How a dog took my virginity on my 18 birthday

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I am esha i was just 18 a few weeks back and my parents decided to give me a dog a great dane named jhonny he was very naughty he often tore the curtains and i was scolded for that then once my parents were gone in a wedding of my cousin sister i was at home to take care of jhonny it was evening i was gone to take a shower in my room i was still a virgin so i fingered myself in the shower so i heard my door opening i looked outside it was jhonny i thought it was nothing uncommon so when i stepped out of my bathroom i was naked and jhonny was staring at me i bent down a little to take my bra soon i feel something warm between my legs i looked back it was jhonny he was licking my ass i quickly throwed him away but he pushed me down wiyh a jerk i was on all four perfect to be humped by a dog jhonny quickly jumped on me and grabed my waist with his front legs i felt a sudden pain it was jhonnies dick inside my little ass it was like 10 inches big i was screaming with fear but no one was there to help me the humping began for 15 minutes and the he slowly shifted his knot inside i was full of pain it took approximately 50 minutes to pull his knot out of me there was his cum flowing from my ass to the floor i quickly ran to bathroom and took a long shower after it. That dog made me his bitch that day. I told no one about this encounter.

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  • Reply S~S~ ID:gnrvcvoid

    Now Leave Your Comment…STORY CONTINUE!! PLEAS!!!

  • Reply Anonymous ID:fzq38doia

    Do you suck him

  • Reply My name is Carlito ID:7ylren6t09

    I liked it this story and I would like to know more about this story and if you have a few other story’s about you and jhonny your Dog and if and when you do decide to let me know more about the both of you send me a invite on Hangout and my Gmail information is [email protected] hopefully to text with you soon asha

  • Reply Robert blain ID:29kco5o4qm

    Happen to me but I Wanted it. One day I was jacking my cock and came to my mind to let dog fuck me.i got naked and got on all fours and the dog got the idea. Before I knew it my dog was humping and shoved his cock all in. Didn’t last long he was cumming. We did it twice a week or more.

  • Reply Chris ID:5az33vpzm

    Has the jhonney had the pleasure of your pussy as well?

  • Reply Allen ID:bo2qeoyhm

    Loved it tell me more