Tara 10.0

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Divorced dad makes it with young daughter’s next door neighbor school mate.

My marriage to my wife ended in typical fashion. She was a nympho slut that fucked other men. If you think your wife is any better it has just not been your turn yet. A wife will contend that it is the husband out there cheating. Who with? Is it one cunt fucking hundreds of men or do you suppose the make up between cheating men and cheating women is pretty much even?

I thought life was pretty good. My wife and I had one daughter, Jessica. When Jessica was old enough to be in a school my wife went back to work. She kept the books and answered the phone for a small plumbing company. We lived close enough that my mother-in-law would pick up Jessica from school and keep her until my wife got off work.

Sounds great, huh? The best part was the sex. My wife Nickie couldn’t get enough of it and I couldn’t get enough of Nickie. Sex was a couple of times each night and often once in the morning. It was like being married to a porn star except we didn’t look like porn star people. Nickie carried an extra ten pounds, had presentable tits, that slightly bloated waistline, and an almost boyish ass. Add it to her selection of pretty ugly eyeglass frames and most guys wouldn’t look at her as fuckable.

Of course, if you have a pussy between your legs you can make almost anything happen. Take that old saying of “drink enough beer and at two o’clock in the morning all women get beautiful” and modify that to “a women with a pussy willing to fuck transcends pretty” you’ve got my wife Nickie.

What I didn’t know was that Nickie’s job with two plumber partners and a third hired man had more going on than answering the phone and doing the books. Every parts run to the office or stop in to check messages really meant fucking my Nickie. All three guys were married so my wife was extra pussy for them. In respect to the two and three times per day I was fucking her these three guys were adding another load each to her cunt at least once per day.

My wife moved up from personal porn star to full blown Nymphomaniac. This went on for six years and I had no clue. It all ended when one of the partners’ wife got wise and caught them fucking in the little love shack built in the back corner of the shop. Nickie somehow kept the job. She stayed at home with me during the divorce which just totally drove me fucking crazy. I wasn’t fucking her, but everyone else was and she didn’t mind letting me know that they were.

The bad thing was that she hung around for almost another month while the plumber’s wife divorced him. Once the divorce cleared pickup trucks backed in to our driveway and my wife, rather, my ex-wife was gone in less than thirty minutes. She took Jessica with her.

Suddenly I was a dad every other weekend. Nickie went to court to increase that to every weekend and almost pissed the judge off enough to put her in jail. Having a ten year old around isn’t convenient when mother is trying to keep herself filled with cock. I found out that my daughter was with her grandmother most of the time so Mom could keep whoring.

About the only thing good left going for me was my daughter. Those weekends were like gold for me. Her best friend lived next door to me and Jessica was always glad to see her. That was Kara, a nice little tag along. She made a nice buffer sometimes between my daughter and myself. Actually Kara was a little prettier than my daughter. Also, her figure was starting to show up a little quicker. Ten year olds did that now a lot sooner than when I was a kid.

While my Jessica was still pretty much straight up and down Kara was developing some budding boobs and had a really nice round little butt. Honestly, I had noticed that even before I learned my wife was fucking around on me. I had noticed Kara ass looked more like a woman ass than my wife’s did when I had married her some ten years earlier. Plus, I had more than a few down shirt views of her little titties when she’d be hanging around with my daughter. Her mom hadn’t put her in a training bra and there were the beginnings of some tit there to see. So, I had noticed little Kara and got a little turned on by her in my perverted way.

After the disaster of a marriage with Nickie I wasn’t in the mood to fall in that trap again. So, over the last several months I hadn’t been thinking about getting any pussy. Let me throw in the fact that I don’t consider myself a handsome guy. Women frighten me. Especially now. Therefore, during all that torment I enjoyed looking down Kara’s shirt or admiring her cute little ass. Sometimes I’d sit back watching the girls be little girls and get a hardon.

A far cry from the two and more times a day I’d been fucking my wife in the past there would be a couple of times per week jerk off session. Every time I’d be thinking of ten year old Kara when my load would spurt from the head of my cock. There were women at work, women in the neighborhood, and porn on the internet, yet every time I’d cum my attention was on little Kara.

The days my daughter would visit and Kara would be in the house with us became jack off nights. Looking down her shirt during the visit I’d wonder how it would feel to kiss the flesh of her little boobs and suck the tiny pink nipples. Since she was growing boobs would she have hair on her pussy? Did ten year old girls have hair in their pussies? I imagined sliding my tongue up her smooth slit.

