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I am shared by my husband

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Hello everyone, I am writing this true story as a therapeutic release of my lifestyle changes over the last 4 years. Just like the writer, “Californiafeelin,” I want to remain anonymous and keep my privacy in tact. The names I use will be changed but the stories are true, very true. I am from Pittsburgh, and I’m a definite very curvy PAWG, growing up just outside of Pittsburgh was very normal, where not to much happened and being as curvy and bussomy as I was, most white boys were not interested in me, but older white men and every black man that saw me, fell over themselves to get a good look, so even-though I had way too much attention from men older than myself, I still felt unattractive because I thought that beauty or sexiness only came in one package, and that was in the body of thin, small breasted girls, like most of the popular girls in high school. However, in College I thought and hoped that things would change, but they didn’t. I had gone to a local college where the percentage of students were white, there were only 6 black guys and 2 black girls at the entire college. I am very sexually attracted to black men, I love the color of their skin and the shape and natural muscularity of their bodies, plus I love the contrast between my whiteness and their dark complexion, so I did date one black guy, I won’t say his name, but we never had sex, we just kissed and fondled each other, but I wanted to and he was uncomfortable and too cautious about being in an interracial relationship, he didn’t even want to go out in public or to restaurants and movies because of his discomfort, so I had to end it, but he was gorgeous beyond belief, he was a real life Adonis and I have since, during my marriage, masturbated to photos and memories of him. Two years later in my senior year, I fell in love the last year of college in 2014, and married my college sweetheart, Anthony (Tony).
Tony is from a direct European Swedish decent, and is very handsome and really is the only person, who is white, that I’ve ever known that isn’t a racist in any way, he’s amazing. However, Tony is also very kinky and enjoyed when I began to open up about my sexual interests. Tony and his best friend,Chris, played on our college’s football team, (I won’t tell what positions they played), and after the ending of our first game of the senior season, everyone went to celebrate at a very popular local club, just outside of Pittsburgh, and while finishing my third Cocktail I went to stand out on the balcony and Chris followed me, and as we talked and danced, he kissed me and I kissed him back. I didn’t know that Tony had seen us kissing, talking and dancing, but later when we returned to Tony’s dorm room, that he shared with Chris, he told me that he saw us and I denied it at first but cried about it and told him I was sorry and that it was just the alcohol, he laughed and said that he wasn’t angry and if I liked Chris and wanted to kiss him or sleep with him, I could. I was fucking shocked and told him that although Chris is hot, that it’s him that I wanted and loved. Tony and I had not slept together yet, because it never seemed to be the right time, so he said that if I wanted to be with him, I would have to fuck Chris too. One thing led to another and Chris and I made out for hours and they traded me between themselves all night and into the morning.
I fucked Chris before Tony because Tony thought it would be kinkier if his best friend fucked me before he did, and that’s been the context of our relationship for over four years. I loved Tony and have been fucking Chris to please him, because it turned him on to see his girlfriend fucking another man, especially his best friend, so during the entire last year of college I fucked Chris way more than Tony, and they both wanted it that way. Although I was Tony’s girlfriend, I dated and slept with Chris like he was my boyfriend. A month before graduation, Tony told me that he wanted to marry me, and I immediately said, “yes”, however, he wanted me to permanently continue the relationship between Chris and I, I reluctantly said, “okay.” I really didn’t want to, because of my past views of marriage, but again I did it to turn my man on, and to keep his interest in having a girl who was submissive to him. Don’t get me wrong, I was attracted to Chris and liked him, but I thought I was doing the college thing, of being a bit wild and kinky, so I’d have something to look back on, to say how I was such a bad girl in college.
Nevertheless, I continued seeing Chris and slowly fell in lust with him, as he would watch me sleeping with Tony in his bed, we would stare at each other as Tony slept quietly and he would motion for me to come over to his bed and sleep with him instead, and I did. Later, during the last month of college, Chris would fuck me in the bathroom, the closet, in his bed and all of this would be done as quietly as possible, not to wake Tony, and we had so much fun doing that. I loved fucking Tony’s best friend and sneaking around while Tony was right there in front of us, even-though we didn’t have to, because Tony encouraged Chris and I to fuck as much as possible. Chris and I fucked non-stop, every chance we could and it was fun and still is, he used my pussy, introduced me to anal and lesbian sex, and loaned me out to six of his buddies without Tony ever knowing. After graduation Chris went to work in Manhattan, and we stopped fucking because he wasn’t around, but things were still wonderful between Tony and I and we fucked as often as possible, but I did realize that I had grown accustomed to fucking, and fucking more than one man at a time, especially Chris. In a moment of passion, I called out Chris’s name while fucking Tony and he loved it, and ever since that time, I usually talk dirty to Tony and describe most of the details of how Chris would fuck me, while I fantasize about him being Chris.
We fucked by role playing, fantasizing and dirty talking 100 percent of the time, he wanted me to only fantasize about other people when we fucked, especially to fantasize about Chris at least 98 percent of the time, so I did, and it was fantastic, I built up a lust for Chris that surpassed the lust I had for my sexy husband, and he loved it, he wanted it that way, and now I was reaping all the rewards of being a shared girlfriend and loving every minute of it. Things were going well financially and we bought an old private house just outside of downtown Pittsburgh, I won’t tell you where, and on the night that we moved in, I wanted to christen the house with having sex in every room, so I put on the sexiest lingerie and when I came out to prepare the bedroom, I saw Chris sitting in the chair, I screamed and jumped in his arms and we french kissed for what seemed for hours, he told me that Tony will be at his Dad’s house for the weekend and that Tony told him that I missed him and if he could come over and fuck me for the weekend without him, (Tony), being there. I screamed with delight, “so I have you all to myself for the entire weekend?”
