loaned out to my boyfriends brother, stepdad and cousin

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Hey everyone, I’ve been the best whore you can imagine, I’ve let my boyfriends brother, cousin, uncle and stepdad fuck me for the weekend while my husband is away. Last night I was traded and passed around like a bag of chips, and it was wonderful. I truly enjoy being a shared wife and living a Polyamorous cheating lifestyle, it’s so much fucking fun. My boyfriends, brother is the sweetest boy, he is only 18, and he’s been fucking me for almost 6 months now. I actually have so much affection for him because he’s just so sweet and beautiful. He never gets tired of my ass or pussy, he always wants to shower with me and always tells me how much he loves me, even while I’m fucking a group of his family members. I’m his first fuck, so I let him secretly fuck me whenever his brother or my husband is not home. I mean he literally shows up within minutes, fucking the life out of my ass and pussy like it’s the last time he’ll be fucking me, it’s so great to have that in my life again, it makes me feel like I’m in high school. I love when he whispers in my ear, how much he loves me, while his brother has no idea that we fuck on the side. I’ve taken a liking to him and we fuck constantly and just like in my Polyamorous relationship with my husband and his best friend, now my young boyfriend wants to share me with his high school buddies, even a few girls too. I will, but he’ll have to plan it and fuck me a lot more before I commit to it on a regular basis. He’s so damn cute, I just adore him.

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  • Reply Johnny ID:1dpcnkx327lj

    I like talking about different things my wife is she younger than I am we had a New Year’s Eve party everybody had a little bit too much to drink everybody had started to leave the only ones that stayed watch my brother and one of his friends they had both been flirting with her most of the night I noticed a couple of times they would both get her over to the side talking to her rubbing her ass and her crotch they would look over to see if I was watching I was trying to pick things up and I went into the kitchen for a little while they must’ve thought that I had went to bed or outside or something I made a little noise in the kitchen and when I came around the corner my brother was zipping up his pants so I don’t know what she was doing I kind of glanced over she gave a little smile I just kept walking and walked back to the bedroom got some stuff then I went upstairs to check on our daughter when I was up there for quite a while I took my time when I came back down they wasn’t in the living room I was quiet walking through the house I checked our bedroom no one was there I went over to the guest room I thought I heard something in there and slowly open the door they had a lamp turned on I could see her sucking off the friend and my brother fucking her from behind I was looking through a little crack in the door I didn’t open it very far I backed up a little bit I didn’t want to make very much noise I got curious again and looked up a little bit later the friend was fucking her and she was giving my brother a blow job I didn’t know whether to go in and join them or want to do it made my cock so hard watching her get fucked . It look like they were about to get done so I went back in the kitchen I heard the front door close I had left the friend had left my brother came in to say bye and then he left so I went to go to bed my wife was laying in bed with just some panties on I was starting to get hard again just thinking about it I gave her a kiss took my tongue in he

  • Reply Daddy ID:6lzdce4xik

    I’d love to read more, there should be a great beginning. Thanks for giving me a hard cock with this little story. Loving daddy.