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60 and newly divorced. Live alone with my female Golden Lab. We do all things together. Walks, rides and even watch T.V . Evenings I would usually go to my bedroom, strip naked flip on a good porn video. This one night , I was so aroused and hadn’t had any sex of any kind, in quite awhile’ I got so hard. I began to jerk. My groaning got Candys attention. Thinking Daddy was in pain, she came running in to my bedside. Hi honey , dad is okay, I turned on my side. My cock was sticking out over the bed edge. She leaned in, sniffed and took a quick lick Backing off thinking she did something wrong. I assured her, it was okay. Putting my hand on her head, I petted her.and brought her snout over to my cockhead. Sniffing again, she began to lick, she seemed to really like the taste.Not being cicumzide, I rolled the cape back over my now cherry red and very throbbing penis. I squeezed the shaft and got some precum to ooze. She started to lick even more, I pushed my cock into her mouth. I could feel her tongue wrapping around my tender cock lips. I rolled over on my back and spread my legs, tapping the bed, she jumped up and got in between my thighs. Not hesitating , her licks became rough against my cock head. I wanted to cum, but, damn it felt so good. I let her enjoy herself. Not stopping or even slowing. One of my feet were down along her ctotch. Moving a toe near her pussy area. She paused, I rubbed my big toe by her wetness. She widened her hine legs a little. My toe push in and became very wet and even felt a warm area. One toe fucked her gently, she licked harder . Moaning we both needed to finish . I took my foot away. Then began to jackoff, it only took a couple minutes, and I told her , Daddys cuming honey, get ready. Putting my hands behind her head, I brought her mouth over my joy stick. Then , oh man , I unloaded a monster juice load. She coughed a little , but, went back down and swalloed every bit of my cum. The next day we went about our usual activities. But, she seemed to stick her snout against my cock . That evening , I got ready for bed. Onced again , stripped , and got on my bed. On my back, I patted my stomach. And, there she was. Between my legs. I let her lick some. Then I spread her legs, using a finger this time, I got her very, very wet. Then two fingers probed, She was so wet and warm. Asking her, Candy want Daddy to fuck you? Seeming to understand. I got between her legs and put my cock into her, barely. No movement, she just laid.there. Then I pushed in all the way until stomach met her pussy. Putting my arms around her shoulders, I started to pound her. I could feel her pussy walls, tight , but, wet enough to allow my 8 inches move in and out easy. I might have been rough with her , but, it felt so good. My throbs became fast and forceful. Then, I shot my load, I could feel her cunt fill up with my jiuces. Pulling out, I put my cock up against her snout, she started to lick and lick until I was dry. The next night, same routeen , with one exception. I’ve eaten my share of pussy. Now yoy know whats next. Pushing her hind legs apart, I spread the hair away and stuck my face down on her. The taste was actually quite sweet and oily. No urine taste. My tongue moved around in her box. Moaning and sqirming she aeemed to want me to never stop. Wondering if dogs had clits like women. I found someting inside her and nibbled on it and sucked her as my tongue plunged deeper. She buckled, and, shot me a surprising big amount of her cum. I swallowed it and sucked until it was gone. This is a nightly session. We kiss and go to bed together, every night. She never turns me down. Mans best friend, hell, mans best lover. There is another part to this story. Just ask.Oops getting wet, Candy cum to Daddy. Thanks, hope you and you enjoyed this. Love to hear a responce.

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