Jacking off became more frequent, usually nightly. Every time it was about Kara. Why not her mother? She was fuckable. Yes, why not her mother? The idea didn’t do a thing for me. She was a friend to my ex-wife. Some of the skank had to rub off while with Kara there was still all innocence. From my kitchen window I could watch her on their patio playing with dolls, dancing around and playing little girl games.

A month after my wife moved and my daughter was on her third visit Kara being there was expected. Things had gotten a little more familiar. We’d do things. I’d take them to a movie or out to eat. Mostly I’d just watch them romp around the house. Kara’s femininity got her to flaunting her budding body around me. There were more clear down shirts of her boobs, more positions that got her round little ass to shake a little towards me. Most certainly she was posing, doing anything to accent her figure.

I think it was the third Saturday night visit after my wife had moved out. Kara was there. Her mom and dad loved that Kara would stay overnight. They said it gave them a date night. The girls had played a lot of bump and tickle with me. My Jessica didn’t have anything to tease me with, but Kara would grab me and rub those little boobs against me. We had already been through Friday night and every thing Kara would do seemed to be an escalation into being naughty.

Saturday night I should have had the two ten year olds in bed no later than ten, yet at midnight they were still wrestling me around. Finally in an awkward moment my daughter yelled out to Kara to help hold me down. I was on my back on the living room floor. Both girls were wearing almost to the knee night gowns and little girl panties.

“You hold his top, I’ve got his legs!”

My daughter had wrapped her arms and legs around my legs and thighs. Kara squealed and ended up with her arms around my waist and her thighs straddling me so her gown was up and her little camel toe cunt was right at my face. Most of the evening I was looking at Kara’s little tits either down the top or around the sleeve. Now that round little ass had her little snatch right at my mouth. The girls were face to face. I was afraid to move. My daughter was clamped to my legs. Kara, well Kara moved a little. Her little twat was three or four inches from my mouth and suddenly it was barely an inch. She had to feel me breathing on it.

“We need some rope to tie him up!”

My little daughter was getting in to it.

“He’s not trying to get away. Let’s just hold him here.”

Kara’s position changed again. Her little cunt was touching my mouth through the fabric. I had been able to smell the aroma of her little ten year old snatch. Now I would inhale her in through my nose and exhale back out against her little slit. Every time she would wiggle in just the slightest her little pussy lips would move against my mouth.

“If we let him up he will make us go to bed.” My daughter protested.

“I don’t think he’s going anywhere.”

Kara settled down against my face. I could feel her little cunt lips parts through the fabric of her panties. My lips were actually in her tight little slit. If she weren’t wearing underwear my tongue could go right up her pussy. I could feel her boobs against my stomach as she lay tight against me. Her pussy pushed back a little more. I’d inhale her scent and breathe out right into her cunt. I felt her tense up and then grind down on my face. I had made a little ten year old orgasm. She held tight against me until I could feel wetness leave her tiny twat and dampen her undies.

Kara broke the silence. “Okay, let’s let him up. He isn’t going to try to get away. I’m ready for bed anyway.”

Both girls giggled and quickly got off me. I sent them to brush their teeth. They were giggling in Jessica’s bed when I went in to kiss my daughter good night.

“No fair! How about me?” Kara whined.

I walked around the bed to peck her on the cheek. Instead I got turn of her face and more of an open mouth kiss than you’d expect from a ten year old. My daughter wasn’t paying any attention and it lasted long enough to become awkward. All that was missing was some tongue. She even got one arm partially around my neck.

“Listen you two. Even telling your moms about me letting you stay up this late will get me in trouble.”

I hoped the message was there, not so much for my daughter, but for Kara and what happened with her crotch in my face.

Wow! I sat in the kitchen reenacting all that had just happened. The kiss told me that the little pussy in my face might have not been an accident. I don’t know how during all that my daughter missed the boner Kara had given me. I drank a soda and went to my room. Lying in bed I was slowly stroking my cock while thinking about the little beaver shoved in my face.

The door on my bedroom started to open. Just what I wouldn’t need, my daughter catching me jacking off because of her little friend. My erection made a nose dive as my heart jumped into my throat. I always hated how the street light shown into our bedroom until then. It was Kara, not my daughter. She walked around the bed as I pretended to be asleep. She touched my shoulder. When I looked at her she leaned in and gave me that open mouth kiss again.

