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Summer i turned 12 right after school ended for summer. My mom needed few weeks of not raising a boy quickly turning into a teen. She drops me off at my grandfathers time share for two to three weeks. My granddad is nice but drunk a lot. Basically gives me money. Says go have fun ill be back by dark so should you. Leaves its 8am hes headed to the bar. But i got $30 im 12 theres arcade & go carts near by. That lasts about two days. My room window faces the walkway i can hear everyone coming & going. Well being 12 hard 24/7 & a little pervert i start doing things like putting my little dick between the curtains. Or mooning people as they walk by. Get a few smiles from a woman giggles from girls attention from a 40 something male. Unwilling to go outside, didnt want to be kidnapped or worse. I would put on little showings at the window late at night on times he asked. One night i had been messing around with some girls at arcade but i never came. I held it till my window show. Grandad had a chihuahua a big one about 12pds. I had never played with a dog before but had milk the dog loved milk.Show time came i opened my window to my admirer suprise im naked bent over pouring milk over my hole. Here is this chihuahua lapping it up. Me bucking like a mule at the stimulation. After maybe two or three minutes i start cumming like a stream. Not like i ever had before. Was clear,sticky and went everywhere. I never even touched myself. I laid back on the bed let the dog lick my little dick & cum. Watched as my admirerer shot his wad all over my window again. Poor cleaning people who cleaned outside everyday. This went on for my last 3 nights there. 3rd night my window watcher asked since last night. If i would open window. Be so he could do a little hands on. I opened window he took off screen i moved bed closer to window. The show began, guy hands me a black rubber ring. Says its a cock ring you cum too quick put it on. I fumble with it get it on its small very tight. He is close enough when i grab the milk he takes it reaching through the window. Says ill do that. That dog licked my hole for 30 minutes. I was so pent up ready to explode. I turn around guy is in my room curtains closed. During my lick session i was heads down ass up lost in pleasure. He says i wont hurt you,you dont have to do anything. I just ask that you jack me off onto you and maybe lick me or taste me just once. So i grabbed his pulsing cock seconds from explosion. Give it a squeeze few good tugs,he reaches down pulls my ring off. As he is drenching me the dog starts licking my swollen boy parts. Takes me same few seconds to explode onto my self as he is onto me. He shoots about 8 to 10 good wads all over me. As i pull my hand off he grabs back of my head pulls towards him. I open my mouth tongue out. He just puts his head in i give it a good suck. Get small squirt in my mouth. He leans down gives me a very passionate kiss. Says best part of his horrible family vacation was me. Opens curtains,opens window climbs out put screen back in & leaves. Took an hour to cleanup that night. And i didnt jerk off for a week. Never did animal stuff since. But those few days of those few weeks that summer was my one and only zoo experience.

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