is happening?!” I look behind me, and in a perfect view, his knot is in! I’m in shock, as his cum leaked out, from my tight turned lightened asshole, the cum from his huge penis. We were stuck there for 27 minutes, timed, and he finally gets it out, and then, goes back to licking my ass, exactly where his cum was. I crawl over to the door, but Chomp pulled me back with his arms, trying to, and in a little more fear, but turned on a little, he had also licked my behind, but Scott was not in the way. I quickly got up, despite the little hurt from Scott’s amazing pounding, and I turned the door knob, but, it appears that I couldn’t get it open. I’m like, “Is this actually happening, right now?!?!” Chomp hops on me, trying to mount me, while standing, but, while i’m standing next to the door, I take a bump face first into the door, and once again, i catch myself, falling on my bed. My dogs beds are also in the room. I turned around to get up, which turned out to be round 1 for Chomp. He licks so fast on my ass, and deeper through my genitals, which i mean both my a-hole and balls, as he holds me down with his right arm.. I was once again in fear, but lesser this time. I started to moan lightly, and after 6 minutes of licking, he gets on my back, doing what he planned to do 7-8 minutes earlier, and he also mounted as fast as Scott did. I moaned louder and louder, as he enjoyed every second of it. He also got his ball sack in my ass, and I scream out “DO ME, CHOMP! DO IT TO ME!!! At the same time, his knot entered and locked, after 3 minutes than Scott did it, 30-40 seconds over Scott’s doing, excluding my underwear. Scott comes over, and licks my body under my shirt, which i take 1 arm free, and took it off completely, which i’ve realized that my body parts have already betrayed me, and I allowed every second of their desire. I betrayed my self, and wanted to keep doing this, in my thought. I’m healthy, so are they, so I go “Why not?” After 21 minutes, Chomp’ s knot is out. I go to the door afterward, with loads of cum coming out of my ass. I take another shower, a longer one, and that’s it for that night.

The next day, my parents called, and said that they’re staying longer, as I said that everything in the household, which afterward, they said what i said they said. I like showering, so I do again, then after my shower, my dogs show up, again, and they follow me to my room, where I just normally change, despite the previous day. I get down on all 4’s, and I patted my rear, as I already became my dog’s servant (you know what), and then they immediately ran to me, but Scott is quicker, and he hops on me, and I see that his cock was even bigger, and he, within 1 minute and 45 seconds, rammed his knot so harder than the previous day. We stayed there for another 20+ minutes. Once he got his knot out, Chomp came over, and they both licked my ass, then Chomp knotted me around the same time. We lasted 32 minutes tied together. Scott attempted again, but, i took another shower. It was the best zoo experience i’ve ever had! Yet, it is a shocking moment in my life, an unexpected one. Guess I played with them too much before it even happened, which they wanted to take it to the next level.

I have a few more, true stories, with the same 2 dogs, but I want to know what you guys think. My dogs are my pets who I love, even before it happened!

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  • Reply Jimmy

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been fucked or sucked a huge dog off

  • Reply Jimmy

    Love your story… is there any one near Pittsburgh that has huge dog’s
    Text me 814 319 8624

  • Reply Mark

    Wow love the store! Wish it was me.

  • Reply Championcocksucker

    I would love to join you sometime

  • Reply Vince

    Fucking very hot. Often wondered what it might be like to have that happen to me. Very hot

  • Reply Troy

    Damn your so lucky I’d love to have a Labrador or a Great Dane they both have awesome dicks and I’d like to suck them off and then have them cum in my ass

  • Reply tvsally692

    Ooooooo love to suck that daily and I will be at the house sucking dog dicks.

  • Reply stan

    in australia id love to see that

  • Reply Chris

    I was made to fuck a gril dog thin I was going fuck by a dog dick

  • Reply Chris

    Do you still have sex with your dogs if you are let me know

    • Kinkyfreak21

      I do

  • Reply musky

    Share more!

    • Anonymous

      Will do, soon! Not trying to remember, just if anyone else does want me to share morr. Thank you, btw!

    • Chris

      Let fuck when you get a chance

  • Reply Anonymous

    Same person who told this story, if you see the word \”clock\”, i meant to say \”cock\”, but, my word suggestions are off guard, at some times.

    • Anonymous

      *Everything in the household was fine, and taken care of (comma).

    • Anonymous

      Last comment i\’ll make about myself here, but this is a sub-story, of what happened. At first, i was not pleased, but, it came upon my mind to stop fighting it, because, dogs like mine are powerful, and no, they aren\’t aggressive, but, something at the very least could\’ve happened. The day after, when I saw them, again, my body\’s like, \”do it.\”, but i\’m like: You drive me a hard bargain, both a compliment (25%) and a complaint (75%). Male dogs love sex, i don\’t know what came over them at first. Honest truth, here. There are, surprisingly, a lot of people who have started up that way. I love my dogs, but really, i never knew they were that loving!