She stepped back in full light from the window. Watching me closely she reached under her gown. She pulled her panties off and handed them to me. After a teasing smile she removed and dropped her gown to the floor. Not a word was said between us. I looked at her budding boobs, this time without the need to peek down her blouse. Her little pussy exposed a nice camel toe. Her outer lips were well developed.

My fear was that she wanted me to fuck her. I’d risk jail for it, but was afraid of what seven inches of my cock would do to her. Hell, what I had already done to her, although not my idea could put me in jail. I didn’t know what to do with Kara but lay there and see what happened next. At that point it was her call. I don’t think I could have stopped anything she had in mind.

Still, she was smiling at me. I assumed my daughter was asleep and Kara had slipped into my room. She took my right hand and put it on her chest and moved it across her little nubs. The tiny pink nipples made a bump on the palm of my hand. The look on her face didn’t so much say “ten-year-old” any more. It was kind of surreal with her standing by the bed. She couldn’t even be four and a half feet tall and I was playing with her chest.

Tara moved onto the bed, taking her little boobs from my hands. She put one arm across me and rubbed her boobs on my face, finally pausing with one right against my lips as she hung over my face. My tongue licked the nipple and around on the little tit. Kara let out a little groan. The tiny pink nipple hardened as I began to suck on it. Tara let that go on for a couple of minutes before moving the other tit to my mouth for the same treatment. Her breathing was getting a little labored.

Her thigh came across me. She sat on my stomach to steady herself. My hard cock had to be waving in the air just inches from her cunt. If she moved back I could be just seconds from fucking her. I imagined how the tightness of her would feel as her inner lips closed around the head of it, that little resistance as I popped her cherry.

With a little moan Kara moved away. Fucking her was off the table. She stayed above me. She turned around and slowly moved her little pussy towards my face. Getting my face in her little snatch was way better than fucking her. I could see the pouty lips and hair. Pussy hair. This little ten year old had pussy hair, not a lot, but pussy hair.

Her like cunt touched my face. She moved around until my tongue lined up with her slit. I pushed my tongue up into it. I could suck both pussy lips into my mouth and still keep my tongue up her snatch. I had both hands on that perfect round ass. I was holding her in place even though there was no way she was moving that pussy off my mouth.

She was wet. I was searching for her little clit with my tongue. I found her tiny clit, about the size of a grain of rice. I put my tongue flat against so it rolled across its tiny surface. Everything about Kara changed. She froze, then jerked as the feeling jolted though her. She was rocking her hips now against my tongue. I held to her ass to keep her in place and not buck off.

Kara tried to keep control. Little noises threatened to be louder ones as wave after wave of orgasm rocked through her. The last thing I needed was for my daughter to be awakened and find her friend straddling my face. I was making this little girl cum. Juices were rolling down my tongue. I was trying to hold the taste on my tongue, but Kara was cumming so hard I had to start swallowing.

The little ten year old was trying to come down from it. She kept her cunt tight against my mouth. I kept her teased with my tongue working in her slit and my lips kissing along her sex. Her girl cum from still flowing from inside her. All this time my hard cock was near her face and she made no attempt to touch it.

I moved both hands up to play with those little tit buds. The tiny nipples were rock hard. Her breasts were slightly swollen. She moaned as I worked them over.

My tongue went flat against her little clit again. Her pussy started to rock on my face again. I stopped the thing with her tits and gripped her ass to hold her on my face. Little Kara started to cum again. She had no control over what I was doing to her. She was cumming so hard and thrashing around that her pubic bone busted my upper lip. I could taste a little of my blood mixed in with her sweet cunt juices.

Tara was motionless. Maybe the last cum that busted my lip was more than she could take. I kept my tongue working in her slit. The flow from her orgasm kept my tongue slick with her juices. There was a movement from her that was more like a vibration. Then she started to wiggle her cunt against my tongue as I kept working her slit. I sucked her tiny clit into my lips. She jerked and sent a new flow out of her little pussy. She lay there and let me finish and clean her. She got quiet like she was going to sleep.

“Jesus Christ!” She exclaimed.