I told Tony how much I loved him, and how much I’ve missed him, and that’s when he expressed his love for me too. We fucked like rabbits, and, in detail, we planned each moment that I would cheat on Tony, even during and up to the wedding. Anyway, that weekend from Saturday night was a whirlwind of raunchy sex, I gang-banged his buddies, and ate pussy with a gorgeous college girl from Philly, she was so fucking hot, she could turn me into a lesbian for sure.
I masturbated to Shemale porn, bestiality porn (mostly horse, but dog too), and finally lesbian porn. I had an amazing weekend and was looking forward to all the cheating that I would be doing with Chris, behind Tony’s back. Chris was Tony’s best man at the wedding and I fucked Chris every day, even on our honeymoon at Lake Placid. I fucked Chris, who was at the same hotel in the room across the hall. Every time Tony left to go and do something, like survey the small town or go to the gym downstairs, Chris would be fucking me without mercy, as I honestly screamed out my love for him. Chris would devise the most ingenious ways for me to cheat on my husband, and soon I started to come up with all sorts of ways to cheat on him also, and after 8 months of cheating, I became the one who would devise the most creative ways to cheat on Tony, like spending time with Amber, the college girl I was sleeping with, but really I was with Tony in Manhattan screwing his brains out. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my husband, and he encouraged me to fuck his best friend as often as possible, and that’s exactly what I did. Last year Tony found out and although he was upset, he was turned on and told me that he would like us to be a Polyamorous couple, I agreed and Chris lives with us, so I basically have two husbands, but really Chris is my boyfriend and we have a separate lifestyle which Tony knows nothing about.
I am Polyamorous with my husband, because he has agreed to share me as a wife, equally with another man, his best friend Chris, and he has never interfered in my relationship with Chris, never, not even once. However, Chris wanted me to be a bisexual-hotwife/Slut-wife, where he shares me with anyone he chooses and I can sleep with anyone I choose without his consent, even-though sometimes he gets jealous. I have become addicted to sex with Chris and definitely prefer him over my husband, anyway I have lately engaged in a lot of Interracial sex with a young black male stripper in Philadelphia. Both he and Chris get along well, and Chris has grown accustomed to sharing me with him. I won’t tell the young man’s name, I won’t even make up a name for him, just know that he is real and can fuck like an energizer bunny rabbit. Oh, while I did say he and Chris get along well, is because they do, but there was one problem and that the size of the young man’s cock and how he used it. We didn’t just fuck, he made love to me, slowly and passionately, with very deep strokes and punishing thrusts as he stared into my eyes as he cums in me, and Chris was jealous, in private. Chris came around when I expressed my love for him, by calling him my husband in front of every one of our adventurous trysts, he loves it, and always thanks me for reassuring him that he’s the one I’ll always want, even more than my husband. Our sex lives are private, secretive, fun, exciting, and adventurous. Since the jealousy issue that not even Tony knows about, Chris has become fascinated with large cocks, he says the young mans cock is the size of a small horse, so when we got home, I was putting on a show for Chris, when Tony walked by our room and peeked in and saw me masturbating to bestiality porn, of a woman getting absolutely wrecked by a long and thick horse cock, in her stable. It was incredible and while I masturbated to the video, they masturbated to me getting off to the video. I’ts a lot of fun being married to a man that wanted to share me, but then to get the benefit of having them both as husbands was a real unsuspected treat, because we’ve never argued, they both love sharing me with each other.
If your asking how it works and what we do, well it’s the same question that Californiafeelin, has asked me, because I know that she’s thinking of doing the same thing with her husband, but I told her that I was fortunate because my husband is a soft but masculine cuck, who prefers that his wife have the epitome of sexual pleasure, without jealousy. I sleep with Tony alone, and with Chris, alone, and sometimes we go into the attic spare room where the three of us sleep together and have the majority of our threesomes. Usually though, to show my preference, I sleep, bathe, cook and make out with Chris, while Tony watches us. If I cook, Tony can’t keep his hands off of me and fucks me anywhere and everywhere, and sometimes Tony catches us making out or fucking in some remote or public part of the house, he loves it and I love him.
Tony loves that I put his best friend Chris before him and I get to have the most amazing and consistent sex imaginable. I really like Califroniafeelin, and the way she expresses her lifestyle, and we have spoken to each other as well as emailed each other, and I am going to try and describe my lifestyle online also, just in case there is another girl out there who can identify with me. I don’t really understand the fascination with wife-sharing or girlfriend-sharing, but I sure do love it. I don’t want to share Tony, Chris or m y young stripper, and I’ve made it clear to them, that I’m the only woman allowed to fuck them, and they all agree, but as for Amber, she can eat as much pussy and be as much of a lesbian whore as possible and I would want her even more. Unlike Californiafeelin, I won’t be fucking any horses or dogs, I’ll fantasize about it and role play, but I’ll never do it, just cocks and pussies for me.

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