Kara suddenly sprang up and got out of the bed. She put on her gown and found her little girl panties where I had left them beside the pillow. We never said a word to each other during all of this. She kissed me with that open mouth kiss, this time with a little bit of tongue.

She stood there looking at me for an awkward moment. She looked so tiny, but had just used her cunt like a woman. Kara quietly left the room. Hopefully my daughter slept through it all and Kara wouldn’t tell. I reached for my cock, but laid there instead with the taste of Kara in my mouth. I dreamed of prison the rest of the night thinking it might have been worth it.

The next morning I was wakened by two ten year olds jumping into bed with me. Two little girls acting like little girls. No indication of what Kara had me do to her the night before. It was Sunday. My daughter had to be home at four. I took them out for a hamburger. We wrestled around a little bit and both girls stayed near me. Playing a game of tag I wanted to grab Kara and sit her on my face.

When it was time to take my daughter home Kara gave me a peck on the cheek goodbye and planted those little knockers into my side with a hug. She actually skipped to her house next door. I took Jessica to her grandmother’s for her mom to pick her up. Her mother and I didn’t actually like looking at each other.

Monday night after work Kara and her mom were pulling out in the car when I got home. Both waved. Tara gave me a soulful look.

Tuesday night Tara and her mom were in the side yard working on a flower bed. Her mom talked to me for about fifteen minutes about nothing while Tara looked on with a smug look on her face. Seeing the little ten year old there with her mother reminded me of her sweet cunt lowered over my face. I’m sure she was thinking the same thing as I admired her swollen chest. She pulled a few weeds to give me a look at her round little ass. Incredibly while all three us stood there Kara managed a way to give me a view down her shirt to her little boobs.

I went home to jack off. The little kid sure knew how to get to me. Saturday morning my door bell rang. Kara’s mother asked if Jessica was there.

“Hi, my husband and are are running a half marathon this morning. Could I drop Kara off to play with Jessica?”

“Well, Jessica won’t be here this weekend. Want me to babysit?”

Kara gave me a little scowl at the word “baby”.

“No, She thinks she’s a big girl at age ten. We’ll leave her at home if you’ll keep an eye out for her.”

“An eye out?”

“You know, no friends. If she gets in trouble she can run over here to you.”

“Oh, okay then. Fine.”

I looked at Kara. I think it was a look of approval. She might have been wearing what she slept in. Her stretch top outlined her little boobs. Her pants I guess were tights. Not only did it make her little ass look round the fabric in front was tight up into her cunt outlining her sweet puffy camel toe. How do parents miss something like that? Kara walked back home with her mom. She looked back and gave me a little sideways wave. I stayed focused on her butt ass she walked away.

Fifteen minutes later the doorbell rang. It was Kara.

“I might be in trouble. Can you keep an eye out on me?”

She giggled and pushed past me into the living room. She sprawled out on the couch. She had one leg up with the same outfit on. Her little cunt easily outlined through the tights. After a few minutes …

“I’m bored.”

“You are? What do you want to do?”

“How about what we did last Saturday?”

I didn’t speak. I’m not sure I could.

Kara sat up on the edge of the couch to take off her top. It was great to see her little boobs in the light of day and not down her shirt. The tiny pink nipples were already hard.

Then she stood enough to pull her tights and underwear down to her knees. Then sitting back down she pulled them off her feet. I was sitting in a chair so that when she walked over to me her budding little titties were right at mouth level. I watched her little cunt tucked between her legs as it peeked out at me.

Kara put a tit right to my mouth. I licked the nipple and sucked it between my lips. Kara moaned and pushed into me. I ran my hands over her ass as I sucked the tiny pink tip. After several minutes she pushed me away and let out a sigh before walking back to the couch. Kara had a nice space between her thighs that let her little cunt peek out at me. At the couch she parted her legs with her ass on the edge of the cushion. I kissed all over her sparsely covered crotch. She grabbed my hair when my tongue went into her pussy slit, pulling me tighter.

I ate her pussy almost until noon. Her mom said they’d be back between 12:30 and 1:00 PM. The little girl could cum. I swallowed her juices as she would cum time and time again. Although I made her cum often tonguing her slit she went wild when I would suck on her clit and tease it with my tongue. During all that time by dick was pressing up in my shorts. What I was doing to Kara’s pussy was more important than actually fucking her. She paid no attention to my condition which by the time I was done with her was in a semi-soft state. The little girl was born to have her pussy eaten.

I’d do it any time she wanted.

After a particularly hard climax with me on her clit I cleaned her out with my tongue. As I seemed to catch up to the flow she stood up leaving me on my knees where I had been between her legs. She pulled her top over her tits and pushed her legs down through the tights. She left off her little girl undies leaving her ten year old snatch even more prominent through the material.

With a smile she pressed the panties into my hand. A little cartoon princess logo was looking up at me. Kara looked like a little kid again. She walked to the door, turned around and smiled.

“See you next time. …”

Her parents were home about a half hour later. I couldn’t get over her wanting me to eat her virgin cunt. I was so fixed on her little snatch I didn’t even jack off when she left.

Things at work kept getting interrupted by visions of Kara’s young body and her tasty little twat. I knew if she told her mom my life as I know it would be over.

Tuesday evening when I went home Kara was riding her bicycle in the street down by the stop sign. She smiled and motioned for me to stop. I wished my face was a bicycle seat.


“Hey, Kara.”

“Leave your door unlocked tonight.”

Before I could answer she rode away. I watched her little ass as she pedaled up the street.

My hopes were that she needed her little pussy eaten again. I left the door unlocked. I waited until after eleven. No Kara. I left the door unlocked and went to bed. Around midnight I realized she was in bed naked with me.


“Hi! Did you know that little ten year old girls are supposed to be in bed by 8:30 on a school night?”

She giggled. She got over my chest with her little nipples pressed into me and gave me a kiss.

“Take off your shirt so I can feel my naked boobies against your skin.”

I peeled off my shirt.

“Bottoms, too!”

Wow! Middle of the night. Naked ten year old girl in bed with me. I was glad to see her. I was flat on my back again. She was laying over me kissing again. Her little hard nipples felt good on me. My hands went to her ass. When we were kissing her feet were hitting me right at the knees. My cock was hard and hitting about between her knees. She noticed, too, and stopping kissing for a moment.

“Do you think I should be taller?” Her eyes had an impish shine.

“You’re only ten. You seem tall enough.”

“My pussy is like a foot above your penis.”

It was the first time she even acknowledged I had one. It sounded strange hearing a little girl calling it a pussy.

“Seems fine to me. How tall are you?”

“I’m four foot four, but I’m growing.”

“Kara, I like you the way you are. You’re cute.”

“Do you mean cute, cute, or cute, pretty?”

“Pretty, Kara. You’re very pretty.”

“Am I sexy pretty?”

“Kara, you are very sexy to me.”

She kissed me and got up to set backwards down on my face. I watched her little cunt moved against me. My tongue split her outer lips and teased her inside. It seemed like all her weight was on me. I was aware of my hard cock as she cruised towards her first orgasm.

The little girl liked to cum. After probably her third orgasm my throat was drenched with her nectar when I felt her finger wrap around my cock. She didn’t know what to do with it. She just held it as I continued to make her cum as I had focused everything on her tiny clit. Her little cunt knew how to lubricate.

“I’m I wet down there?”

“Oh, God. I’ll say!”

“I want you to try to fuck me.?

It came in a little girl voice, almost trembling. This is where I should stop. If she tells they can only put me in jail for so long. I might as well fuck her if I can get it in. She got on her back. I got between her legs. This is where the height difference really struck me. This tiny thing with her wet pussy exposed was trusting me not to hurt her.

I thought of all the men my ex-wife had fucked behind my back. Now this little girl had sneaked into my house for me to take away her innocence. I felt like a giant when my seven inches approached her little ten year old cunt. The head hid her outer lips. With my ex-wife she always guided me in, as I’m sure she had since done with dozens of guys. Little Kara was wide eyed as I took the base of my shaft in my hand.

Her juices were more than enough to lube the head. I used it to part her virginal lips. A little push and I knew what a challenge we were taking on. I kept pressure on her until the fleshy head yielded enough to start to go in. Not there yet, but maybe it was going in. The look on her face changed back and forth from passion to fear. Suddenly the resistance eased and my cock started in her.

“I’ve got the head in me! I’ve got the head in me!”

It was like she got what she wanted for Christmas. She arched her neck forward to see the end of my penis completely in her. I bent over to kiss her. The kiss lasted several minutes. I held the head in place. She rocked her pelvis a bit. Maybe another quarter inch went as her stretched ten year old cunt opened up in the slightest for my entry.

“Take it, Kara. Work it in your tiny pussy.”

I pulled it out, the about an inch of shaft she had worked in her. She was wet enough to handle it. We just had to make room for me inside her. I gave her about a half dozen gentle short strokes. The look of determination her face was sweet for the young child.

“Put in more!”

“I think we are up against your hymen. It’s going to tear.”

“Then will more go in?”

“Yes. It might hurt going through and I don’t know how much more you can hold.”

It was one of those “locked in memory” moments. There I was hovering above her with about five inches of my cock still sticking out from her agreeable little cunt. Never had Kara seemed so tiny with my cock huge in proportion to her size.

“Are you sure.”

“Uh-huh. I want you to push into me.”

“This is once in a lifetime for you. You can’t put it back.”

“I know. I want you to be the one to do it.”

My own daughter was this age. Would I want some guy to do this to my own daughter? Then again, Kara was starting to mature. A far cry from being a women, but the lady parts were there and working. I started pumping some strokes into her. I didn’t know whether to jab into or apply pressure and wait for her little cherry to pop. I was in her a couple of inches. It wasn’t hurting her with the size of my cock moving in and out. Technically I was fucking her anyway.

Little Kara gasped. It was in. I didn’t do anything special. I put on a little pressure, it tore, and I was through. Kara was looking down at where my dick was entering her. The end of her hymen resisting put me in her another two inches. I was more than half way in a ten year old friend of my daughter. Kara was still staring at my dick. She looked up with misty tears in her eyes.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Fine. Feels good!”

“You sure you are okay?”


I moved really slow in and out in two inch strokes. She reacting well to getting fucked for the first time. She was yelling at me and scratching.

“It’s happening! It’s happening.”

“What’s happening?” I was afraid I was hurting her.

“You’re making me cum.”

I watched her face. She would look from my face to where my cock was in her. It took her several minutes for her to come down from the orgasm and catch her breath. I was still pulling out a little and pushing back in. Her hips started to a motion to fuck me back. I was still the victim here. Everything we had done was what she led me to do to her. The little cunt was every much the predator as was I.

“Push it in deeper!”

“If I hurt you we’ll both get in trouble.”

“I’ll tell you if you hurt me. Now, fuck me!”

“That’s kind of a big person word coming from a ten year old girl. We do you hear that?”

“Mostly from Mom telling it to Dad, but on TV, movies, kids at school, but mostly from Mom. I heard her tell Mr. Taylor, my Dad’s boss from work. He was at our house for a party. I was spying on Mom. Also, some other times. Mom sneaks men in when Dad’s gone at night.”

It sounded like a little girl doing show and tell at school.

“She does it a lot. That’s were I learned. That’s where I knew I wanted to do it.”

She will be like her mom when she marries. Much like my ex-wife. Probably all women. I couldn’t complain. I was the one fucking her.

“Shove that big thing in me. Blast your seed deep in my cunt!”

“Mom again?”

“Yeah, all the time. Now fuck me.”

“Okay, tell me if it hurts.”

If it hurt she wasn’t letting on that it was. Actually she was fucking back at every stroke. I was working in deeper. When I had six inches in her it seemed like I might have hit bottom. Looking at her flat tummy I could see a bulge where my cock was inside her almost to her belly button. She was smiling at me.

“Doing pretty good, aren’t I?”

We were both looking down at the last inch still not in her. I was wanting it inside her more than she was, and trust me she wanted it all inside her.

“I can feel you stretching my pussy. I can feel stuff moving inside me to make room for you. It doesn’t hurt. It still feels good. Put it all in me.”

I fucked her another twenty minutes. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t blasted that load in her she had been talking about. I made her cum twice more. She was as good at fucking as any woman. Her juices were getting us both wet. I kept nudging the head of my cock against no doubt what was her little cervix. I had probably already shoved it inches out of the way, she lay with her thighs wide apart taking all the cock I could get in her.

“Go ahead. Push!”

“Are you sure?”

“Did you think this much would go in? Go ahead. Push. Surely there’s room for another inch.”

I pushed while watching her face. She had lots of changes of expression. None of them seemed to be pain. Some were her surprise that bit by bit she was taking more cock. Mostly it looked like she knew she was taking it all, just a matter of when.

And, there it was. All in. Kara was smiling with a whimsical look about her like a little girl that just fucked her first unicorn. She was still a tiny ten year old. Just happens a ten year old full of cock. Once I saw she wasn’t hurt I was fucking her pretty hard.

“Come on, fuck me. Shoot me all you cum. I need it in me! I’ve got to get home before my mom and dad check on me.”

Shit! What a line from a little girl. I couldn’t keep the lady waiting. My balls churned and my cock pulsed. Kara had her first load of cum in her little snatch. When I pulled out she reached down and felt my cum leak from her. She was so excited to have my seed in her. A quick trip to the bathroom cleaned her up. She dressed and hurried home. No police cars. I guess we got away with it.

Thursday night before eleven the doorbell rang. I didn’t even turn on the porch light. Kara slipped inside and hugged me around the waist. She grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom much like any other ten year old girl would have led her dad to the ice cream truck. Tara had a different treat in mind. Quickly undressed she had my cock at full attention.

“I’ve been thinking about this all day. At recess I was thinking I was probably the only kid on the playground that knew what it was like to have a cock in her. It made me all creamy down there in my pussy. It about ruined me yesterday to sit in class knowing what you had done to me the night before. I need this.”

Her little cunt was available to me as she lay back on my bed. I wanted her to be ready to be penetrated. I buried my face in her crotch and she wiggled and shook as I worked my tongue in her pre-teen slit. She was right. She was creamy down there. I would tease from her clit to her little vagina before finally attacking her clit and sending her into an orgasm that had her spasming on my bed.

I was so worked up over her that I was afraid I’d cum all over her before I could get my dick inside her. She lay there waiting as I gripped my shaft and placed the head between her outer lips. A little push and I was in. Kara let out a little groan and I easily put the first couple of inches in her. We kissed and whispered to each other about how good it felt while I worked the rest of it in. When I reached bottom and my nut sack was resting against her ass we paused and just looked at each other.

Then Kara started the fucking motions again. I had her sized back out to where she was at our last encounter much more quickly this time. I couldn’t remember fucking my ex-wife when it felt that good. Instead I had my cock buried in a ten year old that had sneaked over to my house from next door.

“I’m a pretty good fuck, aren’t I?”

“Yes, Kara. You are an excellent fuck!”

“I wish I were your daughter. I stay here all the time. I’d sleep with you and you could fuck me every night.”

“That would be nice.”

“Jessica is my best friend, yet I’m jealous of her because you are her Dad. Promise me you won’t fuck her. I want you all to myself.”

That wasn’t a problem for me. After that Kara was fucking me three and four times per week. I’d think of her sitting in fifth grade classes with residue of my cum in her. Her parents liked to get out on weekends without a kid tying them down. With them thinking ten years old was old enough to leave your daughter at home I was fucking Kara a lot.

A big surprise happened. Kara got her first period. I have no idea how I didn’t get her pregnant. Kara always wanted my cum loaded deep up inside her. It seemed the smart thing for me to get myself snipped so as not to be a daddy to a baby with a ten year old mother. Kara laughed at my swelling, but told me how much she loved me for doing that for her. After a few days I was fucking her again.

Up until then we’d say how much we loved our relationship and the sex, but never just to say “I love you”. That started us to saying it and meaning it. Kara said we were boyfriend and girlfriend. Boys at school were paying attention to her. Little did they know that she carried traces of someone much older deep inside her.

Kara would get a big thrill in getting me into her bedroom on weekends to fuck her. If her dad was out of town her mom would make all kinds of excuses to be gone. It was all about sneaking around to fuck some one other than her husband. Little did she know that her daughter was better at it than she could ever be. For me fucking a little kid in her bedroom can be a combo of creepy and erotic. Pink paint and stuffed animals were a stark reminder of how young my little fuck buddy really was. Yet, we’d fuck and cuddle afterwards while her mom was off chasing cock.

If we don’t get caught Kara wants to run off with me when she is a little older. It would be tough getting her in school. I couldn’t pass her off as my wife because she is still tiny and looks even younger in the face than her ten years even though her body is a couple years ahead of most girls her age.

Our plans are to fuck every chance we can get and let the future happen as it may. Kara keeps my full attention. I never take the chance on another slut my own age. Kara’s little cunt is a perfect fit and now all that cum in her won’t do any damage. No reason to hurry. I’d love to keep her just the way she is.

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No republish or reuse without writer’s written permission.

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